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First things first => npm install

To run your server => npm start

To run your test suite => npm test

This application was built with create-react-app


The goal of this mini-project is to TDD a simple react application from the ground up. At the end of the day you will have a fully tested version of Ideabox.

We will be using the testing frameworks Jest and Enyzme to test each component.

Get Started

Start off with the CreateThought.test.js. Your first task is to get the first test to pass.

Once those tests are passing, work through following two files:

  • thoughtList.test.js
  • thoughtCard.test.js

Once those are also passing, continue to build out the app, testing each component as you go.

Hint: A user story would look something like this:

  • As a user, when I am on the root page, I should see a form.
  • And I should be able to enter in a title
  • And I should be able to enter in a body
  • And I can click the Submit button
  • And then I should see a new thought with the expected title and body

Then, in a TDD way:

  • Add a delete button to your ThoughtCard component
  • Add a edit button to your ThoughtCard component


  • This is a front-end course, CSS the shit out of your project