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Turbulenz Local Development Server



  • Fix some package dependencies to deal with new releases with breaking changes.
  • Add new game auth token api to allow game servers to validate users.


  • Add support for the close existing sessions api added to the turbulenz engine.
  • Fixed local server store API to stop game's users to purchasing "own" resources multiple times.
  • Fixed local server crashing for store API calls with malformed parameters.
  • Avoid warning the user when they don't have the legacy plugin installed.
  • Register more mimetypes and ensure they're registered for the deploy game tool.
  • Style the game pages so that touch events are correctly sent to the canvas element.
  • Fixed rare case where an incorrectly registered mimetype for css files prevented use of the local server.


  • Updated the way the deployment code sets timeouts for compatibility with the lastest versions of urllib3.
  • Fixed some mimetypes for IE11 support.


  • Changed local carousel to order projects by last modified from left to right.
  • Updated package to use pylint 1.0 for code checks.
  • Added a scheme to allow launching apps with iOS developer client.
  • Fixed crash when running deploygame tool outside of a terminal.
  • Added mimetype to server up ktx files.


  • Support for launching .tzjs files in the native client on Android
  • Fix issues with unicode characters in usernames
  • Fix import of Turbulenz SDK version
  • Fix for custom metrics events passed in batches with time offsets of 0
  • Refuse negative scores passed to leaderboards
  • Allow the deploygame tool to set the title on a project version
  • Fix expired delayed notifications not being deleted from the file system


  • Fix issues with non lowercase and non alphanumeric characters in usernames


  • Updated hub login to support remembering a users login details.
  • Improved project upload dialogs.
  • Moved common settings into a shared ini file between development and release environments.
  • Added a login panel (no password required) for cookie based logins. This allows testing multiple users on local.
  • Added Data Shares API endpoints.
  • Added Notifications API endpoints.


  • Fixed deployment of games to the Turbulenz Hub when 7-zip binaries are not installed


  • Add support to the customevents api for sending batches of events to minimize http requests
  • Update the routing for the save file handler which was not allowing saves when slugs contained non ascii characters
  • Fix the --clean command to match the documentation
  • Support new format of cached upload hashes from the Turbulenz Hub. This avoids the issue where files with matching content are uploaded with different filenames
  • Support saving of binary data in the local server save api


  • First open source release