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NetlifyCMS starter with VueJS
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NetlifyCMS with VueJS Starter

This is a simple starter with Netlify and Vue, this means you can build a simple static website with CMS just using Github as backend provider for data.

This really match 90% of static websites on the planet, please don't use a buggy Wordpress instance for your customers or your blog. Use a static, super secure and fast website if you only need simple contents.

This is true Headless CMS.

I've built a simple git watcher that builds a new fresh version of the website if some new data is posted on github, to run it just start a pm2 instance and run pm2 start git.js. The website should point to the "dist" folder. Maybe you have to setup your apache or nginx instance to point that build folder.

I've included this repo inside git-auth folder: Thank you @vencax!

Ask for support if you need.

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