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Week Two - Module 4 Recap

Fork this repository. Answer the questions to the best of your ability. Try to answer them with limited amount of external research. These questions cover the majority of what we've learned this week.

Note: When you're done, submit a PR.

  1. What are two differences between ES5 and ES6? Explain the implications of those differences.
  2. What are the four pillars of Object Oriented programming?
  3. What are some tools available in JavaScript to help you write object oriented code?
  4. What are some key concepts to be aware of when refactoring your JavaScript?
  5. What's a callback function and what are some reasons when we use/need callback functions?
  6. What are the different scopes of variables in Javascript? When would you want to define global variables?
  7. What's the difference between == and === in JavaScript?
  8. Why do front end frameworks exist?
  9. What is Express? What is Express similar to in the Ruby world?


  1. Why do people say "HTTP is stateless"?
  2. Describe a RESTful API.
  3. What are some main characteristics of a team following an agile workflow?
  4. What are some advantages and disadvantages to using OAuth to authenticate a user?

Self Assessment:

Choose One:

  • I was able to answer every question without relying on outside resources
  • I was able to answer most questions independently, but utilized outside resources for a few
  • I was able to answer a few questions independently, but relied heavily on outside resources

Choose One:

  • I feel confident about the content presented this week
  • I feel comfortable with the content presented this week
  • I feel overwhelmed by the content presented this week
  • I feel quite lost by the content presented this week