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Job Search Strategies II

Slides for this session

Session Structure

Length: 60 minutes

  • Opening (5 mins); recap of what will need to be done to close out this chapter and fully dive into the job search
  • Argue your case (10-15 mins)
  • Rate yourself (5 mins)
  • Peer group discussion (10-15 mins)
  • Plan work time (20-30 mins)


You've reached the home stretch of your Turing experience. You've learned so much, and you've been putting a lot of important steps into place for your job search. Now as you near graduation, we'll create a final plan to help you get the job you deserve and want.


  • Create an argument for why you deserve your future career to use in your elevator pitch
  • Assign a rating for your progress in the job search
  • Prepare for your portfolio review by creating your 30-day post-grad plan and your elevator pitch version of your story

Argue Your Case

When we met in week 1, we discussed how often we can put barriers on our job searches by listening to the impostor syndrome voices in our heads instead of giving ourselves the credit we deserve. One of the most effective ways to help us move past barriers is to find a way to argue against them. Think about the day you decided to apply to Turing -- what was your motivation then to start this career? What is your motivation now? Use that to fuel your argument against any thought that casts doubt on this job search.

You Do: Outline an argument about why you deserve this new career. Add this into your professional story elevator pitch during your portfolio review. Consider:

  • What do you envision for your career?
  • What progress have you made during these last 7+ months? What are some highlights of this progress?
  • What barriers still exist for you in your job search? Argue against them.
  • Why should someone hire you?

Pulse Check: How are you doing in your job search?

The post-grad plan will ask you to complete action steps in the following categories. On a scale of 1-5 (1 = not currently completing/not confident to complete, 5 = currently completing/very confident to complete), rate how you're currently implementing these steps and/or how confident you feel about implementing these steps in your post-grad plan:

  • Creating and using a schedule to balance time for coding and your job search
  • Creating and using a "daily-practice" repository to track your progress in coding
  • Reaching out to cold contacts and/or going to meetups to network regularly
  • Using a job tracking system to research companies and keep track of your communication with them
  • Identifying areas you will continue to practice for technical interviews based on the practice you've done so far with technical interviews
  • Updating your Turing portfolio with 2 more projects in order to have 3 projects displayed total
  • Updating your LinkedIn profiles to be job-search ready
  • Identifying an additional social media/networking tool (blogging, planning meetup/conference talks, participating in hackathons or open source projects) that you will use in your job search

If you already have a job offer secured, please rate yourself regarding the second part of the job search plan:

  • Identifying 1-2 people from your PD peer group who you will check in with during the first 30 days
  • Identifying an area you are skilled to help these people with and how confident you are with that help
  • Identfying 1-2 people from your job search who you can recommend others from your cohort to
  • Making the introductions to people you'd recommend

Group Discussion: Get into your PD peer groups to discuss your ratings on the different areas and answer these questions as a group:

  • Where have you focused your priorities (and therefore rated yourself highest)?
  • In the areas you feel weakest in, how can your group help each other to bring up each other's confidence?
  • For anyone who has unofficial or official job offers, how will you support your fellow groupmates?

Note: Tomorrow at your PD group time, you'll discuss your 30-day post-grad action plan and how you plan to complete it. You should also share your resume or any cover letters/outreach emails with your group if you haven't been able to yet so that you can get feedback prior to week 6 and the portfolio review.

Whole Group Shareout: 3-4 PD peer groups share out their plans to continue to support each other in these last 2 weeks and in the first 30 days of post-graduation.

Start Planning

Take the rest of the session to work on your post-grad plan by forking this template and making your own gist to answer each action step.

Goal-setting Tips: Spend thirty minutes each day and an hour each week assessing how your tasks align with the goals you've set forth in this plan. Make adjustments as needed and be:

  • Flexible
  • Kind to yourself
  • Realistic with your time