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Module 2 Prep Work

  1. Get Module 2 Tools: You're going to need these.
  2. Complete Rack Tutorial: The bridge between M1 and M2 (complete through 4. Deploying, come back to Next Steps/Extensions at the end of intermission if you have additional time).
  3. Complete a Static HTML/CSS Challenge: Additional practice with HTML/CSS. Timebox this to one or two hours. Styling can always be better, so know when to walk away.
  4. Jumpstart Lab SQL Tutorial: No one ever said, "gee, I wish I knew less SQL." Do not complete the Sequel tutorial linked at the bottom of the Jumpstart Lab page.
  5. Complete Task Manager: Complete so that we can review together during week 1 of the module.


  • Save your work for your Rack Tutorial, Task Manager, and Static Comp work in GitHub repos and submit the repo URLs to your instructors before the first day of the inning.
  • Create a list of follow-up questions for the "Introduction" lessons listed below, and any other questions you have in a GitHub Gist and send that Gist URL to your instructors before the first day of the inning.

Tutorials to review

  1. How the Web Works: Review and answer questions in preparation for class on Monday.
  2. Git/Github: Practice Your GIT

Week 1 Lessons to review ahead of time

  1. Intro to HTML
  2. Intro to CSS
  3. Intro to MVC
  4. Intro to SQL


Use the resources below if you feel like you need any additional practice.

  1. HTML/CSS Tutorials
  2. Sinatra