GNU Guile script for generating 3D open-scad molecule models from .xyz coordinate files
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A GNU Guile script for generating 3D open-scad molecule models from .xyz files. The script will print the open-scad source file to std-out.


guile xyz2openscad.scm <input-file> > <output-file>


./xyz2openscad.scm <input-file> > <output-file>

(you need to make the script executable via chmod first of course)

open-babel and SMILES-Strings

This scripts supports piping the xyz file into it, which makes it easy to use with open-babel.

The following example assumes you have a file called "molecule.smi" which contains a smiles string for a molecule.

obabel molecule.smi -o xyz --gen3d | guile xyz2openscad.scm > molecule.scad


obabel molecule.smi -o xyz --gen3d | ./xyz2openscad.scm > molecule.scad

converts the smiles string to an xyz-file via open-babel, pipes the result into the GNU Guile script, which generates an open-scad script and saves it as "molecule.scad".

For the .xyz file specifications visit

(the script essentially ignores the first two lines of input).


This script has been tested with GNU Guile 2.0.11.

Van der Waals radii and missing atoms

The van der Waals radii of the atoms were taken from the web, so no guarantee there. These can be expanded and/or changed easily, just take a look at the script and the rest should be self-explaining.

Should the .xyz-file contain an atomtype for which the script contains no data, a van der Waals radius of 1 Angstroem will be assumed. The atom will also be colored red in the resulting open-scad script and there will be a comment explaining things at the right location in the open-scad script.