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With these changes this is working for a current canonical AMI.

It's possible that the old 85-ebsmount.rules EC2 sd[f-p] rules should remain alongside the new ones, for compatibility with older AMIs.

I've added a little more logging, and the log time is helpful when diagnosing startup issues.

It makes sense to set RUNHOOKS true by default. Makes one less thing to forget when creating scripts.

The hooks directory was under the mountpoint. It's more useful being in the parent.

Turns out we wanted the old behaviour after all. Testing this with line 38 reverted.
This puts the scripts ON the device that's mounted, so that IT has chance to say where it will mount, or that some maintenance processes must be run.


JedMeister commented Jul 10, 2017

I just spotted this. Sorry that you never had any response on this. FWIW, these repos aren't watched closely (unless there's an issue). FWIW in future, can you please post an issue on our consolidated tracker cross referencing any pull requests. That way it won't get missed. Cheers.

@JedMeister JedMeister closed this Jul 10, 2017

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