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Observium - Network Management and Monitoring

Observium is an autodiscovering SNMP based network monitoring platform written in PHP which includes support for a wide range of network hardware and operating systems including Cisco, Windows, Linux, HP, Dell, FreeBSD, Juniper, Brocade, Netscaler, NetApp and many more.

This appliance includes all the standard features in TurnKey Core, and on top of that:

  • Observium configurations:

    • Installed from upstream source code to /opt/observium.

    • Includes all recommended packages including libvirt for virtual machine monitoring.

    • Includes recommended cronjob for discovery and polling.

      Security note: Updates to Observium may require supervision so they ARE NOT configured to install automatically. See Observium documentation for upgrading.

  • SSL support out of the box.

  • Adminer administration frontend for MySQL (listening on port 12322 - uses SSL).

  • Postfix MTA (bound to localhost) to allow sending of email (e.g., password recovery).

  • All secrets will be regenerated during installation / firstboot (security).

  • Webmin modules for configuring Apache2, PHP, MySQL and Postfix.

Note: Due to security concerns, adding devices from the webUI is NOT enabled.
Please add new devices manually via the CLI. Alternatively, if you are not concerned with the potential security risk, adding devices from the webUI may be enabled - please see #488(comment).

Credentials (passwords set at first boot)

  • Webmin, SSH, MySQL: username root
  • Adminer: username adminer
  • Observium: username admin


Observium - Network Management and Monitoring



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