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M3 Portfolio Requirements

Learning Goals

  • Gain comfort speaking about and defending their work and code using correct technical vocabulary
  • Practice speaking in front of a group
  • Build the skill of storytelling by presenting a compelling story about themselves and their work


  • Students will prepare a 5 minute slide presentation to give to M3 Instructors.

The slide presentation should address the following questions:

  • What was your biggest achievement of the module?
  • What provided you with the most struggle? What did you learn from that struggle?
  • What have you done this inning that sets you apart from your peers?
  • How did your Mod 3 experience impact what you wanted to be doing after Turing? How did it reframe what you learned in previous modules?
  • What is the most important skill or lesson that you will take from Turing into your next job?

The presentation should not be a series of slides that directly answers each of these questions with bullet points, but instead should:

  • Follow a narrative format -- this is an opportunity to fine tune your story and how you speak about your work. Slides should flow naturally from one to the next.
  • Include images and graphics to illustrate the concepts you plan to discuss. These may include screenshots/animated gifs of an application you created, snippets of code from your projects, diagrams of interesting concepts/structures that you used in your project(s).


  • Students are not required to submit any documents but instead should be prepared to give their presentation to their instructors and answer follow up questions