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We should really just kill the RubyMine references, ST is basically better to introduce people to, and what we've been doing for a while.


There's a reference to looking at parameters that got posted to the server in a 'Console' in RubyMine.

Let’s start by looking at the form data that was posted when we clicked SAVE. This data is in the production.log file which should be in the "Console" frame at the bottom of the RubyMine window. Look for the line that starts "Processing ArticlesController#create", here’s what mine looks like:

Does Sublime Text have a similar console, or do you have people tail the production log (or something entirely different)?


If you have your server running in RubyMine, click the red square button to STOP it.

How do you usually have them run the server? bundle exec rails s in the console?


I'm a bit unclear with respect to terminology. I tend to call my terminal window the console, but then I saw this:

If you have a console session open, type exit to exit.

so I think I've got it wrong.

Is the terminal used only for opening a REPL session? What terminology is generally chosen for this and any other uses of the terminal?


Huh. Ok, I'm rereading the full tutorial, which answers the rails server question. Sorry about that.


This also answered the console question. Nevermind!


@kytrinyx you do highlight an important point as far as needing to unify on terms that we use in the tutorials. Spread throughout the tutorials are various different terms for the same concepts.


@burtlo I've added a new issue for the grand unification discussion so that we can close this one.


@steveklabnik This one can be closed.

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