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Creates enhanced tooltip type boxes for extended annotations.
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Creates tooltip type boxes for extended annotations. The boxes, initially hidden, open in place, immediately beneath the text being annotated and close out-of-sight on the click of a button.

<anno:10>text</anno><@anno:10>wiki text</@anno>

text is what the annotation explains

wiki-text is the text requiring annotation

namespace:page is a dokwiki page which will be read into the annotation block; this form takes only the wiki page and no other text.

Internal markup:

<anno:20>text</anno><@anno:20><top>wiki:page</top>wiki text<bottom>wiki:page</bottom></@anno>
<anno:20>text</anno><@anno:20>wiki text<bottom>wiki:page</bottom></@anno>
<anno:20>text</anno><@anno:20><top>wiki:page</top>wiki text</@anno>

The top and bottom tags enable repeatable headers and footers to be read into the annotations.

The list must be prefaced by [List] and ended with tsiL

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