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TKLDev - TurnKey Development Toolchain and Build System

TKLDev is the mother of all TurnKey apps. It's used to give birth to all TurnKey apps, including new versions of itself. It's designed to make simple things simple, and hard things possible. It's a self-contained build system that can be used to rapidly prototype and repeatably build any generic Debian-based Linux distribution or TurnKey GNU/Linux system from source.

To get started read the documentation. Read the blog post announcing TKLDev for the background story.

This appliance includes all the standard features in TurnKey Core, and on top of that:

  • Includes a fast copy-on-write build toolchain based on GNU make, fab, and deck.
  • Turnkey development directory structure with preconfigured CDPATH.
  • Integrated caching proxy for fast and iterative development.
  • Full usage and development documentation.

Example build sources

Credentials (passwords set at first boot)

  • SSH: username root


TKLDev - TurnKey appliance development infrastructure


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