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v0.9.4 Release Notes

- upgraded d-i source code

- added lvm partitioning support (set as default, 90% free for snapshots)
- removed rootpass component (handled on firstboot)
- redirect stderr of system calls to log file
- eject and display prompt to user (if post install)
- misc bugfixes


v0.9.3 Release Notes

- upgraded all d-i source code for Lucid compatibility.

- updated build depends.
- updated depends: grub -> grub-pc (ie. grub2).
- including block-attr (required by partman).
- allow weak passwords (annoying, UX is wrong).

- re-applied bugfixes to updated code.
    - guided partitioning loops endlessly.
    - user-setup OVERRIDE_ROOT_PASSWORD, paths.
    - replaced casper/filesystem.size test.
    - partman di-live templates.

- bugfix: removed alignment tags from partman (requires cdebconf).
- bugfix: d-i template compilation.
- bugfix: removed partman early_command (currently no preseed support).


v0.9.2 Release Notes

* removed ad-hoc templates, replaced with generic templates:

    - created generic di-live/password* templates with subst description
    - created generic get-string template

* created generic Debconf class

    - high level wrapper to ask for debconf input/password
    - cleaner code, remove duplication, flexible
    - debconf instance was interfering with main debconf instance


v0.9.1 Release Notes

* manual partitioning IFS bugfixi (took me ages to track down this bug)

    - Due to IFS issues, the user choice RET was not matched up with
      the available choices, so the choice key could not be returned.
      So, by default it would return the RET itself, which would result
      in a plugin error.

    - The plugin error would result in ask_user returning a failed
      exitcode, which in turn result in a "No root filesystem" message.

* execute live-installer hooks in target chroot

      - cleaner code
      - allows hook scripts to be executed in live system as well

* start the installer prior to single user mode

      - doesn't make sense to run the demo functions if the user selects
        running the installer from the boot menu

      - the system takes longer to boot, uses up more memory and worst of
        all, it opens a window of vulnerability

      - it is highly recommended to include the kernel param "single" when
        specifying di-live, so the system won't continue loading by default
        post installation

* templates

    - changed reboot default to true
    - added mysql password templates
    - added postgresql password templates

* replaced overly verbose password messages

* imported DeconfPass related code common (used by mysql and pgsql)


release notes for v0.9.1


v0.9 Release Notes

This is a beta release which is nonetheless feature complete as
originally designed.  v1.0 will be released after more rigorous
testing (and potential bugfixes/tweaks) in a production setting.
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