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#!/usr/bin/env python
Read one-sentence-per-line from stdin.
Index each line in Lucene as a separate document.
* Remove previous index, start from scratch.
/u/turian/data/web_corpus/WaCky2/ | ./
NB we use the StandardAnalyzer, but should try the SnowballAnalyzer
import sys
import string
from common.stats import stats
import lucene
from lucene import \
SimpleFSDirectory, System, File, \
Document, Field, StandardAnalyzer, IndexWriter, Version
if __name__ == "__main__":
# create an index called 'index-dir' in a temp directory
# indexDir = os.path.join(System.getProperty('', 'tmp'),
# 'index-dir')
indexDir = "/Tmp/REMOVEME.index-dir"
dir = SimpleFSDirectory(File(indexDir))
analyzer = StandardAnalyzer(Version.LUCENE_30)
writer = IndexWriter(dir, analyzer, True, IndexWriter.MaxFieldLength(512))
# # set variables that affect speed of indexing
# writer.setMergeFactor(int(argv[2]))
# writer.setMaxMergeDocs(int(argv[3]))
# writer.setMaxBufferedDocs(int(argv[4]))
# # writer.infoStream = System.out
# print "Merge factor: ", writer.getMergeFactor()
# print "Max merge docs:", writer.getMaxMergeDocs()
# print "Max buffered docs:", writer.getMaxBufferedDocs()
print >> sys.stderr, "Currently there are %d documents in the index..." % writer.numDocs()
i = 0
print >> sys.stderr, "Reading lines from sys.stdin..."
for l in sys.stdin:
i += 1
if string.strip(l) == "": continue
doc = Document()
doc.add(Field("text", l, Field.Store.YES, Field.Index.ANALYZED))
if i % 10000 == 0:
print >> sys.stderr, "Read %d lines from stdin (%d documents in index)..." % (i, writer.numDocs())
print >> sys.stderr, stats()
# if i > 100000: break
print >> sys.stderr, "Indexed a total of %d lines from stdin (%d documents in index)" % (i, writer.numDocs())
print >> sys.stderr, "About to optimize index of %d documents..." % writer.numDocs()
print >> sys.stderr, stats()
print >> sys.stderr, "...done optimizing index of %d documents" % writer.numDocs()
print >> sys.stderr, "Closing index of %d documents..." % writer.numDocs()
print >> sys.stderr, stats()
print >> sys.stderr, "...done closing index of %d documents" % writer.numDocs()
print >> sys.stderr, stats()
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