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Palette Picker Submission Form

Project Spec


Link to the GitHub Repository for the Project


Link to the Deployed Application


Link to your annotated server file

annotated server file


Were you able to complete the base functionality?

If not, explain what is missing and why.

Link to an image of your wireframe(s)


Which extensions, if any, did you complete?

Code Quality

Link to a specific block of your code on GitHub that you are proud of

happy code

  • Why were you proud of this piece of code?

Link to a specific block of your code on GitHub that you feel not great about

sad code

  • Why do you feel not awesome about the code? What challenges did you face trying to write/refactor it?

Link to Design Inspiration

  • Show us what you used as design inspiration (another color picker site, a dribbble UI element, a user flow, etc.) and explain what you stole from it

Please feel free to ask any other questions or make any other statements below!

Anything else you wanna say!

Instructor Feedback (Instructor Name)

Specification Adherence

x points: (50 possible points)

User Interface

x points: (20 possible points)

Commented Server File

x points: (10 possible points)

JavaScript Style

x points: (30 possible points)


x points: (20 possible points)

To get a 3 on this project, you need to score 95 points or higher

To get a 4 on this project, you need to score 115 points or higher

Final Score: x / 130