Actuator line modeling extension library for OpenFOAM.
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turbinesFoam is a library for simulating wind and marine hydrokinetic turbines in OpenFOAM using the actuator line method.


This library is in development and is not yet fully functional. See the issue tracker for more details. Pull requests are encouraged!

Also be sure to check out the development snapshot videos on YouTube.


fvOptions classes for adding actuator lines and turbines constructed from actuator lines to any compatible solver or turbulence model, e.g., simpleFoam, pimpleFoam, interFoam, etc.


git clone
cd turbinesFoam


There are tutorials located in turbinesFoam/tutorials.


Bachant, P., Goude, A., and Wosnik, M. (2016) Actuator line modeling of vertical-axis turbines. arXiv preprint 1605.01449, submitted to Wind Energy

How to cite

The latest release of turbinesFoam can be cited via DOI thanks to Zenodo: DOI


This work was funded through a National Science Foundation CAREER award, principal investigator Martin Wosnik (NSF CBET 1150797, Energy for Sustainability, original program manager Geoffrey A. Prentice, current program manager Gregory L. Rorrer).

OpenFOAM is free, open source software for computational fluid dynamics (CFD), developed primarily by CFD Direct, on behalf of the OpenFOAM Foundation.

Interpolation, Gaussian projection, and vector rotation functions adapted from NREL's SOWFA.