Execute external script tags #88

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Related to issue #87. When evaluating script tags, this handles those with a src attribute by copying the element, removing the original, and then inserting the copy into the DOM in the original's place, which triggers a load event on the script.

@davydotcom davydotcom commented on the diff Oct 19, 2012
@@ -71,7 +71,16 @@ changePage = (title, body) ->
triggerEvent 'page:change'
executeScriptTags = ->
- eval(script.innerHTML) for script in document.body.getElementsByTagName 'script' when script.type in ['', 'text/javascript']
+ for script in document.body.getElementsByTagName 'script' when script.type in ['', 'text/javascript']
+ if script.src? and not script.getAttribute('data-turbolinks-evaluated')?
+ copy = document.createElement 'script'
davydotcom Oct 19, 2012

not sure but can you use script.cloneNode() here ?

reed Oct 19, 2012

I tried that initially, but it wouldn't trigger the load event.

@dhh dhh merged commit 9ecff71 into turbolinks:master Nov 26, 2012

heh, was just about to write...good to merge, you beat me to it.

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