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Releases: turesheim/eclipse-launcher


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What's Changed

  • Support installation on Apple Silicon (aarch64) by @kwin and @guw
  • Improve MAVEN build Performance by @ChenZhangg
  • Move building from Travis-CI to GitHub Actions

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v3.0.2...v3.0.3


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  • Added support to use a path to the libjli.dylib as -vm argument. In macOS the only way to use a JDK downloaded with SDKMAN (or any other JDK that does not have the macOS directory layout) is specifying the path to the libjli.dylib file, like -vm /<PATH_TO_YOUR_JDK>/jre/lib/jli/libjli.dylib. Thanks @mdaloia!


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  • Fixed a problem in the Advanced dialog where the eclipse.ini file could not be found when using Eclipse Photon. Thanks @guw!
  • Fixed issues in the test that would take a screenshot of the Advanced dialog for documentation.
  • Updated branding information.


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  • Spring cleaning:
    • Removed the OS X Quick Look feature that was introduced in 1.3.0. It was not very popular and to put it frankly; not very useful.
    • Renamed all bundles from "no.resheim.eclipse.utils.*" to "net.resheim.eclipse.launcher" version numbering will now reflect the version of the launcher feature, Hence the jump from 1.4.0 to 3.0.0.
    • Travis-CI infrastructure is set up for the project. This enables continous building and makes it easier for contributors.
    • Updated branding and EULA.
  • Added "-clean" feature to the "Advanced" dialog for clearing OSGi and runtime caches.

If you have an older version installed you must uninstall this before installing this version. Go to Eclipse > About Eclipse > Installation Details, select "OS X Eclipse Launcher Utility" and click Uninstall.... Automatic update to 3.0.0 will not work.


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  • Various housekeeping: Set up Mylyn configuration for each project. Fixed broken test running from Tycho. Added Eclipse-SourceReferences in Manifest Headers. Set OS-filter in features.xml. Added license text etc.
  • Added "Advanced" menu entry in for the "Eclipse Launcher" which is now at version 2.0.0. This opens a dialog with additional options for opening a new instance of Eclipse.
    • Which JRE to use, a list of detected runtimes are displayed.
    • Maximum and minimum memory to allocate for heap space.
    • Remote debugging enablement and port number.
    • Whether or not to reduce font size (default is on).