The 4D refers to Distributed Dynamic Document Display.
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4Dpubs The 4D refers to Distributed Dynamic Document Display.

  1. Overview
  2. Getting Started
  1. Sites using 4D

Getting Started

System Requirements

Any web server can serve up the files. Simply copy the contents html folder to the root folder of a web server of your choice.

Building with Docker (EXPERIMENTAL - IN PROGRESS)

A basic Docker Compose file is included under the Docker folder. Testing with Docker is still experimental as we develop more deployment methods to run 4Dpubs.

Sites Using 4Dpubs

Single-source is one advantage of 4Dpubs. Because the source is DITA, you can publish that source in any other format that DITA supports. The 4D content displays dynamically in the app, and you can generate static publications for viewing outside of the app. Turbonomic uses 4Dpubs to dynamically deliver help and API documentation. To see this in action, install the Turbonomic product. You also can see static versions of this documentation:

Two examples of 4Dpubs in action:

Outline of Science --

4Dpubs Introduction --