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Binary Search Trees

A binary search tree is a fundamental data structure useful for organizing large sets of data.

More on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary_search_tree


A binary tree is built from nodes. Each node has:

  • A) An element of data
  • B) A link to the left. All nodes to the left have data elements less/lower than this node's data element.
  • C) A link to the right. All nodes to the right have data elementes more/greater than this node's data element.


Your implementation should be able to confirm or deny the presence of a piece of data in the list.


The worst case binary tree comes from a list that's already sorted before insertion to the tree. How can you avoid that problem?


Implementation Tips

  • Start with modeling a node
  • Then attach one node to another
  • Then attach multiple nodes together
  • Then implement search when there's just a single node
  • Then implement search for multiple nodes
  • Then implement sorted output for a single node
  • Then implement sorted output for multiple nodes