Turing School promotion portfolios
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In order to earn promotion to the next module or graduation you need to complete, submit, and defend your portfolio.

A submission summarizes your accomplishments in these key areas:

  • Individual
  • Team
  • Professional Development
  • Community

Authoring Process

  • Carefully read this document - README.markdown - to understand how your portfolio should be written/submitted
  • Read thru a portfolio from a student in upper mod for reference
  • Fork this repo and edit the template.markdown file in portfolios/students/your-cohort/your-name. IF the file or folder in question is missing, then copy the content of template.markdown as a starting point.
  • Fill in and submit your own content. Submission guidelines are located at the bottom of this document

Per-Module Expectations

Module 1 (Back-end)

Your promotion to the next module is based upon a summative assessment coined "The Pentathlon." You must receive 3s in all categories or show strong upward sloping trend in performance in order to be promoted to Module 2. The Pentathlon includes:

  1. Paired Assessment
  2. Independent Timed Diagnostic
  3. Written Diagnostic
  4. Final Paired Project
  5. Completed Portfolio

Instructions for Submitting a Completed Portfolio:

  1. Fork and clone this repo.
  2. Follow instructions in Module 1 Portfolio Guidelines to create your folder and M1 portfolio file.
  3. Update placeholder text in your file.
  4. Commit your changes, push to your remote repo, and create a PR to this repo by 2:30p the day prior to your portfolio review.

Module 1 (Front-end)

Your promotion to the next module is based upon a summative assessment coined the Pentathlon. The Pentathlon includes:

  1. Individual Coding Challenge-A: Passing Score (Proficient in all areas) required
  2. Individual Coding Challenge-B: Passing Score (Proficient in all areas) required
  3. Final Project (Static Comp Challenge #3) -- Passing Score (Proficient in all areas) required
  4. Comprehensive Quizlette: Passing Score (80% correct answers) required
  5. Completed Portfolio

Your completed portfolio is also comprised of the following required material:

  • Course Projects:
    • Number Guesser
    • Linked List or Foto Finder
    • Idea Box
    • 2DoBox Pivot

You may optionally elect to include a status of "pass", "fail", "pending" for each of the individual Pentathlon challenges in your portfolio, but it is not required. Your instructors will send your Pentathlon challenge scores to you upon completion of those evaluations and in advance of portfolio reviews.

Module 2 (Back-end)

  • Evaluation notes - You need to take notes during assessments/evaluations
  • Blog post (>=1)
  • ActiveRecord Obstacle Course (link to your finished repo)
  • If you're in a posse - please include (in the Being a Community Member section):
    • a blurb about what you did with your posse over the module
    • your favorite thing about the posse experience
    • how has your posse experience helped you grow as a professional?
  • Non evaluated project: Rails Mini Project
    • Include what you learned/took away from the project.
  • Evaluated projects: Little Shop, Job Tracker, Bike Share
  • Assessments: Final

Module 2 (Front-end)

  • Individual Assessment: Passing Score (All 3's) required
  • Required Project: ToDo Box Pivot, Shoot the Breeze, FireBae (Tier Two) -- scores should all be passing (All 3's) or show gradual improvement
  • Included Projects:
  • Weatherly
  • Community:
    • Summary of how you've contributed to the community

Module 3 (Back-end)

  • See template here
  • Individual Assessment
  • Included Projects: Self-Directed Project, Rales Engine, Cloney Island
  • Bonus Project (not required): APIcurious
  • Something valuable you've taken away from your posse.

Module 3 (Front-end)

  • Individual Goals for the Module
  • Individual Self Assessment
  • Final Assessmnet (PASS/FAIL)
  • Included Projects: Headcount 2.0 (Group), SWAPIBox (Individual), Movie Tracker (Group), and Self-Directed Project (Individual)
  • A summary of how you've contributed to the community

Module 4 (Back-end)

  • You will prepare and present a 10-12 minute overview of your module to a panel of reviewers. Specific instructions are here. Please note that a markdown should be provided as well as the slide deck for presentation

  • A 30-day post-grad job search action plan must be linked in the markdown and sent to your coach.

Module 4 (Front-end)

Submission Guidelines

A pull request with your submission must be made at least 12 hours before your scheduled defense. Non-conforming formats, filenames, or directories will be rejected and your defense rescheduled.


Your submitted portfolio should include self-assessment scores. Use the rubric to determine your proper scores.

Filename & Directory

The file should be saved in the format "date-name-completing.markdown" where:

  • date is the last day of the module in compressed year/month/day, like 20150831
  • name is your first and last name like jeff-casimir
  • completing is the module that you're completing, like m4

So a complete filename might look like 20150831-jeff-casimir-m4.markdown. This file needs to be stored in a directory portfolios/students/your-cohort/your-name where your-name is like jeff-casimir and your-cohort is your cohort number.

If you were completing Module 4 in Cohort 1410 on August 31, 2015 and your name was Jeff Casimir, your portfolio submission would reside at the following location: portfolios/students/1410/jeff-casimir/20150831-jeff-casimir-m4.markdown.

Evaluation Process

Your portfolio will be evaluated in the last week of the module by a panel of at least two instructors. During this short session:

  • You will start by showing the scores of your self assessment
  • You will walk through the rubric and the content of your portfolio to explain your scoring
  • The instructors will ask questions along the way and record notes
  • As you finish the explanation the instructors will validate or correct your self-assessment scores
  • The instructors will use those scores to render a promotion/graduation decision
  • Everything from the instructors will be committed back to your portfolio


Portfolio evaluations have four possible outcomes:

  • PROMOTED - your portfolio demonstrates a successful fulfillment of expectations and you may move on to the next module or graduate
  • RETAINED - your portfolio is lacking in one or more areas and you may either repeat the current module or leave the program
  • EXCUSED - your portfolio is lacking in one or more areas and either (a) you've now failed to pass the module in two attempts or (b) the reviewers have determined that you will not be successful at Turing
  • PENDING - your portfolio is incomplete or non-conforming and will be re-evaluated as soon as possible. If it is incomplete after 24 hours it will be moved to RETAINED or EXCUSED