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Module Two Career Development

In Module Two, career development builds off of strategies on how to be successful at Turing introduced in Module One and introduces competencies that have more direct correlations to the industry and the job search that will continue in Module Three. The following are key components of this module's curriculum:

  • Cultivate empathy when working with others
  • Building teamwork competencies using agile practices
  • Applying personal strengths to a teamwork setting
  • Building relationships both with cohortmates and professionals in the industry
  • Conduct conversations around feedback
  • Use feedback from teammates to improve own practices

Why These Objectives:

Module Two requires students to work more closely in multi-person teams, and as such, the career development curriculum is focused on helping students build competencies around teamwork and cultivating professional relationships within the context of the software industry. Students learn about the philosophy and practice of Agile in this module, which will help their teams be successful, and they will continue to utilize these practices in later modules.

Bringing It All Together:

By mastering the objectives listed above, students will be able to put themselves in others' shoes and use that ability to collaborate effectively with teammates. They will be able to describe how their strengths lend themselves to and complement teammates' strengths within these projects. Students will be able to describe strategies for conducting cold outreach and creating relationships with others in the industry, starting with mentors within the Turing community. Moreover, students will be able to use the self-awareness they've been building over the past two modules to reflect on feedback and make plans to continuously improve.



In order to fulfill the requirements of Module Two, students will submit these deliverables:

  • Create a individual private gist with each of these Written reflections:
    • How you've used agile as a process at Turing and what kind of project management tools you utilized. Address these questions:
      • What were you already doing?
      • What did you put into place in Module Two?
      • What was effective?
      • What do you want to improve on in future projects?
    • Description of the role you played in your pair/group projects this module -- what was your role as a teammate? How did you utilize your strengths and leadership skills?
  • Feedback II reflection: In-person feedback conversation following these guidelines
  • Working draft of professional story (1-2 paragraphs)
  • Plan for outreach & networking as you go into Module 3 using these guidelines

You'll submit all deliverables here.

Repeating the Module

If you're repeating the module, you'll meet with Allison during Week 1 to discuss an alternate plan for meeting your professional development goals during the repeat module using these guidelines.