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Lightning Talks

While at Turing, students will be asked to present Lightning Talks to the module below them. These lightning talks are technical talks, 5 minutes in length, and they are a standard practice in the tech industry. Your talk should be technical and one that you can use for your networking and in your job preparation. Yes, imposter syndrome is real, but that is not a technical talk. If you are unsure, please ask your instructors before submitting.

Your talk needs to have slides and should not include more than a small example of any live coding. NOTE: You should not do a talk that is actually a full lesson that your instructors teach. 5 minute talks are best if it is a specific and concise topic.

Links to submissions and schedules will be posted in your Slack channel.

If you know you have a conflict please find someone in your cohort who will switch with you and then DM me to let me know the switch

Why Lightning Talks?

Employers are searching for people who can make a difference in their team. Being able to pitch a project, share your ideas in a compelling way, and advocating for yourself is a critical professional skill to develop. Student Lightning Talks are one way to be able to develop this skill throughout your time at Turing.

"Even if you don’t win, giving a Lightning Talk provides you with an unprecedented opportunity to meet people at the conference (which if that isn’t your goal in coming to the meeting, you ought to rethink your goals), both before and especially after you give your talk. The fact that you are giving a Lightning Talk is a remarkable conversation icebreaker, particularly at the Sunday night cocktail reception. This is particularly helpful if you aren’t naturally social and can never find the right topic to start a conversation, because the Lightning Talk will do it for you."



  • Beginning in Mod 2 Each student will give 1 lightning talk per inning
  • Students will prepare a 4-5 minute talk on a technical topic
    • Talks should INSPIRE, EXPOSE, or INFORM your audience
    • Talks can become a part of your professional portfolio
  • Each talk will be timed and at the end of 5 minutes, your audience will rate your talk on the following:
    • Presentation/Communication
    • Content
    • Surprise and Delight
  • The topic should be TECHNICAL
  • Each Friday session will be between 8-10 Lightning Talks
  • Please select a NEW topic each inning (do not reuse a talk topic while at Turing)

What do we mean when we say technical?

A technical lightning talk is…

  • Focused on the tools, techniques, or experience of creating software or hardware
  • If you are unsure if talk is technical, it probably isn’t

Preparing for your talk

  • Connect your computer to the screen (or similar screen) where you will present. Check to see that your content is visible if you stand in the back of the room.
  • Consider the size of your audience. Groups over 10 will mean you need to project your voice and be louder in order for everyone to hear you
  • Be aware of gendered language and stereotyped or offensive GIFs
  • Instead of using “ladies and gentlemen” please use “everyone”
  • Consider stereotypes when selecting your examples or GIFs. If you think it might be offensive, it probably is.



Topic ideas:

Videos: These are all examples, some good, some bad, and tons of ideas for technical topics

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