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Web / Electron client application for Turaku
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Turaku Client


Here's a (very) short demo of the client, in action! Click the image to watch on YouTube.

Watch the video

Development Status

  • ReactJS Prototype: Completed in Dec 2017
  • ReasonML + GraphQL conversion: Completed in July 2018 (Github issue).
  • Private Alpha: Check Alpha milestone.
  • User permissions implementation
  • Public Beta

Development Setup


  1. Turaku server should be running on your system, assumed to be accessible at turaku.localhost. See the server repository's README for more details.
  2. A working ReasonML development environment - see official instructions.


  1. Install all packages:
yarn install
  1. Build CSS with Tailwind:
yarn run tailwind build src/tailwind/index.css -o src/index.css
  1. Fetch latest GraphQL schema from Turaku Server:
yarn send-introspection-query http://turaku.localhost/graphql
  1. Compile ReasonML code to Javascript:
yarn run bsb -make-world
  1. Finally, run the start script.
yarn run start

This should be all that is required to boot up the application in your browser. As noted above, Turaku server should be online for the app to work properly.

You may also want to tell Bucklescript to watch and build JS whenever Reason code is updated. Add a -w flag to the bsb command above to do so.

Resources used to set up this project

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