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 <TITLE>Squid 2.7.STABLE9 release notes</TITLE>
<H1>Squid 2.7.STABLE9 release notes</H1>

<H2>Squid Developers</H2>$Id: release.html,v 2010/03/14 21:40:46 hno Exp $
<EM>This document contains the release notes for version 2.7 of Squid.
Squid is a WWW Cache application developed by the Web Caching community.</EM>
<H2><A NAME="toc1">1.</A> <A HREF="#s1">Key changes from squid 2.6</A></H2>

<H2><A NAME="toc2">2.</A> <A HREF="#s2">Changes to squid.conf</A></H2>

<LI><A NAME="toc2.1">2.1</A> <A HREF="#ss2.1">Added directives</A>
<LI><A NAME="toc2.2">2.2</A> <A HREF="#ss2.2">Changed directives</A>
<LI><A NAME="toc2.3">2.3</A> <A HREF="#ss2.3">Removed directives</A>
<H2><A NAME="toc3">3.</A> <A HREF="#s3">Known issues &amp; limitations</A></H2>

<LI><A NAME="toc3.1">3.1</A> <A HREF="#ss3.1">Known issues</A>
<LI><A NAME="toc3.2">3.2</A> <A HREF="#ss3.2">Known limitations</A>
<H2><A NAME="toc4">4.</A> <A HREF="#s4">Windows support</A></H2>

<LI><A NAME="toc4.1">4.1</A> <A HREF="#ss4.1">Usage</A>
<LI><A NAME="toc4.2">4.2</A> <A HREF="#ss4.2">PSAPI.DLL (Process Status Helper) Considerations</A>
<LI><A NAME="toc4.3">4.3</A> <A HREF="#ss4.3">Registry DNS lookup</A>
<LI><A NAME="toc4.4">4.4</A> <A HREF="#ss4.4">Compatibility Notes</A>
<LI><A NAME="toc4.5">4.5</A> <A HREF="#ss4.5">Known Limitations</A>
<LI><A NAME="toc4.6">4.6</A> <A HREF="#ss4.6">Using cache manager on Windows</A>
<H2><A NAME="toc5">5.</A> <A HREF="#s5">Key changes in squid-2.7.STABLE2</A></H2>

<H2><A NAME="toc6">6.</A> <A HREF="#s6">Key changes in squid-2.7.STABLE3</A></H2>

<H2><A NAME="toc7">7.</A> <A HREF="#s7">Key changes in squid-2.7.STABLE4</A></H2>

<H2><A NAME="toc8">8.</A> <A HREF="#s8">Key changes in squid-2.7.STABLE5</A></H2>

<H2><A NAME="toc9">9.</A> <A HREF="#s9">Key changes in squid-2.7.STABLE6</A></H2>

<H2><A NAME="toc10">10.</A> <A HREF="#s10">Key changes in squid-2.7.STABLE7</A></H2>

<H2><A NAME="toc11">11.</A> <A HREF="#s11">Key changes in squid-2.7.STABLE8</A></H2>

<H2><A NAME="toc12">12.</A> <A HREF="#s12">Key changes in squid-2.7.STABLE9</A></H2>

<H2><A NAME="s1">1.</A> <A HREF="#toc1">Key changes from squid 2.6</A></H2>

<P>This section describes the main news since the 2.6 release</P>
<LI>Experimental support for HTTP/1.1, mainly targeted at reverse proxy
installations. Not yet HTTP/1.1 compliant hoewever.</LI>
<LI>A number of performance improvements; including request/reply parser,
eliminating various redundant data copies and some completely rewritten
<LI>Support for WAIS has been removed.</LI>
<LI>"act-as-origin" option for http_port - Squid can now emulate an origin
server when acting as an accelerator.</LI>
<LI>"min-size" option for cache_dir - the minimum object size to store in
a cache directory. Previously objects of any size up to a "max-size"
maximum size would be considered as candidated for storing in a store_dir;
this option allows the administrator to tune various stores for small
and large objects rather than trying to tune it for both.</LI>
<LI>Support for Solaris /dev/poll for network IO - more efficient than
poll() or select() and backwards compatible to Solaris 7. This must
be manually enabled during configure by specifying "--enable-devpoll".</LI>
<LI>Support for FreeBSD accept filters. Use "accept_filter httpready"
in squid.conf to enable this.</LI>
<LI>A semi-modular logging framework has been introduced, which both
allows for more efficient non-blocking logging with the supplied logging
daemon, but also allows for third-party modules to intercept the squid
logs and process them. An example "UDP" logging helper, thanks to the
Wikimedia Foundation, is included.</LI>
<LI>Support for rewriting URLs into canonical forms when storing and retrieving
objects. A common practice seen in Content Delivery Networks is to serve
the same content from a variety of different URLs or hosts; this makes
efficient caching difficult. The store URL rewriting framework allows the
administrator to rewrite a variety of URLs into one canonical form, so
matching content from a variety of sources can be stored and retrieved
as if they came from the same source, whilst still fetching the content
from the original destination.

See the "storeurl_rewrite_program" option for more information, and for some examples.</LI>
<LI>Object revalidation can now occur in the background. Cache validation can
now occur in the background without requiring an active client to drive it.
Stale content being revalidated can be served in situ whilst the object
is being refreshed. See the "max_stale" and "refresh_pattern" options for more
<LI>introduce a new option, "zero_buffers", which controls whether Squid will
zero the memory used for buffers and other data structures before use.
This may or may not improve performance on specific workloads.</LI>
<LI>Cache authentication based on source IP address. This reduces the pressure
on external authenticators which may not be able to keep up under high load -
NTLM/winbind is a good example of this. See the "authenticate_ip_shortcircuit_access"
and "authenticate_ip_shortcircuit_ttl" options for more information.</LI>
<LI>Support for configuration file includes has been added. "include" can now be
used to include a configuration file or a glob of configuration files in a
<LI>The default rules to not cache dynamic content from cgi-bin and query URLs
have been altered. Previously, the "cache" ACL was used to mark requests
as non-cachable - this is enforced even on dynamic content which returns
cachability information. This has changed in Squid-2.7 to use the default
refresh pattern. Dynamic content is now cached if it is marked as cachable.
You should remove the default configuration lines with QUERY (acl, and cache)
and replace them with the correct refresh_pattern entries.</LI>
<LI>Accelerator mode support cleaned up to behave more consistent when
combining multiple accelerator mode options</LI>
<LI>Zero Penalty Hit support, allowing cache misses to be marked by custom
TOS/priority values, useful when using packet shaping/prioritization
outside Squid and needing to separate cache hits from misses.</LI>

<H2><A NAME="s2">2.</A> <A HREF="#toc2">Changes to squid.conf</A></H2>

<P>This release has a number of changes and additions to squid.conf</P>

<H2><A NAME="ss2.1">2.1</A> <A HREF="#toc2.1">Added directives</A>

<DT><B>acl myportname</B><DD>
<P>new acl matching the incoming port name</P>


<P>controls the new IP based authentication cache.</P>





<P>controls the Zero Penalty Hit support</P>

<P>optimization to skip updating on-disk headers</P>

<P>new log file daemon support</P>

<P>sas hardcoded to the first cache_dir</P>




<P>controls the new store URL rewrite functionality</P>


<P>controls the new builtin URL rewrite functionality</P>



<P>Experimental HTTP/1.1 support knobs</P>

<P>new helper to allow custom cache validations in accelerator setups</P>

<P>optimization mainly targeted for accelerator setups</P>
<P>can now be set runtime. Was previously hardcoded at build time and further limited by ulimit</P>
<P>optimization to avoid waking Squid up until a request has been received</P>
<P>new tuning knob for high traffic conditions</P>
<P>tuning knob to disable a new optimization</P>

<H2><A NAME="ss2.2">2.2</A> <A HREF="#toc2.2">Changed directives</A>

<P>Suggested defaults modified</P>
<P>the "read-only" option has been renamed to "no-store" to better reflect the functionality</P>
<P>new multicast-siblings option, enabling multicast ICP sibling relations</P>
<P>new idle=n option to keep a minimum pool of idle connections</P>
<P>new http11 option to enable experimental HTTP/1.1 support</P>
<P>New %URI format tag</P>
<P>Suggested defaults cleaned up, defines a new "localnet" acl with RFC1918 addresses</P>
<P>new "myportname" acl type matching the http_port name</P>
<P>Suggested defaults cleaned up, now requires configuration to use ICP</P>
<P>Suggested defaults cleaned up, now requires configuration to use HTCP</P>
<P>Suggested defaults cleaned up, using a new "localnet" acl.</P>
<P>Accelerator mode options cleaned up (accel, defaultsite, vport, vhost and combinations thereof)</P>
<P>new "allow-direct" option</P>
<P>new "act-as-origin" option</P>
<P>new "http11" option (experimental)</P>
<P>new "name=" option</P>
<P>nee "keepalive=" option</P>
<P>See http_port.</P>
<P>New format codes: oa (Our outgoing IP address), rp (Request URL-Path), sn (Unique sequence number)</P>
<P>Several new options: stale-while-revalidate, ignore-stale-while-revalidate, max-stale, negative-ttl</P>
<P>Suggested defaults adjusted to match the changes in the cache directive.</P>
<P>Future protocol change adding key=value pairs after the requests</P>
<P>Has several new modes, allowing one to finetune how/if the requesting
client IP should be forwarded in X-Forwarded-For</P>

<H2><A NAME="ss2.3">2.3</A> <A HREF="#toc2.3">Removed directives</A>






<P>the above tuning knobs no longer have any effect and has been removed.</P>

<H2><A NAME="s3">3.</A> <A HREF="#toc3">Known issues &amp; limitations</A></H2>

<P>There is a few known issues and limitations in this release of Squid</P>

<H2><A NAME="ss3.1">3.1</A> <A HREF="#toc3.1">Known issues</A>

<LI>Bug <a href="">#2248</a> storeurl_rewrite mismatched when object stored on memory</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#2112</a> Squid does not send If-None-Match tag for cache revalidation</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#2160</a> Cache hits on objects with headers &gt; 4KB</LI>

<H2><A NAME="ss3.2">3.2</A> <A HREF="#toc3.2">Known limitations</A>

<LI>Bug <a href="">#1059</a>: mime.conf and referenced icons must be within chroot</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#692</a>: tcp_outgoing_address using an ident ACL does not work</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#581</a>: acl max_user_ip and multiple authentication schemes</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#528</a>: miss_access fails on "slow" acl types such as dst.</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#513</a>: squid -F is starting server sockets to early</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#457</a>: does not handle swap.state corruption properly</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#410</a>: unstable if runs out of disk space</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#355</a>: diskd may appear slow on low loads</LI>

<H2><A NAME="s4">4.</A> <A HREF="#toc4">Windows support</A></H2>

<P>This Squid version can run on Windows as a system service using the Cygwin emulation environment,
or can be compiled in Windows native mode using the MinGW + MSYS development environment. Windows NT 4 SP4 and later are supported.</P>
<P>On Windows 2000 and later the service is configured to use the Windows Service Recovery option
restarting automatically after 60 seconds.</P>

<H2><A NAME="ss4.1">4.1</A> <A HREF="#toc4.1">Usage</A>

<P>Some new command line options was added for the Windows service support:</P>
<P>The service installation is made with -i command line switch, it's possible to use -f switch at
the same time for specify a different config-file settings for the Squid Service that will be
stored on the Windows Registry.</P>
<P>A new -n switch specify the Windows Service Name, so multiple Squid instance are allowed.
<EM>"Squid"</EM> is the default when the switch is not used.</P>
<P>So, to install the service, the syntax is: </P>

squid -i [-f file] [-n name]
<P>Service uninstallation is made with -r command line switch with the appropriate -n switch.</P>
<P>The -k switch family must be used with the appropriate -f and -n switches, so the syntax is: </P>
squid -k command [-f file] -n service-name

where <EM>service-name</EM> is the name specified with -n options at service install time.</P>
<P>To use the Squid original command line, the new -O switch must be used ONCE, the syntax is: </P>
squid -O cmdline [-n service-name]

If multiple service command line options must be specified, use quote. The -n switch is
needed only when a non default service name is in use.</P>
<P>Don't use the "Start parameters" in the Windows 2000/XP/2003 Service applet: they are
specific to Windows services functionality and Squid is not designed for understand they.</P>
<P>In the following example the command line of the "squidsvc" Squid service is set to "-D -u 3130": </P>
squid -O "-D -u 3130" -n squidsvc

<H2><A NAME="ss4.2">4.2</A> <A HREF="#toc4.2">PSAPI.DLL (Process Status Helper) Considerations</A>

<P>The process status helper functions make it easier for you to obtain information about
processes and device drivers running on Microsoft® Windows NT®/Windows® 2000. These
functions are available in PSAPI.DLL, which is distributed in the Microsoft® Platform
Software Development Kit (SDK). The same information is generally available through the
performance data in the registry, but it is more difficult to get to it. PSAPI.DLL is
freely redistributable.</P>
<P>PSAPI.DLL is available only on Windows NT, 2000, XP and 2003. The implementation in Squid is
aware of this, and try to use it only on the right platform.</P>
<P>On Windows NT PSAPI.DLL can be found as component of many applications, if you need it,
you can find it on Windows NT Resource KIT. If you have problem, it can be
downloaded from here:
<A HREF=""></A></P>
<P>On Windows 2000 and later it is available installing the Windows Support Tools, located on the
Support\Tools folder of the installation Windows CD-ROM.</P>

<H2><A NAME="ss4.3">4.3</A> <A HREF="#toc4.3">Registry DNS lookup</A>

<P>On Windows platforms, if no value is specified in the <EM>dns_nameservers</EM> option on
squid.conf or in the /etc/resolv.conf file, the list of DNS name servers are
taken from the Windows registry, both static and dynamic DHCP configurations
are supported.</P>

<H2><A NAME="ss4.4">4.4</A> <A HREF="#toc4.4">Compatibility Notes</A>

<LI>It's recommended to use '/' char in Squid paths instead of '\'</LI>
<LI>Paths with spaces (like 'C:\Programs Files\Squid) are NOT supported by Squid</LI>
<LI>Include wildcard patterns in squid.conf are NOT supported on Windows</LI>
<LI>When using ACL like 'acl aclname acltype "file"' the file must be in DOS text
format (CR+LF) and the full Windows path must be specified, for example:

acl blocklist url_regex -i "c:/squid/etc/blocked1.txt"

<LI>The Windows equivalent of '/dev/null' is 'NUL'</LI>
<LI>Squid doesn't know how to run external helpers based on scripts, like .bat, .cmd,
.vbs, .pl, etc. So in squid.conf the interpreter path must be always specified, for example:

redirect_program c:/perl/bin/perl.exe c:/squid/libexec/
redirect_program c:/winnt/system32/cmd.exe /C c:/squid/libexec/redir.cmd
<LI>When Squid runs in command line mode, the launching user account must have administrative privilege on the system</LI>
<LI>"Start parameters" in the Windows 2000/XP/2003 Service applet cannot be used</LI>
<LI>Building with MinGW, when the configure option --enable-truncate is used, Squid cannot run on Windows NT, only Windows 2000 and later are supported</LI>
<LI>On Windows Vista and later, User Account Control (UAC) must be disabled before running service installation</LI>

<H2><A NAME="ss4.5">4.5</A> <A HREF="#toc4.5">Known Limitations</A>

<LI>DISKD: still needs to be ported</LI>
<LI>WCCP: cannot work because user space GRE support on Windows is missing</LI>
<LI>Transparent Proxy: missing Windows non commercial interception driver</LI>
<LI>Some code sections can make blocking calls.</LI>
<LI>Some external helpers may not work.</LI>
<LI>File Descriptors number hard-limited to 2048 when building with MinGW.</LI>

<H2><A NAME="ss4.6">4.6</A> <A HREF="#toc4.6">Using cache manager on Windows</A>

<P>On Windows, cache manager (cachemgr.cgi) can be used with Microsoft IIS or Apache.
Some specific configuration could be needed:</P>

<H3>IIS 6 (Windows 2003)</H3>

<P>On IIS 6.0 all CGI extensions are denied by default for security reason, so the following configuration is needed:</P>
<LI>Create a cgi-bin Directory</LI>
<LI>Define the cgi-bin IIS Virtual Directory with read and CGI execute IIS
permissions, ASP scripts are not needed. This automatically defines a
cgi-bin IIS web application </LI>
<LI>Copy cachemgr.cgi into cgi-bin directory and look to file permissions:
the IIS system account and SYSTEM must be able to read and execute the file</LI>
<LI>In IIS manager go to Web Service extensions and add a new Web Service
Extension called <EM>"Squid Cachemgr"</EM>, add the cachemgr.cgi file and set the
extension status to <EM>Allowed</EM></LI>


<P>On Windows, cachemgr.cgi needs to create a temporary file, so Apache must be instructed
to pass the TMP and TEMP Windows environment variables to CGI applications:
ScriptAlias /squid/cgi-bin/ "c:/squid/libexec/"
&lt;Location /squid/cgi-bin/cachemgr.cgi&gt;
    PassEnv TMP TEMP
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from

<H2><A NAME="s5">5.</A> <A HREF="#toc5">Key changes in squid-2.7.STABLE2</A></H2>

<LI>Compile error if --enable-delaypools used</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#1893</a>: Variant invalidation support removed again, caused a lot content to not get cached.</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#2350</a>: Linux Capabilities version mismatch causing startup crash on newer kernels</LI>
<LI>See also the list of
<A HREF="">squid-2.7.STABLE2 changes</A> and the
<A HREF="ChangeLog">ChangeLog</A> file for details.</LI>

<H2><A NAME="s6">6.</A> <A HREF="#toc6">Key changes in squid-2.7.STABLE3</A></H2>

<LI>Byg #2376: Round-Robin peer selection becomes unbalanced when a peer dies and comes back</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#2122</a>: Private information leakage in collapsed_forwarding</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#1993</a>: Memory leak in http_reply_access deny processing</LI>
<LI>Fix SNMP reporting of counters with a value > 0xFF80000</LI>
<LI>Reject ridiculously large ASN.1 lengths</LI>
<LI>Off by one error in DNS label decompression could cause valid DNS messages to be rejected</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#2241</a>: weights not applied properly in round-robin peer selection</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#2192</a>: http_port ... vport broken by recent changes in how accelerator mode deals with port numbers</LI>
<LI>Fix build error on Solaris using gcc and --with-large-files</LI>
<LI>Windows port: new option for control of IP address changes notification in squid.conf</LI>
<LI>See also the list of
<A HREF="">squid-2.7.STABLE3 changes</A> and the
<A HREF="ChangeLog">ChangeLog</A> file for details.</LI>

<H2><A NAME="s7">7.</A> <A HREF="#toc7">Key changes in squid-2.7.STABLE4</A></H2>

<LI>Bug <a href="">#2393</a>: DNS retransmit queue could get hold up</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#2408</a>: assertion failed: forward.c:529: "fs"</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#2414</a>: assertion failed: forward.c:110: "!EBIT_TEST(e->flags, ENTRY_FWD_HDR_WAIT)"</LI>
<LI>Workaround for Linux-2.6.24 &amp; 2.6.25 netfiler_ipv4.h include header __u32 problem</LI>
<LI>Make dns_nameserver work when using --disable-internal-dns on glibc based systems</LI>
<LI>Handle aborted objects properly. The change in 2.7.STABLE3 triggered a number of issues.</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#2406</a>: access.log logs rewritten URL and strip_query_terms ineffective</LI>
<LI>See also the list of
<A HREF="">squid-2.7.STABLE4 changes</A> and the
<A HREF="ChangeLog">ChangeLog</A> file for details.</LI>

<H2><A NAME="s8">8.</A> <A HREF="#toc8">Key changes in squid-2.7.STABLE5</A></H2>

<LI>Bug <a href="">#2441</a>: Shut down store url rewrite helpers on squid -k reconfigure</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#2464</a>: assertion failed: sc->new_callback == NULL at store_client.c:190</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#2394</a>: add upgrade_http0.9 option making it possible to disable upgrade of HTTP/0.9 responses</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#2426</a>: Increase negotiate auth token buffer size</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#2468</a>: Limit stale-if-error to 500-504 responses</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#2477</a>: swap.state permission issues if crashing during "squid -k reconfigure"</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#2430</a>: Old headers sometimes still returned after a cache validation</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#2481</a>: Don't set expires: now in generated error responses</LI>
<LI>Windows port: Fix build error using latest MinGW runtime.</LI>
<LI>See also the list of
<A HREF="">squid-2.7.STABLE5 changes</A> and the
<A HREF="ChangeLog">ChangeLog</A> file for details.</LI>

<H2><A NAME="s9">9.</A> <A HREF="#toc9">Key changes in squid-2.7.STABLE6</A></H2>

<LI>Crash on certain invalid HTTP messages</LI>
<LI>Correct latency measurements</LI>
<LI>Various documentation fixes</LI>
<LI>See also the list of
<A HREF="">squid-2.7.STABLE6 changes</A> and the
<A HREF="ChangeLog">ChangeLog</A> file for details.</LI>

<H2><A NAME="s10">10.</A> <A HREF="#toc10">Key changes in squid-2.7.STABLE7</A></H2>

<LI>Hang in 100% CPU if using external_acl_type or access_log format %{header:;item}</LI>
<LI> false positives under certain conditions</LI>
<LI>several memory leaks fixed</LI>
<LI>documentation corrections</LI>
<LI>Max URL size increased to 8192</LI>
<LI>And many other minor bugfixes</LI>
<LI>See also the list of
<A HREF="">squid-2.7.STABLE7 changes</A> and the
<A HREF="ChangeLog">ChangeLog</A> file for details.</LI>

<H2><A NAME="s11">11.</A> <A HREF="#toc11">Key changes in squid-2.7.STABLE8</A></H2>

<LI>Bug <a href="">#2858</a>: Segment violation in HTCP</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#2773</a>: Segfault in RFC2069 Digest authantication</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#2845</a>: Crashes on malformed Digest authentication</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#2367</a>: Incorrect stale=true/false indications in Digest auth
causing random auth popups.</LI>
<LI>Improve %nn parser to better deal with certain odd %nn sequences</LI>
<LI>Handle DNS header-only packets as invalid. (CVE-2010-0308)</LI>
<LI>Bug <a href="">#2678</a> - storeurl_rewrite does not play nicely with vary</LI>
<LI>And many other minor bugfixes</LI>
<LI>See also the list of
<A HREF="">squid-2.7.STABLE8 changes</A> and the
<A HREF="ChangeLog">ChangeLog</A> file for details.</LI>

<H2><A NAME="s12">12.</A> <A HREF="#toc12">Key changes in squid-2.7.STABLE9</A></H2>

<P>This release has portability fixes only. No change in functionality.</P>
<LI>OpenSSL related compilation issue on some systems introduced
in 2.7.STABLE8.</LI>
<LI>configure failed to detect certain system libraries on some
systems, resulting in compilation failures either in Squid or helpers.</LI>
<LI>See also the list of
<A HREF="">squid-2.7.STABLE9 changes</A> and the
<A HREF="ChangeLog">ChangeLog</A> file for details.</LI>

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