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Setup notes for TurnKey TKLDev
setup and dependencies
buildtasks ::
git clone $GH/turnkeylinux/buildtasks /turnkey/buildtasks
apt-get install tklpatch python-pip
pip install awscli
bt-iso ::
git clone $GH/turnkeylinux/tklbam-profiles /turnkey/tklbam-profiles
bt-ec2 ::
apt-get install parted ec2metadata
pip install boto
bt-openstack ::
apt-get install parted ec2metadata mbr qemu kpartx extlinux
pip install boto
bt-vm ::
# vmware ovftool
apt-get install qemu parted kpartx grub-pc zip
bt-docker ::
apt-get install aufs-tools
bt-xen ::
apt-get install bzip2
config files
# Copy the example config files into place:
cp -a config.example config
# Then adjust them as appropriate. For basic local building, you only need to
# adjust common.cfg (you can skip the BT_PUBLISH_* variables).
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