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Dokuwiki plugin for creating external newsfeeds for feed readers
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Dokuwiki Plugin for creating external newsfeeds.

This plugin will generate a news feed that can be read in a standard news reader (See below for how to generate
the feed from the plugin markup.) 

Syntax Markup

There are two types of markup.  At the top of a page that holds new items, you must place one of the following:


First form: ~~NEWSFEED~~
If you use the first form, then you bracket your news items with the following markup:
<news: item_title>
blah blah

<news: another_item>
blah blah

The news reader will use your title for the item. You can omit the title:

blah blah

In this case the title will default to 'News Item'

Second form: ~~NEWSFEED:<n>~~
In this form, the news items are generated from material which is preceded by Dokuwiki header markup, and the headers
become the titles of the news items.  The <n> designates the number of equal signs that mark up your headers.  The plugin will
create news items from all headers greater than or equal to n.    For instance:
will create items from all headers with with three or more equal signs:
      === header 1 ===	  
	  ==== header 2 ====

This page is particularly useful if you have a page which is dedicated to news items.  	  

Generating the feed
Each of the following methods generates an xml news feed in your top level dokuwiki directory.   The news feed file is
named news_feed.xml.

The main file for generating news feeds is newsfeed.php, which  is found in news/scripts.

1. place newsfeed.php in your top level dokiuwiki directory and use as your feed url:
   This method adheres to the ttl (time-to-live) configuration setting (see Options below) and creates a new xml file
   only after the ttl has expired.   Until the expiry time, it reads and outputs the previously created news_feed.xml.
  However, you can  force a new feed to be created by method 2 or 3.     
2. place newsfeed.php in lib/exe and generate the feed from the command line:
            php newsfeed.php
3.  open the news admin panel and click on the generate button.			
If you use method  2 or 3 and do not implement method 1,  then your url must be:

Configuration Options:
1. ttl: Number of minutes before a new feed will be automatically generated
2. title: Feed Title
3. desc: Feed Description.


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