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7e21d9a @trans Update Release.txt to be useful.
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1 = Release Notes
3 == 0.9.x
5 The main departure of the 0.9.x series form older version of Turn,
6 is that the old TestUnit library (1.x series) is no longer supported.
7 Turn is now a MiniTest only library.[1]
9 Among other imporvements, the default reporter is now the Pretty reporter
10 instead of the orginal Outline reporter, and MiniTest skips are finally
11 supported.
13 Big thanks to y8, Alexey Bondar and others for helpig to get this series
14 up to snuff.
16 [1] Note that the old testunit runner is still included in the package
17 if it is needed, but no longer will be actively maintained and it
18 must be directly required to be used.
21 == 0.8.x
8d84a3c @trans admin: update History and Release notes.
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23 Version 0.8.0 is a fairly significant release for Turn. This release
24 adds support for Ruby 1.9's Minitest framework. You can even use
25 minitest with Ruby 1.8 by supplying the --minitest option on the turn
26 command line.
28 In addition, two new reporters have been a added, a new "pretty" reporter
29 which provides a more a modern "OSX" look (thanks Paydro) and a Cue
30 reporter which seeks user input with each failure or error (thanks
31 Shindo).
33 With this release we are encouraging users to move away from using
34 autorun modes. Autorunning is when your test script includes code
35 that "automagically" sets up a test runner, e.g. require 'test/unit'
36 and MiniTest::Unit.autorun, and by simply running the scripts
37 through the ruby interpretor the tests get run. There are a number
38 of problems with this approach. To begin with, running tests this way
39 limits Turn of a single mode of operation (that's no fun!) More
40 importantly it prevents interoperability between the old TestUnit
41 and the new MiniTest systems. By leaving these out and using a
42 commandline runner you can use the same tests for each version of
43 Ruby. This may require some adjutments to build tools, but hell,
44 why not use Turn there too. The Turn::Controller class makes it
45 damn easy.
47 One last note. Turn is no longer compatible with TestUnit 2.0+.
48 TestUnit and MiniTest are deverging and after some consideration
49 it was decided that Turn's goal is to support Ruby's native test
50 framework, whatever it may be.
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52 Enjoy!
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