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# You need the following package for this
# Installation : pip install xmldict
# Source :
import xmldict
import graphlab as gl
def xml_filename_to_dict(filename):
Reads the contents of an XML file, parses it and returns a dictionary.
filename: The name of the file with xml contents.
A dictionary with the contents of the xml file.
>>> xml_filename_to_dict('file-1.xml')
{'foo': 'bar'}
# Step 1: Read the contents of the file into a string
f = open(filename).readlines()
fstring = '\n'.join(f)
# Step 2: Convert the contents of the XML file into a dictionary
return xmldict.xml_to_dict(fstring)
# Let us assume that you have a set of files in the file "all_files.csv"
# Sample contents (of all_files.csv)
# file-1.xml
# file-2.xml
# ...
# file-200.xml
# Read the names of the files in to an SFrame
data = gl.SFrame.read_csv('all_files.csv', header=False)
data.rename({'X1': 'filename'})
data['xml-dict'] = data['filename'].apply(lambda x: xml_filename_to_dict(x))