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Turbo Santa

A platform independent gameboy emulator.


Turbo Santa aims to put a gameboy emulator on any platform that supports Java. This repo contains all the C++ code that each platform shares.


In order to build this you must have:

  • git
  • g++/clang (with support for C++11)
  • ncurses development headers
  • bazel

Clone the repo:

$ git clone

Go into the project:

$ cd turbo-santa-common

Get the submodules:

Go to your bazel base_workspace and copy the symlinks that bazel needs to function:

$ cd base_workspace
$ cp -R PATH/TO/BAZEL/base_workspace/* .

Now all you have to do is build Turbo Santa:

$ cd .. # After typing this you should be in base_workspace
$ bazel build //cc/backend:turbo

If everything works correctly you just build the Turbo Santa backend! The backend may be run with:

$ bazel-bin/cc/backend/turbo path/to/ 2> out.txt

You will want to use the 2> out.txt at the end otherwise logs will be printed all over your screen.

We now also have a java test UI which can be built with:

$ bazel build //java/com/turbosanta/backend:main

Which may be run with:

$ bazel-bin/java/com/turbosanta/backend/main -args path/to/ 2> out.txt