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Coding for everyone - Meetup support

1. What do you want to do?

Depending on your interest and your programming level you can decide what to do at the Meetup.

Keep in mind that the Meetup is the good place and moment in which you can ask questions, show your projects, work together with someone else, don't miss the opportunity!

2.1 No previous experience of HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  • Register on FreeCodecamp
    • Work through Basic HTML and HTML5 and Basic CSS

2.2 I'm still missing many basic concepts or words that are apparently obvious to everyone

FreeCodeCamp provides numerous video challenges in which they explain programming-related concepts, starting from scratch. For example you can see:

2.3 Build your first web page

We recommend you to practise as soon as possible your new HTML & CSS skills building your first web page. That will help better understanding and retaining of the new concepts just learnt.

You can use Codepen for that.

You can start a project during one evening so that you can get help overcoming the first obstacles and then work on your own to finish them.

2.4 Create your website on Github pages

When you have built a couple of webpages you can work on your personal website and host it on Github pages.

If you need some guidance on how Git and Github work you can have a look at this FreeCodeCamp lesson Save your Code Revisions Forever with Git.

If you need an introduction from scratch on Git, you can try this CodeCademy course first: Learn Git.

3 I know HTML&CSS, or I simply want to learn JavaScript

Depending on your JavaScript level you can do different things.

To assess your level:

  • Register on FreeCodecamp
    • If you are starting from scratch you can attempt the Basic JavaScript
    • If the previous point was boring or too easy, you can check how you do with Basic Algorithm Scripting

If the basic algorithms on FreeCodeCamp are boring, or if you've done them already, then you can go to the next level

3.1 What if instead I prefer to read a book?

Maybe FreeCodeCamp's way of teaching is not enough for you. You prefer to know the theory first, or you want to know more about how stuff works. Excellent! You might be interested in the book Eloquent Javascript available online for free.

4 I know JavaScript, but I want to get better

  • Register on Codewars
    • Complete some kata in JavaScript
    • Create some kata

5 OK, now I want to code for real on my computer

If you want to program on your computer, you can try Exercism. It's a bit more realistic as you need to code outside of your browser, but it's a bit slower to ramp up.