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Dec 27, 2010


v0.94 Release Notes

* refactored/bugfix config.runhooks check and output to log if not set
Dec 26, 2010


v0.93 Release Notes

* Disabled execution of hooks by default (security).

    - To enable, set RUNHOOKS=True in /etc/ebsmount.conf
    - Additionally, hook scripts won't be executed if they are not owned
      by root (uid and gid).

* MOUNTPOINT is set in environment for hook scripts usage (convenience).

* Added ext4 to FILESYSTEMS so it's supported out of the box.

* Removed EBSMOUNT_CONF envvar support (left over from testing).
Jun 16, 2010


v0.92 Release Notes

* added GPL and updated copyright
Jun 14, 2010


v0.91 Release Notes

* Added Eucalypus support.

  - DEVPATHS have been added to ebsmount.conf

* Mountpoint has changed:

  - OLD: $(MOUNTDIR)/$(basename PHYSDEVPATH)/$(FS_UUID)[:4]
  - NEW: $(MOUNTDIR)/$(FS_UUID)[:6]

* Hooking script fixes:

  - Removed --exit-on-error
  - Fixed run-parts environment

* Cleaned up Makefile:

  - Support full package installation via Makefile.
  - Dynamic PATH_BIN substitution in udev rules.
  - Updated udev rules path for Karmic+
  - Removed dist target.

* Updated packaging and added manpages for lintian compliance.

* Misc bugfixes and refactoring.
Apr 8, 2010


v0.9 Release Notes

This is a beta release which is none-the-less feature complete
as originally designed.  v1.0 will be released after more
rigorous testing (and potential bugfixes/tweaks) in a production
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