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A React app served on Webpack Devserver that proxies requests to an Express backend. The rest is up to you.
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Reflect is a personal wellness application designed for users to find correlations between their daily mood, computer productivity, and activities.

Each day, users are prompted to fill out a "reflection" form. The app then uses natural language proccessing (via Natural) to analyze the text-sentiment behind the user's answers in order to produce a mood score. Additionally, this app tracks the user's computer productivity data through RescueTime. Reflect compiles these sets of data and present them as graphs on the dashboard. Users can then observe how their productivity affects their mood and vice versa.


  • Users can fill out a "reflection" form
    • Reflect then analyzes the text-sentiment and gives a mood score
  • Users can track their productivity on their computer
  • Users can track their time spent on categorized websites (i.e. Social Networking)
  • Users can add post their daily activities
  • Users can create a tasks list
  • Users are able to observe graphs and insight cards that show the correlation of all collected datasets
  • Users are able to look back on past "reflection" answers in Calendar

Tech Stack


  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • Knex


  • React
  • React-Router
  • Axios


  • PostgreSQl

Getting Started

This application requires TWO servers to run! Clone this repository to your desired directory and navigate to the directory.


  1. cd express-back-end
  2. npm install
  3. cp .env-example .env
  4. Update the .env file by filling in the database and RescueTime information
  5. npm start


  1. cd react-front-end
  2. npm install

Navigate to localhost:3000 to find your application.


  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • Knex
  • DotENV
  • Moment
  • PostgeSQL
  • Natural
  • React
  • React-Router
  • AntDesign
  • ChartJS
  • Axios
  • Cors


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