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TurnKey Linux Artwork
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TurnKey Linux Artwork


We've put together some assets for those times when you want to do something awesome, such as:

  • Using a TKL logo in a blog post or news article about TurnKey Linux or the TurnKey Hub.
  • Using a TKL logo on your website showing support for the project, or if you are a TKL partner.
  • Using a TKL logo to advertise your product was built on TurnKey.


GIMP templates are available for creating TurnKey appliance logos and screenshots to be included in new appliances developed with TKLDev.

Appliance logos

  • Size: 106x111
  • Format: PNG (with transparent background)
  • Naming convention: APPLIANCE/.art/logo.png
  • Each appliance logo should have a unique background color:
    • Duplicate the layer called color, and select it.
    • In the menubar, select Colors then Colorize.
    • Experiment with different settings for Hue, Saturation and Lightness.

When using a company or projects logo, please abide by their terms of use, guidelines and trademark policy when relevant.

Appliance screenshots

  • Size: 640x480
  • Format: PNG (with transparent background)
  • Naming convention: APPLIANCE/.art/:screenshot_description.png
  • The screenshot description should be in lower case and separated with underscores. It is used as the title on the TurnKey website, for example:
    • Filename: wordpress/images/add_new_post.png
    • Title: Wordpress - Add new post
  • For detailed instructions please see docs/screenshots.rst

Each appliance should include at least 3 screenshots.

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