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Small utility to export data from Invoice Plane to Invoice Ninja.


This is a small Laravel based application that connects directly to a Invoice Plane database. The data is then transformed into a JSON file which is compatible for importing directly into Invoice Ninja.


There are some limitations for transferring data out of Invoice Plane and into Invoice Ninja. Invoice Plane has the ability to apply discounts to line items Invoice Ninja does not, there is no way to work around this yet, so if you use extensive line item discounts, this solution may not work for you.

Alpha quality

Please remember this is alpha quality, please test and create an issue if you find a bug/issues.


  1. Download / Clone repo
  2. Composer install
  3. cp .env.example .env
  4. Configure .env file with your Invoice Plane database credentials
  5. Generate artisan key (php artisan key:generate). This will fill the APP_KEY in the .env file.
  6. Clear the artisan cache (php artisan config:clear)
  7. Configure Virtual Host
  8. Navigate to Web URL
  9. Click Download Data!
  10. Import into Invoice Ninja