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import graphlab as gl
# Load the mnist data into an SArray of dtype array.array. This dataset comes from
#, courtesy of Yann LeCun and Corinna Cortes.
mnist_array = gl.SArray('')
# The MNIST data is scaled from 0 to 1, but our image type only loads integer pixel values
# from 0 to 255. If we just convert without scaling, all values below one would be cast to
# 0.
scaled_mnist_array = mnist_array * 255
# Now let's convert to an Sarray of image type. The images are of size 28 x 28 x 1
# (since they are grayscale). Since the scaling will still result in some non-integer
# values, we want to set allow_rounding to True.
mnist_img_sarray = gl.SArray.pixel_array_to_image(scaled_mnist_array, 28, 28, 1, allow_rounding = True)