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No matter in which format your tabular data is: rows will import it, automatically detect types and give you high-level Python objects so you can start working with the data instead of trying to parse it. It is also locale-and-unicode aware. :)

Want to learn more? Read the documentation (or build and browse the docs locally by running make docs-serve after installing requirements-development.txt).


The easiest way to getting the hands dirty is install rows, using pip.

pip install rows

For another ways to instal refer to the Installation section documentation.

Contribution start guide

The preferred way to start contributing for the project is creating a virtualenv (you can do by using virtualenv, virtualenvwrapper, pyenv or whatever tool you'd like).

Create the virtualenv:

mkvirtualenv rows

Install all plugins' dependencies:

pip install --editable .[all]

Install development dependencies:

pip install -r requirements-development.txt