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optimize wait times for how long it takes Amazon to launch a server

test benchmarks:

    small server
        launched in us-east-1
            69 seconds with a minimal backup
            40 seconds without a backup

        launched in eu-west-1
            53 seconds

    micro server
        launched in us-east-1
            47 seconds without a backup
            66 with a minimal backup
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1 parent a8936bb commit 3d32331395911c0b94f4c64348340a325c9d23c0 @lirazsiri lirazsiri committed Aug 5, 2011
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@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ class Hub:
class Error(Exception):
- def __init__(self, apikey, wait_first=5, wait_status=5, wait_retry=5, retries=2):
+ def __init__(self, apikey, wait_first=30, wait_status=10, wait_retry=5, retries=2):
self.apikey = apikey
self.wait_first = wait_first

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