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import graphlab as gl
# Add some example edges -- replace with your own graph
sg = gl.SGraph()
sg = sg.add_edges([gl.Edge(i, i+1) for i in range(10)])
import networkx as nx
g = nx.Graph()
# Put the nodes and edges from the SGraph into a NetworkX graph
g.add_edges_from([(e['__src_id'], e['__dst_id']) for e in sg.edges])
# Create the layout with NetworkX and convert to regular Python types
# You can substitute any of the layout algorithms here for circular_layout:
layout = nx.circular_layout(g)
layout = {k: map(float, list(v)) for k,v in layout.iteritems()}
# Show the SGraph in Canvas with that layout
sg.vertices['x'] = sg.vertices.apply(lambda v: layout[v['__id']][0])
sg.vertices['y'] = sg.vertices.apply(lambda v: layout[v['__id']][1])'x', 'y'))