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bin fix BT path in bin/clean Jul 18, 2018
config.example add example docker.cfg to config.example May 1, 2018
contrib fixed copyright/licensing Feb 16, 2015
docs Merge pull request #22 from vondrt4/openstack-work Mar 31, 2017
templates added ovf-productinfo template (used by bin/vm-bundle) May 29, 2017
tests added bin/parse-appname-version with corresponding test Feb 15, 2017
.gitignore removed sensitive configuration files Feb 16, 2015
bt-container don't give non-zero exit if not published Jul 5, 2018
bt-docker bt-docker - always mark_as_latest if publish Jul 17, 2018
bt-ec2 Modifications to make xen work May 25, 2018
bt-iso Revert "TEMP: hardcode mirror IP (workaround unsynced mirror missing … May 23, 2018
bt-openstack cleanup .img file Jun 15, 2018
bt-openstack-ami Modifications to make xen work May 25, 2018
bt-optimized bt-optimized --publish: don't auto bin/clean if BT_DEBUG set Jun 15, 2018
bt-vm add bin/vm-setup Jul 18, 2018