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Turbulenz Python Tools

The Turbulenz Python Tools package provides a set of Python based tools for development of projects using the Turbulenz Engine.

The tools are primarily related to asset and code generation and optimization for HTML5 based games.


The latest release is 1.0.7 which can be found here

A full history of changes can be found in the Changelog


The recommended path for using the Turbulenz Python Tools is to either install the Turbulenz SDK from the Turbulenz Hub, or clone the Open Source Turbulenz Engine repository and follow it's setup guide. Both of these methods will install the Turbulenz Python Tools and their dependencies from PyPi using VirtualEnv, however you can also install Turbulenz Python Tools globally on your system or via similar virtual environment packages using Python package managers like SetupTools and pip.

Once installed the individual tools will be available from the command line in your environment, for example dae2json --help will give details on the available options for the dae2json tool.


Tool Command/Name Description
bmfont2json Convert Bitmap Font Generator data (.fnt) files into a Turbulenz JSON asset. Only text .fnt files are supported.
dae2json Convert Collada (.dae) files into a Turbulenz JSON asset. dae2json is based on the Collada specification.
effect2json Convert Effect Yaml (.effect) files into a Turbulenz JSON asset.
exportevents Export event logs and anonymised user information of a game from the Turbulenz Hub
json2json Merge JSON asset files.
json2stats Report metrics on JSON asset files.
json2tar Generate a TAR file for binary assets referenced from a JSON asset.
json2txt Generate plain text or html from a JSON asset.
makehtml Converts a .js file and, optionally, some HTML template code into a full HTML page that can be used to load and run code built with the maketzjs tool.
maketzjs Converts a JavaScript file into a .tzjs file or .canvas.js file, with optional compression.
material2json Convert Material Yaml (.material) files into a Turbulenz JSON asset.
obj2json Convert Wavefront .obj files into a Turbulenz JSON asset.
xml2json Convert XML assets into a structured JSON asset.


Full documentation for the usage of each tool can be found in the Turbulenz Engine docs at

This documentation is built from the Turbulenz Engine repository


The only dependencies for using the Turbulenz Python Tools are Python 2.7.x and a number of Python packages. These additional packages will be automatically installed as dependencies when the Turbulenz Python Tools package is installed with a Python package manager.


The Turbulenz Python Tools are licensed under the MIT license


Our contributors are listed here

Contributions are always encouraged whether they are small documentation tweaks, bug fixes or suggestions for larger changes. You can check the issues or discussion forums first to see if anybody else is undertaking similar changes.

If you'd like to contribute any changes simply fork the project on Github and send us a pull request or send a Git patch to the discussion forums detailing the proposed changes. If accepted we'll add you to the list of contributors.

We include a .pylintrc file in the repository which allows you to check your code conforms to our standards. Our documentation is built from the Turbulenz Engine open source repository so please consider how your changes may affect the documentation.

Note: by contributing code to the Turbulenz Python Tools project in any form, including sending a pull request via Github, a code fragment or patch via private email or public discussion groups, you agree to release your code under the terms of the MIT license that you can find in the LICENSE file included in the source distribution.


Turbulenz game site -
Turbulenz developer service and SDK download -
Documentation for this module and the SDK -
About Turbulenz -