'KuKu Mi' project consists of DTH and SmartApp and API server. It makes SmartThings to control Xiaomi product.
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'KuKu Mi'

'KuKu Mi' project consists of DTH and SmartApp and API server.

It makes SmartThings supports Xiaomi products.

  • Mi Remote

  • Xiaomi BT Temperature / Humidity Sensor

'KuKu Mi' Architecutre

0. Preparing

To use 'KuKu Mi', need below environments.

- Common

  • 'Docker' system tool
  • NAS or Micro or Mini Server

- Mi Remote

  • Registered 'Mi Remote' device at 'MiHome' application

- Xiaomi BT Temperature / Humidity Sensor

  • BT dongle for Xiaomi BT Temperature / Humidity Sensor (if there is no WiFi/BT module in system)
  • Aduino(ESP32s) to exetend BT coverage Arduino Installation

1. Install 'KuKu Mi' Server

1-1) 'KuKu Mi' Docker Image download

[X86 Platform]
# docker pull turlvo/kukumi


[ARM Platform]
# docker pull turlvo/kukumi-rasp

1-2) Execute 'KuKu Mi' API server by running container

[X86 Platform]
# docker run --name=KuKuMi --privileged --net=host turlvo/kukumi


[ARM Platform] (Xiaomi BT version is not released)
# docker run --name=KuKuMi  --privileged --net=host turlvo/kukumi-rasp

1-3) Enable auto run 'KuKu Mi' container when rebooted (Optional)

# sudo vim /etc/systemd/system/kukumi.service

<kukumi.service File content>

Description=KuKuMi container

ExecStart=/usr/bin/docker start -a KuKuMi
ExecStop=/usr/bin/docker stop -t 2 KuKuMi

# sudo systemctl enable /etc/systemd/system/kukumi.service

2. Setting of 'Mi Remote' at 'KuKu Mi Web server'

2-1) Connect to 'http://[KuKu Mi api Server's IP]:8484/' using Web browser

2-2) Add a 'Mi Remote' device (Discover or Manual)

2-3) Add a commands by learning or add a commands by manually

2-4) Added devices and commands screenshot

3. Installation of 'KuKu Mi' DTH and SmartApp at ST IDE

3-1) Add 'KuKu Mi' DTH in ST IDE

3-2) Add a 'KuKu Mi' SmartApp in ST IDE


GitHub Repository Integration
- Owner : turlvo
- Name : KuKuMi
- Branch : master

4. Installation of 'KuKu Mi' SmartApp at SmartThings Application

4-1) Install 'KuKu Mi' SmartApp

  • 'Add a SmartApp' -> 'My SmartApp' -> select a 'KuKu Mi'

  • Input server's IP (KuKuMi-api server is running) ex)
  • Select 'Save' to complete installation

4-2) Add a device at 'KuKu Mi' SmartApp

  • 'Automation' -> 'SmartApps' -> 'KuKu Mi'
  • 'Add a device...'
  • Enter 'Xiaomi Device Type'

  • Select 'Mi Remote'
  • Enter 'Xiaomi Device'
  • Select your Mi Remote device (added in KuKu Mi Web Server)

  • Enter 'device name' that you want
  • Enter 'DTH Type' and select DTH that you want to install

  • Select to 'Next' to set up command
  • Mapping your command to button (added in KuKu Mi Web Server)

  • If you want synchronize device state by Plug and Contact Sensor, configure 'State Monitor' menu
  • To complete adding device, 'select 'Save' button
  • You can confirm added device

4-3) Installed Device Screenshot(Custom DTH)