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Copyright (c) 2006-2009 Mitch Garnaat <>

Boto is a Python package that provides interfaces to Amazon Web Services.
At the moment, boto supports:

 * S3 (Simple Storage Service) via the REST API
 * SQS (SimpleQueue Service) via the Query API
 * EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) via the Query API
 * Mechanical Turk via the Query API
 * SimpleDB via the Query API.
 * CloudFront via the REST API
 * CloudWatch via the Query API
 * AutoScale via the Query API
 * Elastic Load Balancer via the Query API

The intent is to support additional services in the future.

The goal of boto is to provide a very simple, easy to use, lightweight
wrapper around the Amazon services.  Not all features supported by the
Amazon Web Services will be supported in boto.  Basically, those
features I need to do what I want to do are supported first.  Other
features and requests are welcome and will be accomodated to the best
of my ability.  Patches and contributions are welcome!

Boto was written using Python 2.5.1 on Mac OSX.  It has also been tested
on Linux Ubuntu using Python 2.5.1.  Boto requires no additional
libraries or packages other than those that are distributed with Python 2.5.1.
Efforts are made to keep boto compatible with Python 2.4.x but no
guarantees are made.  Boto should also run on Python 2.6, albeit with
a few deprecation warnings.

There is some documentation for boto, mainly in the form of tutorials.
Check in the doc directory of the distribution.  You can also check out
the unit tests in the tests directory of the distribution for examples of use.

You AWS credentials can be passed into the methods that create S3 and SQS
connections.  Alternatively, boto will check for the existance of the
following environment variables to ascertain your credentials:

AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY - Your AWS Secret Access Key


Rather than list changes in the README file, I have decided to refer people to the
excellent subversion browsing available on googlecode.