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Use SQL to instantly query GCP resources across regions, projects and organizations. Open source CLI. No DB required.


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GCP Plugin for Steampipe

Use SQL to query infrastructure including servers, networks, databases and more from GCP.

Quick start

Install the plugin with Steampipe:

steampipe plugin install gcp

Run a query:



This plugin is available for the following engines:

Engine Description
Steampipe The Steampipe CLI exposes APIs and services as a high-performance relational database, giving you the ability to write SQL-based queries to explore dynamic data. Mods extend Steampipe's capabilities with dashboards, reports, and controls built with simple HCL. The Steampipe CLI is a turnkey solution that includes its own Postgres database, plugin management, and mod support.
Postgres FDW Steampipe Postgres FDWs are native Postgres Foreign Data Wrappers that translate APIs to foreign tables. Unlike Steampipe CLI, which ships with its own Postgres server instance, the Steampipe Postgres FDWs can be installed in any supported Postgres database version.
SQLite Extension Steampipe SQLite Extensions provide SQLite virtual tables that translate your queries into API calls, transparently fetching information from your API or service as you request it.
Export Steampipe Plugin Exporters provide a flexible mechanism for exporting information from cloud services and APIs. Each exporter is a stand-alone binary that allows you to extract data using Steampipe plugins without a database.
Turbot Pipes Turbot Pipes is the only intelligence, automation & security platform built specifically for DevOps. Pipes provide hosted Steampipe database instances, shared dashboards, snapshots, and more.




git clone
cd steampipe-plugin-gcp

Build, which automatically installs the new version to your ~/.steampipe/plugins directory:


Configure the plugin:

cp config/* ~/.steampipe/config
vi ~/.steampipe/config/gcp.spc

Try it!

steampipe query
> .inspect gcp

Further reading:

Open Source & Contributing

This repository is published under the Apache 2.0 (source code) and CC BY-NC-ND (docs) licenses. Please see our code of conduct. We look forward to collaborating with you!

Steampipe is a product produced from this open source software, exclusively by Turbot HQ, Inc. It is distributed under our commercial terms. Others are allowed to make their own distribution of the software, but cannot use any of the Turbot trademarks, cloud services, etc. You can learn more in our Open Source FAQ.

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