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Module Three Career Development

In Module Three, students capitalize on the skills mastered in Modules One and Two through curriculum that focuses on strategies for finding a fulfilling career and preparing for the job search post-graduation. The following are key components of success in this module:

  • Discover and describe how previous jobs, skills, and experiences contribute to new career path
  • Utilize strategies for finding opportunities in the tech community
  • Articulate and apply strengths to professional situations
  • Describe strategies for successful interviews
  • Present professional story through projects, resume, and Turing portfolio
  • Actively participate in the tech community

Why These Objectives:

Module Three is the module in which the personal development of the previous two modules is applied to job searching and discovering the right path for students' new careers. Introducing technical interview prep, how to research professional opportunities in tech, and how to build on professional branding are focuses in this curriculum because students now have the confidence to tackle these pieces successfully in preparation for a robust job search in Module Four.

Bringing It All Together:

Students will leave Module Three with a clear blueprint for their job search by first identifying what it is that they want out of their job search, practicing how to tell that story clearly, and reflecting on how their strengths apply to finding this new, fulfilling career path. Students will be able to apply these ideas practically through utilizing strategies to find opportunities that match their goals and creating straightforward plans to reach those goals. Finally, students will be able to both describe how to and demonstrate being an active citizen in the tech community.



In order to fulfill the requirements of module three, students will submit these deliverables: