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Week Four - Module 4 Recap

Fork this repository. Answer the questions to the best of your ability. Try to answer them with limited amount of external research. These questions cover the majority of what we've learned this week.

Note: When you're done, submit a PR.

  1. What's your favorite project management tool?
  2. Why do we create staging environments?
  3. What are the characteristics of a good README (in your opinion)?
  4. What are three important things that developers can do to make a web page accessible?
  5. What's one main improvement you're going to make to your code regarding accessibility issues?
  6. What are some basic security concerns to be aware of when building applications?
  7. Why is continuous integration helpful/important?
  8. What are some pros/cons of using ReactJS as a frontend tool?


  1. What are some characteristics of "good" git workflow?
  2. Describe each of the four fundamental concepts of object oriented programming.
  3. What's a module in Ruby? What's the difference between a class and a module? What are some good use cases for modules?

Self Assessment:

Choose One:

  • I was able to answer every question without relying on outside resources
  • I was able to answer most questions independently, but utilized outside resources for a few
  • I was able to answer a few questions independently, but relied heavily on outside resources

Choose One:

  • I feel confident about the content presented this week
  • I feel comfortable with the content presented this week
  • I feel overwhelmed by the content presented this week
  • I feel quite lost by the content presented this week