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This version of fckgLite supports the Dokuwiki 'safe' file system encoding for non-Roman 
character sets.  It also supports url-style encoding, which was the encoding 
for all previous versions of Dokuwiki.

This version also supports the the jQuery conversion which Dokuwiki made beginning
with the Angua distribtution.

'safe' encoding was implemented in Dokuwiki's Anteater distribution, dated 2010-11-07.
A bug was found in that implementation which affected Windows users and was 
corrected in Rincewind (2011-05-25).  On an upgrade from Anteater to Rincewind,
Rincewind automatically corrects the file system for compatibility with the corrected format.

This distribution of fckgLite employs the corrected implementation of 'safe' encoding.

If you are using 'safe' encoding and are still using Anteater, you have two choices.
1. You can upgrade to Rincewind or later.
2. You can revert to the Anteater implementation of safe encoding.  
    Included in the fckg directory of this distribution is a file named revert.tgz
	Go to the fckg directory and unpack this file:
	       tar -xzf revert.tgz
	You must do this with every new install of fckgLite (or fckgLiteSafe) until
	you upgrade Dokuwiki to Rincewind or later.


See the fckgLite web site for more information about this distribution:

For information on the installation and features of fckgLite, see
the fckgLite web site:

There are two versions of .htaccess files found in fckg/fckeditor/userfiles.  One of these
is called and allows direct http access only to image files, but not
to any others.  The other is called and allows access to any files in the
data/media directory.  In this case security is enforced using the "secure" directory

See the section on Security on the fckgLite web site:

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