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  • v1.2

    v1.2 Release Notes
    * added default headers to API class (we expect json)
    * bugfix: catch pycurl exceptions and wrap in pycurl_wrapper.API.Error
    * improve readability of exception errors
    * set custom useragent (API usage stats by appliance)
  • v1.1

    v1.1 Release Notes
    * deprecated old Curl() API
    * created new api classes: Client (persistent handle) and API
    * support timeouts
    * bugfixes:
      - replaced pycurl.DELETEFIELDS by setting attrs in URI
      - bugfix: convert URL to str (e.g., unicode is not supported)
  • v1.0

    v1.0 Release Notes
    * Initial release of pycurl-wrapper providing a simplified wrapper
      for python-pycurl.
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