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Changes to squid-2.7.STABLE9 (15 March 2010)
- 2.7.STABLE8 failed to compile with OpenSSL 0.9.8 on some systems
- failure to detect certain system libraries on some systems
resulting in compilation errors
Changes to squid-2.7.STABLE8 (10 March 2010)
- Bug #2458: reply_body_max_size incorrectly documented
- Bug #2858: Segment violation in HTCP
- Bug #2773: Segfault in RFC2069 Digest authantication
- 64-bit filesize issue in squidclient if trying to post a file > 2GB
- Improve %nn parser to better deal with certain odd %nn sequences
- Segmentation fault if failed to open cache.log
- Bug #2819: const correctness errors in dns_internal.c
- Handle DNS header-only packets as invalid. (CVE-2010-0308)
- Windows port: Updated mswin_ad_group native helper to version 2.1
- Cosmetic change to keep GCC happy
- Bug #2678 - storeurl_rewrite does not play nicely with vary
- Bug #2861 - only-if-cached request blocks if it collapsed into
another request
- Use libcap functions instead of raw kernel interface
- No need to sync the store on -k rotate, but instead it needs to be
done in reconfigure
- const correctness in OpenSSL initialization
- Rework the http digest auth parser
Changes to squid-2.7.STABLE7 (17 September 2009)
- Bug #2661 - Solaris /dev/poll support broken with EINVAL
- Clarify external_acl_type %{Header} documentation slightly
- Bug #2482: Remove mem_obj->old_entry in async code to avoid deep ctx
- GCC-4.x cleanups
- Bug #2605: Don't call setsid() on helper childs when running in
daemon mode
- Windows port: Fix PSAPI.DLL usage, is always available on Windows NT
and later
- Windows port: Added support for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2
and later
- Bug #2602: increase MAX_URL to 8192
- The debug mode option '-d' was not documented in LDAP helpers usage
- Windows port: Added a note about installation on Windows Vista and
- Bug #2642: Remove duplicate peerMonitorInit() on reconfigure
- Bug #2515: Final chunk parsing errors on FreeBSD6+
- Bug #2647: Reprioritise override-* and stale-while-revalidate
- Windows port: Fix improper access permissions to registry and DNS
parsing from registry
- Windows port: Fix getservbyname() usage abuse.
- Bug #2672: cacheMemMaxSize 32-bit overflow during snmpwalk
- Bug #2691: store_url memory leak
- Accept PUT/POST requests without an entity-body
- Plug request_t + HttpStateData memory leak on PUT/POST requests with
early response
- Bug #2710: squid_kerb_auth non-terminated string
- Bug #2369: squid traffic counter 32-bit overflow
- Bug #2080: - false positive under certain conditions
- Bug #2739: DNS resolver option ndots can't be parsed from
- Windows port: fix mswin_negotiate_auth.exe crash when executing a
LocalCall authentication with verbose deBug #enabled
- Add as an to_localhost address
- Windows port: Update mswin_check_ad_group to version 2.0
- Windows port: There is no "-P" command line option into
mswin_check_ad_group helper.
- Correct Valgrind mempool protection
- Bug #2451: Correct length handling on 304 responses
- Bug #2541: Hang in 100% CPU loop while extacting header details
using a delimiter other than comma (external_acl_type,
access_log_format, external_refresh_check)
- Bug #2768 - squid_ldap_group -K argument parsing error
Changes to squid-2.7.STABLE6 (4 February 2009)
- Bug #2494: Fix tproxy url in configure
- Correct latency measurements
- Correct upgrade_http0.9 example
- Correct parsing of invalid http version numbers
- Crossreference authenticate_ip_shortcircuit_access and
- Add in some better documentation for override-expire.
Changes to squid-2.7.STABLE5 (17 October 2008)
- Bug #2439: configuration file contains non-ASCII characters
- Bug #2441: Shut down store url rewrite helpers on squid -k
- foreground rebuild should do all of the rebuilding before Squid
accepts requests.
- Bug #2464: assertion failed: sc->new_callback == NULL at
- Bug #2394: add upgrade_http0.9 option making it possible to disable
upgrade of HTTP/0.9 responses
- Bug #2426: Increase negotiate auth token buffer size
- Bug #2468: Limit stale-if-error to 500-504 responses
- Bug #2477: swap.state permission issues if crashing during "squid -k
- Bug #2430: Old headers still returned after a cache validation if
the request triggering the cache validation was itself a
If-Modified-Since request.
- Bug #2481: Don't set expires: now in generated error responses
- Windows port: Fix build error using latest MinGW runtime.
Changes to squid-2.7.STABLE4 (8 August 2008)
- Bug #2387: The calculation of the number of hash buckets need to
account for the memory size, not only disk size
- Bug #2393: DNS requests retried indefinitely at full speed on failed
TCP connection
- Bug #2393: DNS retransmit queue could get hold up
- Correct socket syscalls statistics in commResetFD()
- Plug a small "squid -k reconfigure" race in the new round-robin
counter management
- Windows port: fix typo in handling of notification of IP
address changes
- Document the "zph_mode option" setting, got left out when merging
the zph patches
- Bug #2396: Correct the opening of the PF device file.
- Make --with-large-files and --with-build-envirnment=default play
nice together
- Bug #2407: Spelling error in http_port tcpkeepalive option
- Bug #2408: assertion failed: forward.c:529: "fs"
- Bug #2414: assertion failed: forward.c:110: "!EBIT_TEST(e->flags,
- Workaround for Linux-2.6.24 & 2.6.25 netfiler_ipv4.h include header
__u32 problem
- Make dns_nameserver work when using --disable-internal-dns on glibc
based systems
- Make clientCacheHit bail out gracefuly if hitting an aborted object
- Bug #2406: access.log logs rewritten URL and strip_query_terms
- More changes to deal properly with aborted requests
- Bug #2427: squid_ldap_group -h reports the old % codes for -f
Changes to squid-2.7.STABLE3 (25 June 2008)
- Byg #2376: Round-Robin peer selection becomes unbalanced when a
peer dies and comes back
- Bug #2365: cachemgr.cgi fails to HTML encode config dumps properly
- Bug #2122: In some situations collapsed_forwarding could leak
private information
- Bug #2388: acl documentation cleanup
- Report the cache_peer name instead of hostname
- Bug #2378: Duplicate paths in FwdServers
- Bug #1993: Memory leak in http_reply_access deny processing
- Plug some "squid -k reconfigure" memory leaks. Mostly SSL related.
- wccp2 sevice flags documentation correction for dst_port_hash
- Fix SNMP reporting of counters with a value > 0xFF800000
- Reject ridiculously large ASN.1 lengths
- logformat docs contain extra whitespace
- Off by one error in DNS label decompression could cause valid DNS
messages to be rejected
- Bug #2241: weights not applied properly in round-robin peer
- Bug #2283: Properly abort invalid/truncated messages
- Bug #2192: http_port ... vport broken by recent changes in how
accelerator mode deals with port numbers
- Fix build error on Solaris using gcc and --with-large-files
- Windows port: add support for crypt function
- Bug #2372: Segmentation fault if netdb_filename could not be written
- Windows port: add option for control of IP address changes
notification in squid.conf
- Windows port: always shutdown winsocks on program termination
- Windows port: configure enhancements on MinGW and Cygwin
- Windows port: fix build error on Cygwin
- Bug #2366: Fix assertion/FD leak during logfile_mod_daemon rotate.
- Release notes correction: delay_body_max_size is not in 2.7 (2.8
feature) and bug #219 delay pools on -k reconfigure has been fixed
Changes to squid-2.7.STABLE2 (31 May 2008)
- Resolved merge conflict in Bug #219: Reassign delay pools after
- Back out incomplete patch for Bug #1893: Variant invalidation on
- Bug #2350: Linux Capabilities version mismatch causing startup crash
on newer kernels
- Fix build error on Windows: in_addr_t is not available.
- Bug #2360: Move the SSL options before https_port so it gets
inherited proper
Changes to squid-2.7.STABLE1 (27 May 2008)
- General code tidyups of HTTP parser and related optimizations
- Simple perl library and script for processing access.log files
- Optimization to only parse response headers once, reusing the
already parsed headers when building the client reply.
- Kill the psuedo-support for wais. Was never really implemented.
- Clean up use of httpReplySetHeaders to be consistent across the
code, and remove the unneeded http_version argument.
- Simplified epoll comm loop
- Strengthen the HTTP protocol parser further wrt integer errors
- Change cachemgr filedescriptors timeout column to seconds
- Clean up X-Forwarded-For acl_uses_indirect_client to make most
acls behave
- act-as-origin http_port option, making Squid act as if it was
the origin server, and related X-Cache-Age and X-Origin-Date headers
- Rename cache_dir option read-only to no-store
- new logformat tag for logging the outgoing IP address
- logformat %rp logging the URL-Path only (excluding hostname)
- external_acl_type %URI tag for referencing the complete requested
- Various old an unused pieces of code trimmed
- max_filedescriptor squid.conf option
- Clean up filedescriptor limitations, and handle comm loop
restrictions proper
- -I command line option to accept open socket on stdin
- support for FreeBSD and Linux accept filters
- Changed most temporary & forwarding errors to return 504 Gateway
- Bug #1843: multicast-siblings cache_peer option for optimising
multicast ICP relations
- cache_peer idle=n option to specify a minimum number of idle
connections to keep open
- http_port allow-direct option to allow direct forwarding in
accelerator mode
- Implementation of an external logfile daemon (ie, logging to
a pipe); UDP logging (based in part on work done by Tim Starling)
- Optimizations to avoid zero'ing some buffers
- Add "%sn" - a sequence number - to the customlog format
- Internal cleanups and minor reorganisations
- The shipped icp_access and htcp_access rules changed to only
allow local network
- url_rewriter interface extended with key=value pairs
- Use native MD5 implementation if available. Use --without-system-md5
to disable.
- Enable squid to lookup /etc/services for named peer ports.
- store URL rewriting/mapping support to tell Squid when the exact
same object exists under multiple requested URLs.
- Bug #7: Update headers on 304 responses
- Asyncronous cache validation support
- external_refresh_check helper, allowing program control over cache
- ignore_ims_on_miss directive, making Squid ignore If-Modified-Since
and If-None-Match on cache misses
- Primitive HTTP/1.1 support, mainly targeted for reverse proxies
- Cache-Control stale-while-revalidate and stale-if-error directives
- Bug #1893: Variant invalidation on PURGE and HTCP CLR
- netdb_filename directive to specify location of netdb state file
- Windows port: Handle notification of IP address changes for dial-up
- default cache rules removed, allowing caching of query and cgi-bin
- Bug #2153: Use the cache_peer name in CARP hashing to support
multiple peers on the same host
- myportname ACL for matching the accepting port name
- Make visible_hostname a soft error
- Ability to cache authentication based on source IP, mainly to
work around NTLM inefficiencies, but other uses possible.
- squid.conf include support
- squid_ldap_group option to strip kerberos realm from username
- Bug #1888: Add incoming_rate directive to control how often to
check incoming connections
- Bug #2263: Custom log formats fail to log file sizes >2GB
properly on 32-bit platforms
- Fix stripping NT domain in squid_ldap_group
- Removed obsolete advanced comm tuning knobs
- Bug #2192: Confusing and inconsistent relations between accelerator
mode options
- TCP keepalive support
- Support for tos/priority marking of cache hits (zph)
- Make --with-large-files try to build 64-bit if possible
- Windows port: allow build of squid_session on Windows
- Updated mswin_check_lm_group documentation
- Bug #2350: Memory allocation problem in restoreCapabilities()
- Bug #1955: Clarify refresh_pattern override-expire option
- Correct Via response header when seeing an HTTP/0.9 response
- Bug #219: Reassign delay pools after reconfigure
- Bug #2223: flexible handling of x-forwarded-for
Changes to squid-2.6.STABLE20 (25 Apr 2008)
- Bug #2263: Custom log formats fail to log file sizes >2GB properly
on 32-bit platforms
- Fix stripping NT domain in squid_ldap_group
- Bug #2278: Cache-Control: max-stale=0 forwarded wrongly as max-stale
(without delta)
- Bug #2283: Fails to parse chunked encoding using chunk extensions
- Bug #420: Deal properly with empty list HTTP header members
- Windows Server 2008 support
- Bug #1886: tcp_outgoing_address acl doesn't work with indirect
source address (follow-x-forwarded-for)
- Bug #2296: Stuck in 100% CPU when fetching an corrupt peer digest
- Add support for the resolv.conf domain directive, and also
automatically derived default domain
- minimum_icp_query_timeout directive
- Bug #2329: Range header ignored on HIT
Changes to squid-2.6.STABLE19 (19 Mar 2008)
- Fix tcp_outgoing_address example config to match its description
- Bug #2198: assertion failed sc != NULL when using peer monitor
- Fix missing default disk store type into QUICKSTART example.
- Bugzilla #761 : Handle recursive completion operations in diskd.
- documentation bugfix for tcp_outgoing_tos directive
- Sort cache list in wccpv2 to ensure a consistent hash allocation
across all services
- Updated Ukrainan error pages
- Compile error in squid_kerb_auth under Mac OS X 10.5.2
- squid_radius_auth failed ro process more than 256 requests
- Clarified description of 'cache_vary' directive
- Make range_offset_limit 0 disable local range processing as
documented, even if the first range starts at 0
Changes to squid-2.6.STABLE18 (10 Jan 2008)
- Fix 2 assertion failures related to the fix for SQUID-2007:2
- GPL license cleanup to GPLv2 or later. One file in edir_digest_auth
was GPLv2 only, now replaced with a GPLv2 or later licensed vesion.
- Minor cleanups to make certain 64-bit platforms happier
- Several Digest authentication bugs fixed wich was causing random
authenitcation popups or failures.
- --with-valgrind-debug updated for valgrind-3.3.0.
Changes to squid-2.6.STABLE17 (26 Nov 2007)
- Fix compile error with old GCC 2.x or other ANSI-C compilers before
- Mention the login= cache_peer option in release notes
- Fix bad cache_peer example in squid.conf
- Bug #2086: Fix a compile-time memory corruption error causing cf_gen
to fail
- Bug #2048: Clarify high_memory_warning usage
- Reject DNS responses which result in no data
- Fix version number in configuration manual
- Move cache and request/reply_header_max_size to their proper
- Bug #2088: sbrk statistics broken when process size >2GB
- Move logopen() much earlier to have fatal startup errors sent to the
proper syslog facility
- Fix HTTP/0.9 responses
- Correct bad example config for tos_outgoing_tos
- Fix grammar in description of mail_program squid.conf option
- Ignore Content-Length in chunked responses instead of rejecting the
response as invalid
- Documented that http_port no longer have a default
- Cleanup of cache digest documentation
- Make aufs store rebuilding back off a little if I/O load too high
- Bug #2100: Respect DNS ttl=0
- Update udp_(incoming|outgoing)_address documentation to reflect
current bahaviour.
- Update HTCP documentation
- Document the overlapping helper request format
- Change priority of proxy auth and extacl provided username in
- pack header entries on cache updates
- Make squid_db_auth reopen the database connection on each query by
- Improve helper debug ouput, including the channel number
- Update cachePeerEntry MIB description to mention what is used as
index key
- Import squid_radius_auth for authenticating to RADIUS
Changes to squid-2.6.STABLE16 (5 Sep 2007)
- Test for sys/capability.h linux include file to avoid failing on
linux systems missing libcap
- Release private objects on cache rebuild
- Segfault in clientBuildReplyHeader when http->entry == NULL
- Bug #2072: digest_pw_auth fails when using plaintext passwords
- Bug #2073: assertion failed: client_side.c:4175: "buf != NULL ||
!conn->body.request on POST
- Adjust default pconn timeouts to avoid shutting down connection while
child sends request
- Bug #1980: cache_peer monitortimeout not working
- Bug #1882: Parent responses are not cached if sibling returns 504
- More squid.conf reordering to get the dependencies between options
sorted proper
Changes to squid-2.6.STABLE15 (31 Aug 2007)
- The select() I/O loop got broken by the /dev/poll addition
- Bug #2017: Fails to work around broken servers sending just the HTTP
- Bug #2023: Compile error with old GCC 2.x or other ANSI-C compilers
before C99
- squid.conf.default updated and reorganised in more sensible groups
- correct and document the syslog access_log format
- Armenian error pages translation
- digest_ldap_helper usage help updated
- Bug #1560: ftpSendPasv: getsockname(-1,..): (9) Bad file descriptor
- Improve delay pools in low traffic environment by checking timeouts
at a steady 1 second interval even when there is not much activity
- Don't request authentication on transparently intercepted
- Cleanup linux capabilities for tproxy
- Bug #2003: 'via' config directive doesn't affect response headers
- Bug #1902: Adds Numeric Hit and invalid request counters to IP Cache
- Add missing $|=1 to squid_db_auth
- Bug #2050: Persistent connection dropped if cache has no
- Verify the URL on memory cache hits
- Bug #2057: NTLM stop work in messengers after upgrade to 2.6.STABLE14
- Bug #1972: Squid sets peers to down state when they are in fact
- potential segmentation fault in storeLocateVary()
- Bug #2066: chdir after chroot
- Windows port: Fix compiler warnings when building Squid as
application (not Windows service mode)
- Spelling correction of received
Changes to squid-2.6.STABLE14 (15 Jul 2007)
- squid.conf.default cleanup to have options in their proper sections.
- documentation correction in the refresh_pattern ignore-auth option
- URI-escaping not uses the recommended upper-case hex codes
- refresh_pattern min-age 0 correted to really mean 0, and not 1 second
- Always use xisxxxx() Squid defined macros instead of ctype
- Kerberos SPNEGO/Negotiate helper for the negotiate scheme
- Database basic auth helper using Perl DBI to connect to most SQL DBs
- Solaris /dev/poll network I/O support
- configure fixes to make cross compilation somewhat easier
- Removed incorrect -a reference from http_port documentation
- Bug #1900: Double "squid -k shutdown" makes Squid restart again
- Bug #1968: Squid hangs occasionally when using DNS search paths
- Novell eDirectory digest auth helper (digest_edir_auth)
- Bug #1130: min-size option for cache_dir
- POP3 basic auth helper querying a POP3 server
- Cosmetic squid_ldap_auth fixes from Squid-3
- Bug #1085: Add no-wrap to cache manager HTML tables
- Automatically restart if number of available filedescriptors becomes
alarmingly low, preventing a situation where Squid would otherwise
permanently stop processing requests.
- Bug #2010: warning: array subscript is above
array bounds
- Deal better with forwarding loops
Changes to squid-2.6.STABLE13 (11 May 2007)
- Make sure reply headers gets sent even if there is no body available
yet, fixing RealMedia streaming over HTTP issues.
- Undo an accidental name change of storeUnregisterAbort.
- Kill an ancient malplaced storeUnregisterAbort call from ftp.c
- Bug #1814: SSL memory leak on persistent SSL connections
- Don't log ECONNREFUSED/ECONNABORTED accept failures in cache.log
- Cosmetic fix: added missing newline in WCCPv2 configuration dump.
- Ukrainan error messages
- Convert various error pages from DOS to UNIX text format
- Bug #1820: COSS assertion failure t->length == MD5_DIGEST_CHARS
- Clarify the max-conn=n cache_peer option syntax slightly
- Bug #1892: COSS segfault on shutdown
- Windows port: fix undefined ECONNABORTED
- Make refreshIsCachable handle ETag as a cache validator, not
only last-modified
- in_port_t is not portable, use unsigned short instead
- Fix fs / auth / snmp dependencies
- Portability: statfs() may reqire #include <sys/statfs.h>
Changes to squid-2.6.STABLE12 (20 Mar 2007)
- Assertion error on TRACE
Changes to squid-2.6.STABLE11 (17 Mar 2007)
- Bug #1915: assertion failed: client_side.c:4055: "buf != NULL ||
- Handle garbage helper responses better in concurrent protocol format
- Fix kqueue when overflowing the changes queue
- Make sure the child worker process commits suicide if it could
not start up
- Don't log short responses at debug level 1
- Fix bswap16 & bwsap32 error on NetBSD
- Fix collapsed_forwarding for non-GET requests
Changes to squid-2.6.STABLE10 (4 Mar 2007)
- Upgrade HTTP/0.9 responses to our HTTP version (HTTP/1.0)
- various diskd bugfixes
- In the access.log hierarchy field log the unique peer name
instead of the host name
- unlinkdClose() should be called after (not before) storeDirSync()
- CLEAN_BUF_SZ was defined, but never used anywhere
- logging HTTP-request size
- Fix icmp pinger communication on FreeBSD and other not supporing
large dgram AF_UNIX sockets
- Release objects on swapin failure
- Bug #1787: Objects stuck in cache if origin server clock in future
- Bug #1420: 302 responses with an Expires header is always cached
- Primitive support for HTTP/1.1 chunked encoding, working around
broken servers
- Clean up relations between TCP probing and DNS checks of peers with
no known addresses.
- Fix a minor HTML coding error in ftp directory listings with // in
the path
- Bug #1875, #1420. Cleanup of refresh logics when dealing with
non-refreshable content
- Gopher cleanups and bugfixes
- Negotiate authentication fixed again. Broken since STABLE7 by the
patch for Bug #1792.
- Bug #1892: COSS tries to shut down the same directory twice on exit
- Bug #1908: store*DirRebuildFromSwapLog() ignores some SWAP_LOG_DEL
- Added support for Subversion HTTP request methods MKACTIVITY,
Changes to squid-2.6.STABLE9 (24 Jan 2007)
- Bug #1878: If-Modified-Since broken in 2.6.STABLE8
- Bug #1877 diskd bug in storeDiskdIOCallback()
Changes to squid-2.6.STABLE8 (21 Jan 2007)
- Bug #1873: authenticateNTLMFixErrorHeader: state 4.
- Document the https_port vhost option, useful in combination with
a wildcard certificate
- Document the existence of connection pinning / forwarding of NTLM
auth and a few other features overlooked in the release notes.
- Spelling correction of the ssl cache_peer option
- Add back the optional "accel" http_port option. Makes accelerator
mode configurations easier to read.
- Bug #1872: Date parsing error causing objects to get unexpectedly
- Cleanup to have the access.log tags autogenerated from enums.h
- Bug #1783: STALE: Entry's timestamp greater than check time. Clock
going backwards?
- Don't update object timestamps on a failed revalidation.
- Fix how ftp://user@host URLs is rendered when Squid is built with
leak checking enabled
Changes to squid-2.6.STABLE7 (13 Jan 2007)
- Windows port: Fix intermittent build error using Visual Studio
- Add missing tproxy info from the dump of http port configuration
- Bug #1853: Support for ARP ACL on NetBSD
- clientNatLookup(): fix wrong function name in debug messages
- Convert ncsa_auth man page from DOS to Unix text format.
- Bug #1858: digest_ldap_auth had some remains of old hash format
- Correct the select_loops counter when using select(). Was counted twice
- Clarify the http_port vhost option a bit
- Fix cache-control: max-stale without value or bad value
- Bug #1857: Segmentation fault on certain types of ftp:// requests
- Bug #1848: external_acl crashes with an infinite loop under high load
- Bug #1792: max_user_ip not working with NTLM authentication
- Bug #1865: deny_info redirection with authentication related acls
- Small example on how to use the squid_session helper
- Bug #1863: cache_peer monitorurl, monitorsize and monitorinterval not working properly
- Clarify the transparent http_port option a bit more
- Bug #1828: squid.conf docutemtation error for proxy_auth digest
- Bug #1867: isn't removed on shutdown
Changes to squid-2.6.STABLE6 (12 Dec 2006)
- Bug #1817: Assertion failure assert(buflen >= copy_sz) in htcp.c htcpBuildAuth()
- Add client source port logformat tag >p
- Cleanup of transparent & accelerator mode request parsing to untangle the firewall dependencies a bit
- Bug #1799: Harmless 1 byte buffer overflow on long host names in /etc/hosts
- automake no longer recommends mkinstalldirs. Removed.
- Only use crypt() if it's available, allowing ncsa_auth to be built
on platofms without crypt() support.
- Windows port documentation updates
- Bug #1818: Assertion failure assert(e->swap_dirn >= 0) in fs/coss/store_dir_coss.c storeCoss_DeleteStoreEntry
- Bug #1117: assertion failed: aufs/store_dir_aufs.c:642: "rb->flags.need_to_validate"
- Remove extra newline in redirect message sent by deny_info http://... aclname
- Bug #1805: assertion failed: StatHist.c:195: "D[i] >= 0"
- Clarify the external_acl_type helper format specification and some defaults
- Add support for the weight= parameter to round-robin peers
- Bug #1832: Error building squid-2.6.STABLE5 using --enable-truncate
- Convert snmpDebugOid to use a temporary String object instead of strcat
- Document that proxy_auth also accepts -i for case-insensitive operation
- Remove malloc/free of temporary buffer in time parsing routines.
- Reduce memory allocator pressure by not continually allocating client-side read buffers
- Accept large dates >2^31 on 64-bit platformst. Seen for example in the Google logo.
- Convert the connStateData->chr single link list to a normal dlink_list for clarity.
- Bug #1584: Unable to register with multiple WCCP2 routers
- Fix the WCCPv2 mask assignment code to not crash as the value assignments are built.
- Bug #439: Multicast ICP peering is unstable and considers most peers dead
- Bug #1801: NTLM authentication ends up in a loop if the server responds with a retriable error
- Bug #1839: Cosmetic debug message cleanup in peerHandleHtcpReply.
- Bug #1840: Disable digest and netdb queries to multicast peers
- Bug #1641: assertion failed: stmem.c:149: "size > 0" while processing certain Vary objects
- Fix build errors when using latest MinGW Windows environment
Changes to squid-2.6.STABLE5 (3 Now 2006)
- Bug #1776: 2.6.STABLE4 aufs fails to compile if coss isn't enabled
- COSS improvements and cleanups
- SNMP linking issue resolved, enabling SNMP support to be build in all platforms
- Bug #1784: access_log syslog results in blanks syslog lines between every entry
- Bug #1719: Incorrect error message on invalid cache_peer specifications
- Bug #1785: Memory leak in handling of negatively cached objects
- Bug #1780: Incorrect Vary processing in combination with collapsed_forwarding
- Bug #1782: Memory leak in ncsa_auth on password changes
- Suppress some annoying coss startup messages raising the debug level to 2.
- Clarify the external_acl_helper concurrency= change.
- aioDone() could be called twice from aufs and from coss (when using AIOPS) during shutdown.
- Bug #1794: Accept 00:00-24:00 as a valid time specification even if redundand and the same as 00:00-23:59
- Bug #1795: Theoretical memory leak in storeSetPublicKey
- Removing port 563 from the default SSL_ports and Safe_ports ACLs
- Bug #1724: Automatically enable Linux Netfilter support with --enable-linux-tproxy.
- Bug #1800: squid -k reconfigure crash when using req/rep_header acls
- Clarify the select/poll/kqueue/epoll configure --enable/disable options
- Bug #1779: Delay pools fairness when multiple connections compete for bandwidth
- Bug #1802: Crash on exit in certain conditions where cache.log is not writeable
- Bug #1796: Assertion error HttpHeader.c:914: "str"
- Bug #1790: Crash on wccp2 + mask assignement + standard wccp service
- Silence harmless gcc compile warning.
- Clean up poll memory on shutdown
- Ported select, poll and win32 to new comm event framework
- Windows port: Correctly identify Windows Vista and Windows Server Longhorn
- Added a basic comm_select_simple comm loop only requiring minimal POSIX compliance.
- Safeguard from kb_t counter overflows on 32-bit platforms
Changes to squid-2.6.STABLE4 (23 Sep 2006)
- Bug #1736: Missing Italian translation of ERR_TOO_BIG error page
- Windows port enhancement: added native exception handler with signal emulation
- Fix the %un log_format tag again. Got broken in 2.6.STABLE2
- Fix Squid crash when using %a in ERR_INVALID_REQ and ERR_INVALID_URL error messages.
- Bug #212: variable %i always in many error pages
- Bug #1708: Ports in ACL accepts characters and out of range
- Bug #1706: Squid time acl accepts invalid time range.
- Fix another harmless fake_auth compiler warning on gcc 4.1.1 x86
- Fix an harmless snmp_core.c compiler warning on gcc 4.1.1 x86
- Bug #1744: squid-2.6.STABLE3 - fakeauth_auth crashing on certain requests
- Bug #1746: Harmless off by one overrun in ncsa_auth md5 password validation
- Bug #1598: start_announce cannot be disabled
- Periodically flush cache.log to disk when "buffered_logs on" is set
- Numerous COSS improvements and fixes
- Windows port: merge of MinGW support
- Windows port: Merged Windows threads support into aufs
- Bug #1759: Windows port cachemgr.cgi attempts to write to file system root directory
- Numerous portability fixes
- Various minor statistics cleanup on 64-bit hosts with more than 4GB of memory
- Bug #1758: HEAD on ftp:// URLs always returned 200 OK.
- Bug #1760: FTP related memory leak
- Bug #1770: WCCP2 weighted assignment
- Bug #1768: Redundant DNS PTR lookups
- Bug #1696: Add support for wccpv2 mask assignment
- Bug #1774: ncsa_auth support for cramfs timestamps
- Bug #1769: near-hit and filedescriptor usage missing in SNMP MIB
- Bug #1725: cache_peer login=PASS documentation somewhat confusing
- Bug #1590: Silence those ETag loop warnings
- Bug #1740: Squid crashes on certain malformed HTTP responses
- Bug #1699: assertion failed: authenticate.c:836: "auth_user_request != NULL"
- Improve error reporting on unexpected CONNECT requests in accelerator mode
- Cosmetic change to increase cache.log detail level on invalid requests
- Bug #1229: http_port and other directives accept invalid ports
- Reject http_port specifications using both transparent and accelerator options
- Cosmetic cleanup to not dump stacktraces on configuration errors
Changes to squid-2.6.STABLE3 (18 Aug 2006)
- Bug #1577: assertion failed "fm->max_n_files <= (1 << 24)" on
very large cache_dir. Limit number of objects stored to slightly
less to avoid this.
- Bug #1705: Correct error message on invalid time weekday specification
- Don't attempt to guess netmask in src/dst acl specifications
if none was provided. Assume it's an IP even if it ends in 0
- Bug #1665: log_format %ue, %us tags for external or ssl user id
- Bug #1707: delay pools often ignored the set limit
- Bug #1716: Support for recent OpenSSL 0.9.7 versions
(0.9.8 always worked)
- COSS fixes and performance improvements
- Memory leak when reading configuration files with overlapping
ACL data where squid -k parse complains.
- Memory leak related to pinned connections
- Show include acls unexpanded in cachemgr configuration dumps
- Fixed WARNING defer handler for HTTP Socket does not call commDeferFD
- Bug #1304: Downloads may hang when using the cache_dir max-size option
- Optimization of network I/O
- Bug #1730: make problem with --enable-follow-x-forwarded-for on Solaris
- Fixed a memory leak on certain invalid requests
- Bug #1733: ERR_CANNOT_FORWARD Portuguese translation update
- Bug #582: ntlm fake_auth not handles non-ascii login names
- New startup message indicating the type of event loop used
- Bug #1602: TCP fallback on truncated DNS responses
- Bug #1667: assertion failed: store.c:1081: "e->store_status == STORE_PENDING"
- Bug #1723: cachemgr now works in accelerator mode
Changes to squid-2.6.STABLE2 (31 Jul 2006)
- WCCP2 doesn't update statCounter.syscalls.sock.sendtos counter.
- Releasenotes Table of contents should use relative links without
- Reject HTTP/0.9 formatted CONNECT requests.
- Cosmetic cleanup to use safe_free instead of xfree + manual
assign to NULL
- Bug #1650: transparent interception "Unable to forward this
request at this time"
- Bug #1658: Memory corruption when using client-side SSL certificates
- Add storeRecycle; a storeIO method to delete a StoreEntry w/out
deleting the underlying object.
- Many COSS fixes and new coss data dumper utility for diagnostics
- Bug #1669: SEGV in storeAddVaryReadOld
- Many fixes in debug sections and spelling of debug messages
- Don't keep client connection persistent if there was a mismatch in
the response size.
- Move eventCleanup debug messages to debug level 2 (was 0)
- Add the missing concurrency parameters to basic and digest auth
- Bug #1670: assertion failure: i->prefix_size > 0 in client_side.c:2509
- Log SSL user id in the custom log User name format (%un)
- Bug #1653: Username info not logged into Cachemgr active_requests
- Added to the redirectors interface the support for SSL client
- squid.conf.default cleanup to remove references to old options
- Fix many filedescriptors in combination with TPROXY
- Fix connection pinning in transparently intercepted connections
- Bug #1679: LDFLAGS not honored in some programs.
- Minor cleanup of port numbers in transparent interception or
vhost + vport
- Bug #1671: transparent interception fails with FreeBSD ipfw or
Linux-2.2 ipchains
- Bug #1660: Accept-Encoding related memory corruption
- Bug #1651: Odd results if url_rewriter defined multiple times
- Bug #1655: Squid does not produce coredumps under linux when
started as root
- Bug #1673: cache digests not served to other caches
- Cleanup of Linux capability code used by tproxy
- Bug #1684: xstrdup: tried to dup a NULL pointer!
- Bug #1668: unchecked vsnprintf() return code could lead to log
- Bug #1688: Assertion failure in HttpHeader.c in some header_access
- Cygwin support fir --disable-internal-dns
- Silence those annoying sslReadServer: Connection reset by peer
- Bug #1693: persistent connections broken in transparent
interception mode
- Bug #1691: multicast peering issues
- Bug #1696: Correct WCCP2 processing of router capability info
- Bug #1694: Assertion failure in mgr:config if using
access_log_format %<h
- Bug #1677: Duplicate etags in the If-None-Match header
- Bug #1665: access_log_format codes for login names from external
acl or ssl
- Bug #1681: All ntlmauthenticator processes are busy
- Added ARP acl support for OpenBSD and ARP fixes for Windows
- Bug #1700: WCCP fails on FreeBSD (Unable to disconnect WCCP out
- WCCP2 correct dampening of assign buckets when there it lots of
- minimum_expiry_time to tune the magic 60 seconds limit of what
is considered cachable when the object doesn't have any cache
- Bug #1703: wrong path to diskd helper corrected, and config
parser extended to trap incorrect paths early
- Bug #1703: COSS failed to initialize async-io threads
- Bug #1703: should abort if diskd helper exits unexpectedly
- Bug #1702: Warn if acl name is too long
- Bug #1685: Crashes or other odd results after storeSwapMetaUnpack: errors
- wccp2_rebuild_wait directive to delay registering with WCCP until the
- Bug #1662: Infinite loop in external acl with grace period if the
same http_access line had multiple external acls
Changes to squid-2.6.STABLE1 (1 Jul 2006)
- New --enable-default-hostsfile configure option
- Added username info to active_requests cachemgr stats
- Modified squid MIB to incorporate squid.conf visible_hostname
- Added multi-line capability in squid.conf
- Added new httpd_suppress_version_string configuration directive
- WCCPv2 support
- Negotiate authentication scheme support
- NTLM authentication scheme rewritten
- Customizable access log formats
- Selective access logging
- Access logging via syslog
- Reverse proxy enhancements, with new cache_peer based forwarding
- LDAP based Digest helper (Note: not true LDAP integration, just using
LDAP for storage of the Digest hashes)
- Improved helper communication protocol
- External ACL improvements. %PATH, log=, grace=, and more..
- Improved SSL support with hardware offload, client certificate
support (primitive), chained certificates and numerous bug fixes
- DNS lookups now use the search path from /etc/resolv.conf or
the Windows registry
- Linux epoll support
- collapsed forwarding to optimize reverse proxies or other
setups having very many clients going to the same URL
- New improved COSS implementation
- Optional support for blank passwords
- The old and obsolete Samba-2.2.X winbind helpers have been removed
- external acls now uses the simplified URL-escaped protol "3.0" by
- Linux TPROXY support
- Support for proxying of Microsoft Integrated Login by adding
support for the deviations from the HTTP protocol required
to support these authentication mechanisms
- Added the capability to run as a Windows service under Cygwin
- CARP now plays well with the other peering algorithms
- read_ahead_gap option to read ahead more than 16KB of the reply
- check_hostnames and allow_underscore squid.conf options
- http_port is now optional, allowing for SSL only operation
- Full ETag/Vary support, caching responses which varies with
request details (browser, language etc).
- umask now defaults to 027 to protect the content of cache and
log files from local users
- HTCP support for access control and the CRL operation for
purgeing of cache content
- Optionally follow X-Forwarded-For headers to determine the original
client IP behind sedond level proxies
- FreeBSD kqueue support
Changes to squid-2.5.STABLE14 (20 May 2006)
- [Minor] icons not displayed when visible_hostname is a
short hostname (without domain). (Bug #1532)
- [Medium] Memleak in HTCP client code (default disabled)
(Bug #1553)
- [Major] memory leak in ident processing (Bug #1557)
- [Medium] Memory leak in header processing related to external_acl
header detail format tag (Bug #1564)
Changes to squid-2.5.STABLE13 (12 Mar 2006)
- [Minor] Fails to compile on Solaris and some other platforms
with undefined reference to setenv (Bug #1435)
- [Cosmetic] Added WebDAV REPORT method to know HTTP methods list
- [Minor] Squid ntlm_auth (not the Samba provided one) giving
odd results if --enable-ntlm-fail-open is used (Bug #1022)
- [Minor] doesn't work with Samba 3.0.21 and later
(Bug #1472)
- [Minor] Squid crash when asyncio function counters url accessed
from Cachemgr CGI (Bug #1464)
- [Cosmetic] Linux compile warning about prctl called with too few
arguments (Bug #1483)
- [Minor] Wrong timezone declaration for 64 bit Irix (Bug #1479)
- [Minor] Some 206 responses logged incorrectly (Bug #1511)
- [Minor] Issues in processing ranges on objects >2GB (Bug #437)
- [Cosmetic] Segmentation fault on empty proxy_auth ACLs (Bug #1414)
- [Minor] Ident access lists don't work in delay_access statements
(Bug #1428)
- [Minor] Some clients support NTLM even if not initially negotiating
persistent connections (Bug #1447)
- [Medium] 504 Gateway Time-out on FTP uploads (Bug #1459)
- [Medium] delay pools given too much bandwidht after "-k reconfigure"
(Bug #1481)
- [Cosmetic] New persistent_connection_after_error configuration
directive (Bug #1482)
- [Cosmetic] Hangs at 100% CPU if /dev/null is not accessible (Bug
- [Minor] Fails to compile on Fedora Core 5 test 2 x86_64 (Bug #1492)
- [Cosmetic] Typo in ftp.c (Bug #1507)
- [Cosmetic] Error in FTP listings of files with -> in their name
(Bug #1508)
- [Cosmetic] With Squid-2.5 there is no more the DUPLICATE IP logging
in cache.log (Bug #779)
- [Minor] Fails to process long host names (Bug #1434)
- [Cosmetic] Azerbaijani errors translation (Bug #1454)
- [Cosmetic] misleading error message message for bad/unresolveable
cache_peer name (Bug #1504)
- [Cosmetic] confusing statistics on stateful helpers (NTLM auth)
(Bug #1506)
- [Major] connstate memory leak (Bug #1522)
Changes to squid-2.5.STABLE12 (22 Oct 2005)
- [Major] Error introduced in 2.5.STABLE11 causing truncated responses
when using delay pools (Bug #1405)
- [Cosmetic] Document that tcp_outgoing_* works badly in combination
with server_persistent_connections (Bug #454)
- [Cosmetic] Add additinal tracing to squid_ldap_auth making
diagnostics easier on squid_ldap_auth configuration errors
(Bug #1395)
- [Minor] $HOME not set when started as root (Bug #1401)
- [Minor] httpd_accel_single_host breaks in combination with
server_persistent_connections (Bug #1402)
- [Cosmetic] Setting CACHE_HTTP_PORT to configure was only partially
implemented, effectively ignored. (Bug #1403)
- [Minor] CNAME based DNS addresses could get cached for longer
than intended (Bug #1404)
- [Minor] Incorrect handling of squid-internal-dynamic/netdb exchanges
in transparently intercepting proxies (Bug #1410).
- [Minor] Cache revalidations on HEAD requests causing poor cache
hit ratio (Bug #1411).
- [Minor] Not possible to send 302 redirects via a redirector in
response to CONNECT requests (bug #1412)
- [Minor] Incorrect handling of Set-Cookie on cache refreshes (Bug
- [Major] Segmentation fault crash in rfc1738_do_escape (Bug #1426)
- [Minor] Delay pools class 3 fails on clients in network 255
(Bug #1431)
Changes to squid-2.5.STABLE11 (22 Sep 2005)
- [Minor] Workaround for servers sending double content-length headers
(Bug #1305)
- [Cosmetic] Updated Spanish error messages by Nicolas Ruiz
- [Cosmetic] Date header corrected on internal objects (icons etc)
(Bug #1275)
- [Minor] squid -k fails in combination with chroot after patch for
bug 1157 (Bug #1307)
- [Cosmetic] Segmentation fault if compiled with
--enable-ipf-transparent but denied access to the NAT device.
(Bug #1313)
- [Minor] httpd_accel_signle_host incompatible with redireection
(Bug #1314)
- [Minor] squid -k reconfigure internal corruption if the type of
a cache_dir is changed (Bug #1308)
- [Minor] SNMP GETNEXT fails if the given OID is outside the Squid MIB
(Bug #1317)
- [Minor] Title in FTP listings somewhat messed up after previous
patch for bug 1220 (Bug #1220)
- [Minor] FTP listings uses "BASE HREF" much more than it needs to,
confusing authentication. (Bug #1204)
- [Minor] only looked for the first group if multiple
groups were defined in the same acl. (Bug #1333)
- [Cosmetic] Compiler warnings on some 64-bit platforms (Bug #1316)
- [Cosmetic] Removed some debug output from wb_ntlm_atuh (Bug #518)
- [Cosmetic] The new --with-build-environment=... option doesn't work
- [Cosmetic] New 'mail_program' configuration option in squid.conf
- [Minor] Fails to compile with ip-filter and ARP support on Solaris
x86 (Bug #199)
- [Major] Segmentation fault in sslConnectTimeout (Bug #1355)
- [Medium] assertion failed in StatHist.c:93 (Bug #1325)
- [Minor] More chroot_dir and squid -k reconfigure issues (Bug #1331)
- [Cosmetic] Invalid URLs in error messages when failing to connect
to peer, and a few other inconsistent error messages (Bug #1342)
- [Cosmetic] Fails to compile with glibc -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2
(Bug #1344)
- [Minor] Some odd FTP servers respond with 250 where 226 is expected
(Bug #1348)
- [Cosmetic] Greek translation of error messages (Bug #1351)
- [Major] Assertion failed store_status == STORE_PENDING (Bug #1368)
- [Minor] squid_ldap_auth -U does not work (Bug #1370)
- [Minor] SNMP cacheClientTable fails on "long" IP addresses
(Bug #1375)
- [Minor] Solaris Sparc + IP-Filter compile error (Bug #1374)
- [Minor] E-mail sent when cache dies is blocked from many antispam
rules (Bug #1380)
- [Minor] LDAP helpers does not work with TLS (-Z option) (Bug #1389)
- [Cosmetic] Incorrect store dir selection debug message on objects
larger than 2Gigabyte (Bug #1343)
- [Cosmetic] header_id enum misused as an signed integer (Bug #1343)
- [Cosmetic] Allow leaving core dumps when started as root (Bug #1335)
- [Medium] Clients could bypass delay_pool settings by faking a cache
hit request (Bug #500)
- [Minor] IP-Filter 4.X support (Bug #1378)
- [Medium] Odd results on pipelined CONNECT requests
- [Major] Squid crashing with "FATAL: Incorrect scheme in auth header"
when using NTLM authentication.
- [Cosmetic] Odd results when pipeline_prefetch is combined with NTLM
authentication (bug #1396)
- [Minor] invalid host was processed as IP in dst acl
(Bug #1394)
- [Cosmetic] New --with-maxfd=N configure option to override build
time filedescriptor limit test
- [Minor] Added support for Windows code name "Longhorn" on Cygwin.
Changes to squid-2.5.STABLE10 (17 May 2005)
- [Minor Security] Fix race condition in relation to old Netscape
Set-Cookie specifications
- [Minor] Fails to parse D.J. Bernstein's FTP EPLF ftp listing
format and PASV resposes (Bug #1252)
- [Medium] BASE HREF missing on ftp directory URLs without /
(Bug #1253)
- [Minor security] confusing http_access results on configuration
error (Bug #1255)
- [Cosmetic] More robust Date parser (Bug #321)
- [Minor] reload_with_ims fails to refresh negatively cached objects
(Bug #1159)
- [Cosmetic] delay_access description clarification (Bug #1245)
- [Cosmetic] Check for integer overflow in size specifications in
squid.conf (Bug #1247)
- [Cosmetic] bzero is a non-standard function not available on all
platforms (Bug #1256)
- [Cosmetic] Compiler warnings if pid_t is not an int (Bug #1257)
- [Cosmetic] Incorrect use of ctype functions (Bug #1259)
- [Cosmetic] Defer digest fetch if the peer is not allowed to be used
(Bug #1261)
- [Minor] Duplicate content-length headers logged incorrectly or
not cleaned up properly (Bug #1262)
- [Cosmetic] Extend relaxed_header_parser to work around "excess
data from" errors from many major web servers. (Bug #1265)
- [Minor] Add HTTP headers to a netdb error messages
- [Minor] Multiple minor aufs issues (Bug #671)
- [Minor] Basic authentication fails with very long logins or
password (Bug #1171)
- [Minor] CONNECT requests truncated if client side disconnects first
(Bug #1269)
- [Minor] --disable-hostname-checks configure option did not work
- [Cosmetic] LDAP helpers adjusted to compile with SUN LDAP SDK
- [Cosmetic] aufs warning about open event filedescriptors on shutdown
- [Medium] Failed to process requests for files larger than 2GB in size
- [Cosmetic] rename() related cleanup
- [Cosmetic] New cachemgr pending_objects and client_objects actions
- [Cosmetic] external acls requiring authentication did not request
new credentials on access denials like proxy_auth does.
- [Cosmetic] Syslog facility now configurable via command line options.
- [Cosmetic] New %a error page template code expanding into the
authenticated user name. (Bug #798)
- [Minor] IP-Filter 4.0 support in --enable-ipf-transparent
- [Minor] Support interception of multiple ports
- [Cosmetic] Allow "squid -k ..." to run even if the local hostname
can not be determined (Bug #1196)
- [Cosmetic] Configuration file parser now handles DOS/Windows formatted
configuration files with CRLF lineendings proper.
- [Minor] Unrecognized Cache-Control directives now forwarded properly
(Bug #414)
- [Minor] Authentication helpers now returns useable information
in the %m error page macro on failed authentication (Bug #1223)
- [Minor] pid file management corrected in chroot use (Bug #1157)
- [Minor Security] Fix for CVE-1999-0710: cachemgr malicouse use.
cachemgr.cgi now reads a config file telling which proxy servers
it can administer.
- [Minor] aufs statistics improvements
- [Minor] SNMP bugfixes and support for SNMPv2(c) (Bug #1288, #1299)
- [Minor] ARP acl documentation and cachemgr config dump corrections
- [Minor] dstdomain/dstdom_regex acls now allow matching of numeric
hostnames in addition to the reverse lookup of the domain name.
- [Security] Internal DNS client hardened against spoofing
Changes to squid-2.5.STABLE9 (24 Feb 2005)
- [Medium] Don't retry requests on 403 errors (Bug #1210)
- [Minor] Ignore invalid FQDN DNS responses (Bug #1222)
- [Minor] cache_peer related memory leaks on reconfigure (Bug #1246)
- [Cosmetic] Adjusted to build cleanly with GCC-4 (Bug #1211)
- [Minor] relaxed_header_parser extended to work around even more
broken web servers (Bug #1242)
- [Minor] FTP gatewaying URLs cleaned up slightly, mainly to work
better with Mozilla but also to improve security slightly on
non-anonymous FTP.
- [Minor] High characters allowed un-encoded in FTP and Gopher
listings to allow the user-agent to display data in non-iso8859-1
charsets. (Bug #1220)
- [Cosmetic] format fixes to silence compiler warnings on many
- [Major] Assertion failures on certain odd DNS responses (Bug #1234)
Changes to squid-2.5.STABLE8 (11 Feb 2005)
- [Minor] 100% CPU usage on half-closed PUT/POST requests (Bug #354,
- [Cosmetic] Document -v (protocol version) option to LDAP helpers
- [Minor] The new req_header and resp_header acls segfaults
immediately on parse of squid.conf (Bug #961)
- [Minor] Failure to shut down busy helpers on -k rotate/reconfigure
(Bug #1118)
- [Minor] Don't use O_NONBLOCK on disk files. (Bug #1102)
- [Minor] Squid fails to close TCP connection after blank HTTP
response (Bug #1116)
- [Minor security] Random error messages in response to malformed
host name (Bug #1143)
- [Minor] PURGE should not be able to delete internal objects
(Bug #1112)
- [Minor] httpd_accel_port 0 (virtual) not working correctly (Bug
- [Minor] cachemgr vm_objects segfault (Bug #1149)
- [Minor security] Confusing results on empty acl declarations (Bug
- [Minor] Don't close all "other" filedescriptors on startup (Bug
- [Minor] fakeauth_auth memory leak and NULL pointer access (Bug
- [Security] buffer overflow bug in gopherToHTML() (Bug #1189)
- [Medium security] Denial of service with forged WCCP messages
(Bug #1190)
- [Minor] DNS related memory leak on certain malformed DNS responses
(Bug #1197)
- [Minor] Internal DNS sometimes truncates host names in reverse
(PTR) lookups (Bug #1136)
- [Minor Security] Add sanity checks on LDAP user names (Bug #1187)
- [Security] Harden Squid against HTTP request smuggling attacks
- [Minor] Icon URLs fails in non-anonymous FTP directory listings is
short_icon_urls is on (Bug #1203)
- [Security] Harden Squid against HTTP response splitting attacks
(Bug #1200)
- [Medium security] Buffer overflow in WCCP recvfrom() call
(Bug #1217)
- [Security] Properly handle oversized reply headers (Bug #1216)
- [Minor] LDAP helpers search fixed to properly ask for no attributes
- [Minor] A sporadic segmentation fault when using ntlm authentication
fixed (Bug #1127)
- [Major] Segmentation fault on failed PUT/POST requests (Bug #1224)
- [Medium] Persistent connection mismatch on failed PUT/POST request
(Bug #1122)
- [Minor] WCCP easily disturbed by forged packets (Bug #1225)
- [Minor] Password management in ftp:// gatewaying improved (Bug #1226)
- [Major] HTTP reply data corruption in certain situations involving
reply headers split over multiple packets (Bug #1233)
Changes to squid-2.5.STABLE7 (11 Oct 2004)
- [Medium] No objects cached in ufs cache_dir type in some
configurations. Issue introduced in 2.5.STABLE6 by the patch for
Bug #676. (Bug #1011)
- [Minor] LDAP helpers update to correct LDAP connection management
and add support for literal password compare instead of binding
- [Minor] A large number of queued DNS lookups for the same domain
(Bug #852)
- [Cosmetic] request_header_max_size configuration partly ignored
(Bug #899)
- [Minor] Partial hit results in TCP_HIT, not TCP_MISS. (Bug #1001)
- [Cosmetic] HEAD requests may return stale information
(Bug #1012)
- [Cosmetic] Warn if cache_dir ufs can not create files. (Bug #918)
- [Minor] case insensitive authentication (Bug #431)
- [Cosmetic] Add delay pools information to active_requests. (Bug
- [Minor] Apparent memory leak in client_db (Bug #833)
- [Minor] NTLM authentication truncated causing failures. (Bug
- [Cosmetic] Grammatical corrections in squid.conf.default
- [Cosmetic] Unknown %X errorpage codes incorrectly quoted. (Bug
- [Medium] Segfaults and other strange crashes when using heap
policies. (Bug #1009)
- [Minor] Supplementary group memberships not set (Bug #1021)
- [Cosmetic] ERR_TOO_BIG Portuguese translation
- [Minor] external_acl does not handle newlines (Bug #1038)
- [Major] NTLM authentication denial of service when using msnt_auth
or fake_auth (Bug #1045)
- [Medium] Memory leaks when using NTLM authentication without
challenge reuse. (Bug #994)
- [Minor] Temporary NTLM memory leak with challenge reuse enabled
(Bug #910)
- [Minor] assertion failed: "n_ufs_dirs <=
Config.cacheSwap.n_configured". (Bug #1053)
- [Minor] Segfault in authenticateDigestHandleReply. (Bug #1031)
- [Minor] acl time fails to parse multiple time specifications
(Bug #1060)
- [Minor] cachemgr config dumps mixed up Range and Request-Range
headers in http_header_access & replace directives. (Bug #1056)
- [Minor] Content-Disposition added as a well known header (Bug #961)
- [Cosmetic] Don't warn about arp acls not being supported on FreeBSD
(Bug #1074)
- [Cosmetic] Limit internal send/receive buffer sizes (Bug #1075)
- [Medium] New acl types to match arbitrary HTTP headers. In addition
the http_header_access & replace directives now support arbitrary
headers and not only the well known ones. (Bug #961)
- [Cosmetic] ncsa_auth now accepts Window formatted password files
(Bug #1078)
- [Cosmetic] Support the --program-prefix/suffix options or other
configure program name transforms (Bug #1019)
- [Minor] Fix race condition in CONNECT and also handle aborts of
CONNECT requests in a more graceful manner. (Bug #859)
- [Minor] New balance_on_multiple_ip directive to work around certain
broken load balancers and optimized ipcache on reload requests
(Bug #1058)
- [Medium] New reply_header_max_size directive
(Bug #874)
- [Minor] Suspected instability on aborted PUT/POST requests
(Bug #1089)
- [Security] SNMP Denial of Service fix (CAN-2004-0918)
Changes to squid-2.5.STABLE6 (9 Jul 2004)
- Bug #937: NTLM assertion error "srv->flags.reserved"
- Bug #935: squid_ldap_auth can be confused by the use of reserved
- Helper queue warnings imprecise on the number of helpers required
- squid_ldap_auth TLS mode works correctly again
- Bug #940, #305: pkg-config support for finding correct OpenSSL
compile flags
- Bug #426: "Vary: *" is ignored
- 100% CPU usage on Linux-2.2
- Version number should not include -CVS if autoconf is run
- Bug #947: deny_info redirection with requested URL escaped wrongly
- Bug #495: CONNECT timeout should produce a 504 or 503
- Bug #956: cache_swap_log documentation referred to swap.state by
it's old swap.log name
- ntlm/auth_ntlm.c(683): warning #187: use of "=" where "==" may
have been intended
- Bug #962: rfc1035NameUnpack: Assertion (*off) < sz failed
- Bug #954: Segment violation when using a blank user name in digest
- Bug #943: assertion failed: errorpage.c:292: "mem->inmem_hi == 0"
- Spelling corrections in configure and squid.conf.default
- The meaning of ERR in digest helper protocol clarified in the
squid.conf documentation
- Bug #950: Spelling error in Turkish ERR_DNS_FAIL
- Bug #616: Negative cached 404 replies with VARY header never matched
- Bug #968: range_offset_limit -1 KB rejected as invalid syntax
due to a shortcoming in the fix to bug #817
- Bug #570: Very large cache_mem values reported wrongly in cache.log
- Bug #676: store_dir_select_algorithm least-load doesn't work for
ufs cache_dir type
- Bug #946: cacheCurrentUnlinkRequests should be a counter, not gauge
- Bug #948: Show client ip in cache.log debug output
- Bug #960: compilation issue on OpenBSD/m88k
- Bug #969: FTP directory listing HTML DOCTYPE misread by some tools
- Bug #991: dns_servers should default to localhost if no resolv.conf
- Bug #717: msnt_auth documentation update
- Bug #753: Segfault in memBufVPrintf on certain architectures
requiring va_copy
- Bug #941: Negative size in access.log on long running CONNECT
- Bug #972: Segmentation fault after "Likely proxy abuse detected"
- Bug #981: sasl_auth updated to work with SALS2
- Overflow bug in Squid's ntlm_auth helper used for transparent NTLM
authentication to a NT domain without using Samba.
Changes to squid-2.5.STABLE5 (1 Mar 2004):
- cache.log message on "squid -k reconfigure" was slightly confusing,
claiming Squid restarted when it just reread the configuration.
- Bug #787: digest auth never detects password changes
- Bug #789: login with space confuses redirector helpers
- Bug #791: FQDNcache discards negative responses when using
internal DNS
- pam_auth fails on Solaris when using pam_authtok_get. Persistent
PAM connections are unsafe and now disabled by default.
- auth_param documentation clarifications and added default realm
values making only the helper program a required attribute
- Bug #795: German ERR_DNS_FAIL correction
- Bug #803: Lithuanian error messages update
- Bug #806: Segfault if failing to load error page
- Bug #812: Mozilla/Netscape plugins mime type defined (.xpi)
- Bug #817: maximum_object_size too large causes squid not to cache
- Bug #824: 100% CPU loop if external_acl combined with separate
authentication acl in the same http_access line
- squid_ldap_group updated to version 2.12 with support for ldaps://
(LDAPv2 over SSL) and a numer of other improvements.
- Bug #799: positive_dns_ttl ignored when using internal DNS.
- Bug #690: Incorrect html on empty Gopher responses
- Bug #729: --enable-arp-acl may give warning about net/route.h
- Bug #14: attempts to establish connection may look like syn flood
attack if the contacted server is refusing connections
- errorpage README files included in the distribution again showing
who contributed which translation
- Bug #848: connect_timeout connect_timeout ends up twice the length.
forward_timeout option added to address this.
- Bug #849: DNS log error messages should report the failed query
- Bug #851: DNS retransmits too often
- Bug #862: Very frequently repeated POST requests may cause a
filedescriptor shortage due to persitent connections building up
- Bug #853: Sporatic segmentation faults on aborted FTP PUT requests
- Bug #571: Need to limit use of persistent connections when
filedescriptor usage is high
- Bug #856: FTP/Gopher Icon URLs are unneededly complex and often
does not work properly
- Bug #860: redirector_access does not handle "slow" acls such as
"dst" or "external" requiring a external lookup.
- Bug #865: Persistent connection usage too high after sudden burst
of traffic.
- Bug #867: cache_peer max-conn=.. option does not work
- Bug #868: refuses to start if pid_filename none is specified
- Bug #887: LDAP helper -Z (TLS) option does not work
- Bug #877: Squid doesn't follow telnet protocol on FTP control
- Bug #908: Random auth popups and account lockouts when using ntlm
- Support for NTLM_NEGOTIATE exchanges with ntlm helpers
- Bug #585: cache_peer_access fails with NTLM authentication
- Bug #592: always/never_direct fails with NTLM authentication
- wbinfo_group update for Samba-3
- Bug #892: helpers/ntlm_auth/SMB/ fails to compile on FreeBSD 5.0
- Bug #924: miss_access restricts internal and cachemgr requests
even if these are local
- Bug #925: auth headers send by squidclient are mildly malformed
- Bug #922: miss_access and delay_access and several other
authentication related bug fixes.
- Bug #909: Added ARP acl support for FreeBSD
- Bug #926: deny_info with http_reply_access or miss_access
- Bug #872: reply_body_max_size problems when using NTLM auth
- Bug #825: random segmentation faults when using digest auth
- Bug #910: Partial fix for temporary memory leaks when using NTLM
auth. There is still problems if challenge reuse is enabled.
- ftp://anonymous@host/ now accepted without requiring a password
- Bug #594: several mime type updates (ftp:// related)
- url_regex enhanced to allow matching of %00
Changes to squid-2.5.STABLE4 (15 Sep 2003):
- Lithuanian error messages added to the distribution
- Bug #660: segfauld if more than one custom deny_info line
- cache_dir disd documentation cleanup
- check open of /dev/null to avoid 100% CPU loop in badly
configured chroot environments
- documentation update on uri_whitespace to refer to the correct RFC
- Bug #655: icmpRecv: recv: (11) Resource temporarily unavailable
- Bug #683: external_acl does not wait for ident lookups to complete
- aufs: Fix a minor use-after-free problem which could cause the
count of opening filedescriptors to grow larger than it should
- Syntax changes to make GCC-3.3 accept Squid without complaints
- Warning if CARP server defined in incorrect load factor order
- neighbor_type_domain documentation update
- http_header_access now works when using cache peers
- high_memory_warning now uses sbrk as fallback mechanism on
platforms where neither mallinfo or mstats are available.
- hosts_file now handles comments at the end of lines correcly
- storeCheckCachable() Stats corrected for release_request and
- cachePeerPingsSent MIB type corrected
- unused minimum_retry_timeout directive removed
- Bug #702: ERR_TO_BIG spanish translation
- Bug #705: Memory leak on deny_info TCP_RESET
- Code cleanup to fix compile error in httpHeaderDelById
- Bug #699: Host header now forwarded exactly where it was in the
original request to work around certain broken firewalls or
load balancers which fail if this header is too far into the
request headers.
- Bug #704: Memory leak on reply_body_max_size
- Bug #686: requests denied due to http_reply_access are now
logged with TCP_DENIED (instead of TCP_MISS, etc).
- Bug #708: ie_refresh now sends no-cache to have the reload
request propagate properly in cache meshes
- Bug #700: Crashes related to ftpTimeout: timeout in SENT_PASV state
- Bug #709: cbdata.c:186: "c->valid" assertion due to peer
digest not found
- Bug #710: round-robin cache_dir selection incorrectly
compares max-size.
- Statistics corrections in HTTP header statitics
- QUICKSTART cleanups
- Bug #715: statCounter.syscalls.disk counters treated
inconsistently. Now increment the counters in AUFS
functions and for unlinkd.
- Improvements to the (experimental) COSS storage scheme.
- Bug #721: User name field in access.log sometimes blank
- Bug #94: assertion failed: http.c: "-1 == cfd ||
FD_SOCKET == fd_table[cfd].type"
- Bug #716: assertion failed: client_side.c:1478: "size > 0"
- Bug #732: aufs calculates number of threads and limits wrongly
- Bug #663: Username not logged into access.log in case of /407
- Bug #267: Form POSTing troubles with NTLM authentication
and occationally in differen other error conditions.
- Bug #736: ICP dynamic timeout algorithm ignores multicast.
- Bug #733: No explicit error message when ncsa_auth can't access
passwd file
- Bug #267, #757: POST with NTLM stops after persistent connection
- Bug #742: Wrong status code on access denials if delay_access
is used. Most notably 407 instead of 403 could be returned.
- Bug #763: segfault if using ntlm in http_reply_access
- Bug #638: assertion error if using proxy_auth in delay_access
- Bug #756: segmentation fault if using ntlm proxy_auth in delay_access
- The issue of reply_body_max_size limiting the size of error
messages no longer applies.
- external_acl_type concurrency= option renamed to children= to
prepare for Squid-3 upgrades. Old syntax still accepted for the
duration of the Squid-2.5 release.
- number of filedescriptors rounded down to an even multiple of 64
to work around issues in certain libc implementations.
- winbind helpers less noisy in cache.log on restarts/shutdown.
- Squid now automatically restarts helpers if too many of them
have crashed.
Changes to squid-2.5.STABLE3 (25 May 2003):
- Bug #573: Occational false negatives in external acl lookups
- Bug #577: assertion failed: cbdata.c:224: "c->y == c" when
external_acl helpers crashes
- Bug #590: Squid may hang or behave oddly on shutdown while
requests is being processed.
- Bug #590: external acl lookups does not deal well with queue
- cache_effective_user documentation update
- cache_peer documentation update for htcp and carp
- Bug #600: The example header_access paranoid setting is
missing WWW-Authenticate
- Bug #605: Segmentation fault in idnsGrokReply() on certain
- Fixes to build properly on AIX 5
- Bug #574: wb_group updated to version 1.1 to make group names
case insensitive and correct a segfault issue in the helper
- SNMP mib updates to make cacheNumObjCount,
cacheCurrentUnlinkRequests, cacheCurrentSwapSize and cacheClients
correctly report as gauges (was reporting as counters).
- Woraround for --enable-ssl Kerberos issue on RedHat 9
- Bug #579: Close and repopen log files on "squid -k reconfigure"
- Bug #598: squid_ldap_auth could segfault if LDAP server is
- Bug #609,#612: msntauth helper fixes in dealing with large
or non-existing allow/deny user files.
- Bug #620: acl ident REQUIRED matches even if the ident lookup fails
- Bug #432: reply_body_max_size fails with ident or proxy_auth acls
and also fails to block large objects where the content-length
is not known
- Bug #606: Basic auth looping and gets stuck at high CPU usage when
multiple proxy_auth ACLs combined in one line and login fails.
- squid_ldap_auth updated with support for TLS and SSL
- Bug #623: segfault if using negated external acls in certain
configurations involving other acls later on the same http_access
- Bug #622: wb_group helper update to version 1.2 to ass support for
Domain-Qualified groups refering to groups in a specific domain
- Bug #596: logic error in poll() error management
- Bug #597: logic errors in error management
- Bug #591: segmentation fault in authentication on "squid -k debug"
- Bug #587: smb_auth fails on complex logins involving domain names
or other odd characters
- Bug #558, #587: fails on complex logins involving
domain names or other odd characters
- Bug #643: external_acl fails with ttl=0 due to a change introduced
by the patch for Bug #553 in 2.5.STABLE2.
- Bug #630: minor issues in digest authantication causing random
authentication failures and incompability with many mainstream
browser digest implementations due to browser qop bugs. To deal
with those broken browser nonce_stricness now defaults to off,
and two new digest options have been added (check_nonce_count
and post_workaround) to allow workarounds to other quite bad
browser bugs if needed.
- Bug #644: digest authentication fails on requests with one
or more comma in the requested URL
- Bug #648: deny_info TCP_RESET not working. The fix for this also
adds the ability to send redirects.
Changes to squid-2.5.STABLE2 (Mars 17, 2003):
- Contrib files added back to the distribution
- Several compiler warnings fixed when using --disable-ident or
- authentication can now be used in most access controls, but
must in most cases first be enforced in http_access to force
the user to authenticate.
- cleanups in the developer process when preparing
the sources.
- several squid.conf.default documentation updated to correctly
refer to the current names when refering to other directives
- authenticate_ip_ttl documentation updates
- several assertion faults and segmentation violations corrected
- the RunCache/RunAccel and squid.rc scripts updated to refer to
the squid binary in sbin rather than the old bin location.
- squid_ldap_auth command line processing fixes when specifying
the LDAP server last on the line instead of -h option
- aufs data corruption bugfix
- aufs performance improvement for low traffic systems
- aufs stability improvements
- external_acl corrected to properly deal with quoted strings
- WCCPv1 bugfix to make sure the router accepts the hash assignments
- "Total accounted memory" now correctly reported in cachemgr
- several small memory leaks (mostly reconfigure related)
- new squid.conf option to allow GET/HEAD requests with a request
- "make uninstall" no longer removes squid.conf
- cachemgr.cgi now uses POST to avoid having the cachemgr password
logged in the web server logs
- authentication schemes which are known to not be proxyable are now
filtered out from forwarded server replies to avoid that the clients
tries to use such schemes when we know for a fact it won't work
- spelling corrections in various error messages
- now possible to define acl values with spaces in them
by using the "include file" feature
- squid_ldap_group updated to 2.10 to fix compilation issues with
recent (and older) OpenLDAP libraries and to make the helper deal
correctly with true LDAP groups by first looking up the user DN.
- Some internal code cleanups
- now verifies that programs etc exists iside the chroot directory
when using chroot_dir. No longer neccesary to set up a split view
environment where the same paths works both inside the chroot and
outside just to convince Squid that the files is actually there..
- improved memory usage reporting
- --disable-hostname-checks configure option
- no longer ignores double dots in host names. Any hostname with
double dots is now rejected as invalid.
- log_mime_hdrs no longer logs garbage if very long headers
are seen.
- 'select_fds_hist' object added to cachemgr 'histogram' output
- pid file now unlinked when squid has really shut down, not
immediately when the shutdown request is received. This allows
the pid file to be monitored to determine when Squid has shut down
- correct authentication scheme setups on some platforms or compilers
- several squid.conf.default documentation updates to remove references
to renamed or replaced directives by changing them to their current
- the SSL reverse proxy support updated to allow building with
OpenSSL 0.9.7 and and later.
- Corrected a minor performance problem while processing HEAD replies
from various broken web servers not sending a correct HTTP reply
- time acls can now specify multiple times in the same acl name, like
most other acl types.
- winbind helpers updated to match Samba-2.2.7a and should
work with Samba-2.2.6 or later (required). For compability with
older Samba versions A new configure option --with-samba-sources=...
has been added to allow you to specify which Samba version the
helpers should be built for if different than the above versions.
- Squid MIB definition syntax correction to work better with newer
(and older) SNMP tools.
- Fixed access.log format when logging "error:invalid-HTTP-ident" on
requests where parsing the HTTP identifier (HTTP/1.0) failed.
- "make distclean" no longer removes the icons, this avoids the
dependency on "uudecode" to rebuild Squid after "make distclean"
- User name returned by external acl lookups (external_acl_type)
is now available as "ident" in later acl checks in addition to
the logging in access.log.
- Incorrect behaviour of Digest authentication partly corrected - it
will not handle sessions, but will always enforce password
correctness.. (patch submitted by Sean Burford).
- Issue with persistent connections and PUT/POST request corrected
Changes to squid-2.5.STABLE1 (September 25, 2002):
- Major rewrite of proxy authentication to support other schemes
than basic. First in the line is NTLM support but others can
easily be added (minimal digest is present). See Programmers Guide.
(Robert Collins & Francesco Chemolli)
- Reworked how request bodies are passed down to the protocols.
Now all client side processing is inside client_side.c, and
the pass and pump modules is no longer used.
used by Squid.
- Optimized searching in proxy_auth and ident ACL types. Squid should
now handle large access lists a lot more efficiently.
(Francesco Chemolli)
- Fixed forwarding/peer loop detection code (Brian Degenhardt) -
now a peer is ignored if it turns out to be us, rather than
committing suicide
- Changed the internal URL code to obey appendDomain for internal
objects if it needs appending. This fixes weirdnesses where
a machine can think it is "", and "foo" is requested.
(Brian Degenhardt)
- Added the use of Automake to create the's in the squid
source tree. This will allow libtool in the future, and immediately
allows better dependency tracking - with or without gcc - as well
as the dist-all and distcheck targets for developers which respectively
build a tar.gz and a tar.bz2 distribution, and check that what will be
distributed builds.
- Added TOS and source address selection based on ACLs,
written by Roger Venning. This allows administrators to set
the TOS precedence bits and/or the source IP from a set of
available IPs based upon some ACLs, generally to map different
users to different outgoing links and traffic profiles.
- Added 'max-conn' option to 'cache_peer'
- Added SSL gatewaying support, allowing Squid to act as a SSL server
in accelerator setups.
- SASL authentication helper by Ian Castle
- msntauth updated to v2.0.3
- no_cache now applies to cache hits as well as cache misses
- the Gopher client in Squid has been significantly improved
- Squid now sanity checks FTP data connections to ensure the
connection is from the requested server. Can be disabled if
needed by turning off the ftp_sanitycheck option.
- external acl support. A mechanism where flexible ACL checks
can be driven by external helpers. See the external_acl_type
and acl external directives.
- Countless other small things and fixes
- HTML pages generated by Squid or CacheMgr as well as the
ERR documents now contain a doctype declaration so that
browsers know which HTML specification the document uses.
In addition to that they have a new look (background-color, font)
and are valid according to the HTML standards at
(Clemens L ser)
- Login and password send to Basic auth helpers is now URL escaped
to allow for spaces and other "odd" characters in logins and
- Proxy Authentication is no longer blindly forwarded to peer
caches if not used locally. If forwarding of proxy authentication
is desired then it must now be configured with the login=PASS
cache_peer option.
- Responses with Vary: in the header are now cached by squid.
(Henrik Nordstrom).
- Removed unused 'siteselect_timeout' directive.
Changes to Squid-2.4.STABLE7 (July 2, 2002):
- Squid now drops any requests using transfer-encoding.
Squid is a HTTP/1.0 proxy and as such do not support
the use of transfer-encoding.
- The MSNT auth helper has been updated to v2.0.3+fixes for
buffer overflow security issues found in this helper.
- A security issue in how Squid forwards proxy authentication
credentials has been fixed
- Minor changes to support Apple MAC OS X and some other platforms
more easily.
- The client -T option has been implemented
- HTCP related bugfixes in "squid -k reconfigure"
- Several bugfixes and cleanup of the Gopher client, both
to correct some security issues and to make Squid properly
render certain Gopher menus.
- FTP data channels are now sanity checked to match the address of
the requested FTP server. This to prevent theft or injection of
data. See the new ftp_sanitycheck directive if this is not desired.
- Security fixes in how Squid parses FTP directory listings into HTML
Changes to Squid-2.4.STABLE6 (March 19, 2002):
- The patch for 2.4.STABLE5 was insufficiently tested and
introduced a bug that causes frequent assertions when
handling DNS PTR answers.
Changes to Squid-2.4.STABLE5 (March 15, 2002):
- Fixed an array bounds bug in lib/rfc1035.c. This bug
could allow a malicious DNS server to send bogus replies
and corrupt the heap memory.
Changes to Squid-2.4.STABLE4 (Feb 19, 2002)
- htcp_port 0 now properly disables htcp
- Fixed problem with certain non-anonymous ftp:// style URL's
- SNMP bugfixes including several memory leaks
Changes to Squid-2.4.STABLE3 (Nov 28, 2001):
- Fixed bug #255: core dump on SSL/CONNECT if access denied by
- Fixed bug #246: corrupt on-disk meta information preventing
rebuilds of lost swap.state files
- Fixed bug #243: squid_ldap_auth now supports spaces in passwords
- Fixed a coredump when creating FTP directories
- Fixed a compile time problem with statHistDump prototype mistmatch,
reported by some compilers
- Fixed a potential coredump situation on snmpwalk in certain
- Fixed bug #229: filedescriptor leakage in the "aufs" cache_dir
store implementation
- Serbian error message translations
Changes to Squid-2.4.STABLE2 (Aug 24, 2001):
- Expanded configure's GCC optimization disabling check to
include GCC 2.95.3
- avoid negative served_date in storeTimestampsSet().
- Made 'diskd' pathnames more configurable
- Make sure squid parent dies if child is killed with
KILL signal
- Changed diskd offset args to off_t instead of int
- Fixed bugs #102, #101, #205: various problems with useragent
log files
- Fixed bug #116: Large Age: values still cause problems
- Fixed bug #119: Floating point exception in
- Fixed bug #114: usernames not logged with
- Fixed bug #115: squid eating up resources (eventAdd args)
- Fixed bug #125: garbage HTCP requests cause assertion
- Fixed bug #134: 'virtual port' support ignores
httpd_accel_port, causes a loop in httpd_accel mode
- Fixed bug #135: assertion failed: logfile.c:135: "lf->offset
<= lf->bufsz"
- Fixed bug #137: Ranges on misses are over-done
- Fixed bug #160: referer_log doesn't seem to work
- Fixed bug #162: some memory leaks (SNMP, delay_pools,
comm_dns_incoming histogram)
- Fixed bug #165: "Store Mem Buffer" leaks badly
- Fixed bug #172: Ident Based ACLs fail when applied to
- Fixed bug #177: LinuxPPC 2000 segfault bug due to varargs abuse
- Fixed bug #182: 'config' cachemgr option dumps core with
null storage
- Fixed bug #185: storeDiskdDirParseQ[12]() use wrong number
of args in debug/printf
- Fixed bug #187: bugs in lib/base64.c
- Fixed bug #184: storeDiskdShmGet() assertion; changed
diskd to use bitmap instead of linked list
- Fixed bug #194: Compilation fails on index() on some
non-BSD platforms
- Fixed bug #197: refreshIsCachable() incorrectly checks
- Fixed bug #215: NULL pointer access for proxy requests
in accel-only mode
Changes to Squid-2.4.STABLE1 (Mar 20, 2001):
- Fixed a bug in and cleaned up class 2/3 delay pools
- Fixed a coredump bug when using external dnsservers that
become overloaded.
- Fixed some NULL pointer bugs for NULL storage system
when reconfiguring.
- Fixed a bug with useragent logging that caused Squid to
think the logfile never got opened.
- Fixed a compiling bug with --disable-unlinkd.
- Changed src/squid.h to always use O_NONBLOCK on Solaris
if it is defined.
- Fixed a bug with signed/unsigned bitfield flag variables
that caused problems on Solaris.
- Fixed a bug in clientBuildReplyHeader() that could add
an Age: header with a negative value, causing an assertion
- Fixed an SNMP reporting bug. cacheCurrentResFileDescrCnt
was returning the number of FDs in use, rather than
the number of reserved FDs.
- Added the 'pipeline_prefetch' configuration option.
- cache_dir syntax changed to use options instead of many
arguments. This means that the max_objsize argument now
is an optional option, and that the syntax for how to
specify the diskd magics is slightly different.
- Various fixes for CYGWIN
- Upgraded MSNT auth module to version 2.0.
- Fixed potential problems with HTML by making sure all
HTML output is properly encoded.
- Fixed a memory initialization problem with resource records in
- Rewrote date parsing in lib/rfc1123.c and made it a little
more lenient.
- Added Cache-control: max-stale support.
- Fixed 'range_offset_limit' again. The problem this time
is that client_side.c wouldn't set the we_dont_do_ranges
flag for normal cache misses. It was only being set for
requests that might have been hits, but we decided to
change to a miss.
- Added the Authenticate-Info and Proxy-Authenticate-Info
headers from RFC 2617.
- HTTP header lines longer than 64K could cause an assertion.
Now they get ignored.
- Fixed an IP address scanning bug that caused ""
to be interpreted as an IP address.
- Converted many structure allocations to use mem pools.
- Changed proxy authentication to strip leading whitespace
from usernames after decoding.
- Prevented NULL pointer access in aclMatchAcl(). Some
ACL types require checklist->request_t, but it won't be
available in some cases (like snmp_access). Warn the
admin that the ACL can't be checked and that we're denying
- Allow zero-size disk caches.
- The actual filesystem blocksize is now used to account
for space overheads when calculating on-disk cache size.
- Made the maximum memory cache object size configurable.
- Added 'minimum_direct_rtt' configuration option.
- Added 'ie_refresh' configuration option, which is a hack
to turn IMS requests into no-cache requests.
- Added support for netfilter in linux-2.4. This allows transparent
proxy connections to function correctly in the absence of a Host:
header. This requires --enable-linux-netfilter to be passed through
to configure. (Evan Jones)
- Fixed a bug with clientAccessCheck() that allowed proxy
requests in accel mode.
- Fixed a bug with 301/302 replies from redirectors. Now
we force them to be cache misses.
- Accommodated changes to the IP-Filter ioctl() interface
for intercepted connections.
- Fixed handling of client lifetime timeouts.
- Fixed a buffer overflow bug with internal DNS replies
by truncating received packets to 512 bytes, as per
RFC 1035.
- Added "forward.log" support, but its work in progress.
- Rewrote much of the IP and FQDN cache implementation.
This change gets rid of pending hits.
- Changed peerWouldBePinged() to return false if our
ICP/HTCP port is zero (i.e. disabled).
- Changed src/net_db.c to use src/logfile.c routines,
rather than stdio, because of solaris stdio filedescriptor
- Made netdbReloadState() more robust in case of corrupted
- Rewrote some freshness/staleness functions in src/refresh.c,
partially inspired to support cache-control max-stale.
- Fixed status code logging for SSL/CONNECT requests.
- Added a hack to subtract cache digest network traffic
from statistics so that byte hit ratio stays positive
and more closely reflects what people expect it to be.
- Fixed a bug with storeCheckTooSmall() that caused
internal icons and cache digests to always be released.
- Added statfs(2) support for displaying actual filesystem
usage in the cache manager 'storedir' output.
- Changed status reporting for storage rebuilding. Now it
prints percentage complete instead of number of entries
- Use mkstemp() rather than problem-prone tempnam().
- Changed urlParse() to condense multiple dots in hostnames.
- Major rewrite of async-io (src/fs/aufs) to make it behave
a bit more sane with substantially less overhead. Some
tuning work still remains to make it perform optimal.
See the start of store_asyncufs.h for all the knobs.
- Fixed storage FS modules to use individual swap space
high/low values rather than the global ones.
- Fixed storage FS bugs with calling file_map_bit_reset()
before checking the bit value. Calling with an invalid
value caused memory corruption in random places.
- Prevent NULL pointer access in store_repl_lru.c for
entries that exist in the hash but not the LRU list.
Changes to Squid-2.4.DEVEL4 ():
- Added --enable-auth-modules=... configure option
- Improved ICP dead peer detection to also work when the workload
is low
- Improved TCP dead peer detection and recovery
- Squid is now a bit more persistent in trying to find a alive
parent when never_direct is used.
- nonhierarchical_direct squid.conf directive to make non-ICP
peer selection behave a bit more like ICP selection with respect
to hierarchy.
- Bugfix where netdb selection could override never_direct
- ICP timeout selection now prefers to use parents only when
calculating the dynamic timeout to compensate for common RTT
differences between parents and siblings.
- No longer starts to swap out objects which are known to be above
the maximum allowed size.
- allow-miss cache_peer option disabling the use of "only-if-cached".
Meant to be used in conjunction with icp_hit_stale.
- Delay pools tuned to allow large initial pool values
- cachemgr filesystem space information changed to show useable space
rather than raw space, and platform support somewhat extended.
- Logs destination IP in the hierarchy log tag when going direct.
(can be disabled by turning log_ip_on_direct off)
- Async-IO on linux now makes proper use of mutexes. This fixes some
odd pthread segfaults on SMP Linux machines, at a slight performance
- %s can now be used in cache_swap_log and will be substituted with
the last path component of cache_dir.
- no_cache is now a full ACL check without, allowing most ACL types
to be used.
- The CONNECT method now obeys miss_access requirements
- proxy_auth_regex and ident_regex ACL types
- Fixed a StoreEntry memory leak during "dirty" rebuild
- Helper processes no longer hold unrelated filedescriptors open
- Helpers are now restarted when the logs are rotated
- Negatively cached DNS entries are now purged on "reload".
- PURGE now also purges the DNS cache
- HEAD on FTP objects no longer retrieves the whole object
- More cleanups of the dstdomain ACL type
- Squid no longer tries to do Range internally if it is not supported
by the origin server. Doing so could cause bandwidth spikes and/or
negative hit ratio.
- httpd_accel_single_host squid.conf directive
- "round-robin" cache_peer counters are reset every 5 minutes to
compensate previously dead peers
- DNS retransmit parameters
- Show all FTP server messages
- squid.conf.default now indicates if a directive isn't enabled in
the installed binary, and what configure option to use for enabling it
- Fixed a temporary memory leak on persistent POSTs
- Fixed a temporary memory leak when the server response headers
includes NULL characters
- authenticate_ip_ttl_is_strict squid.conf option
- req_mime_type ACL type
- A reworked storage system that supports storage directories in
a more modular fashion. The object replacement and IO is now
responsibility of the storage directory, and not of the storage
- Fixed a bogus MD5 mismatch warning sometimes seen when using
aufs or diskd stores
- Added --enable-stacktraces configure option to set PRINT_STACK_TRACE,
and extended support for this to Linux/GNU libc.
- Disabled the "request timeout" error message sent if the user agent
did not provide a request in a timely manner after opening the
connection. Now the connection is silently closed. The error message
was confusing user agents utilizing persistent connections.
- Fixed configure --enable descriptions to match the arg names.
- Eliminated compile warnings from auth_modules/MSNT code.
- Require first character of hostnames to be alphanumeric.
- Made ARP ACL work for Solaris.
- Removed storeClientListSearch().
- Added counters to track diskd operation success and
- Fixed range_offset_limit.
- Added code to retry ServFail replies for internal DNS
- Added referer header logging (Jens-S. Voeckler).
- Added "multi-domain-NTLM" authentication module, a Perl
script from Thomas Jarosch.
- Added configurable warning messages for high memory usage,
high response time, and high page faults.
- Made store dir selection algorithm configurable.
- Added support for admin-definable extension methods,
up to 20.
- Added 'maximum_object_size_in_memory' as a configuration option -
this defines the watermark where objects transit from being true
hot objects to being in-transit objects in memory. It currently
defaults to 8 KB.
- Change to the fqdn code which changes how pending DNS requests
are treated as private and only become public once they are
completed. This can add extra load on DNS servers but prevents
all the pending clients blocking if one of the queries got
stuck. (Duane Wessels)
- Converted more code to use MemPools, from Andres Kroonmaa.
- Added more CYGWIN patches from Robert Collins.
Changes to Squid-2.4.DEVEL3 ():
- Added Logfile module.
- Added DISKD stats via cachemgr.
- Added squid.conf options for DISKD magic constants.
Changes to Squid-2.4.DEVEL2 (Feb 29, 2000):
Changes to Squid-2.4.DEVEL1 ():
Changes to Squid-2.3.STABLE4 (July 18, 2000):
- Fixed --localstatedir configure option (IKEDA Shigeru).
- Fixed IPFilter headers on OpenBSD (Nic Bellamy, Brad
- Added pthread_sigmask() check to configure (Daniel
- Added CYGWIN patches from Robert Collins.
- Changed internal DNS lookups to retry queries that are
returned with RCODE 2 (ServFail).
- Added 'virtual port' support (Gregg Kellogg). If
'httpd_accel_uses_host_header' is enabled, then we use
the port number from the Host header. Otherwise, when
'httpd_accel_port' is set to "0" we use the port number
of the local end of the client socket.
- Fixed a typo in carp.c (Nikolaj Yourgandjiev).
- Made Squid accept GET requests that have a "content-length:
0" header.
- Added a sanity check on the NHttpSockets[] array index
(Gregg Kellogg).
- Added a friendlier message when Squid can't find any DNS
nameserver addresses to use (Daniel Kiracofe).
- Added nonstandard WEBDAV methods: BMOVE, BDELETE, BPROPFIND
(Craig Whitmore).
- Added missing '%c' token replacement in error page
- Fixed a bug with 'minimum_object_size' that prevented
internal icons from being loaded.
- Fixed "extra semicolon" bug in storeExpiredReferenceAge()
that could prevent any objects from being replaced.
- Make sure that storeDirDiskFull() doesn't actually
*increase* the cache size.
- Changed a storeSwapMetaUnpack() assertion to a recoverable
error condition.
- Removed "wccpHereIam" event check that could cause Squid
to stop sending HERE_I_AM messages.
Changes to Squid-2.3.STABLE3 (May 15, 2000):
- Fixed malloc linking problems on Solaris. The configure
script incorrectly set options for dlmalloc.
- Added a configure check to remove compiler optimization
for GCC 2.95.x.
- Updated MSNT authenticator module.
- Updated Estonian error pages.
- Updated Japanese error pages.
- Fixed expires bug in httpReplyHdrCacheInit. It was
incorrectly setting expires based on max-age. It was using
the current time as a basis, instead of the response date.
- Fixed "USE_DNSSERVER" typos.
- Added a workaround for getpwnam() problems on Solaris.
getpwnam() could fail if there are fewer than 256 FDs
available. This causes root to own some disk files.
- Added an 'offline_toggle' option via the cache manager.
- Added a 'minimum_object_size' option. Files smaller than
this size are not stored.
- Added 'passive_ftp' option to disable passive FTP transfers.
- Added 'wccp_version' option because some Cisco IOS versions
require WCCP version 3.
- The 'client' program in ping mode (-g) now prints transfer
- Fixed logging of proxy auth username for redirected
- Fixed bogus Age values for IMS requests.
- Fixed persistent connection timeout for client-side
connections. It was hard-coded to 15 seconds, now uses
the 'pconn_timeout' value.
- Fixed up httpAcceptDefer. It wasn't being used properly
and caused high CPU usage when Squid gets close to the FD
- Numerous delay_pools fixes and checks.
- Fixed SNMP coredumps from running snmpwalk.
- Added a check for errno == EPIPE in icmp.c when pinger uses
a Unix socket instead of a UDP socket.
- Fixed ACL checklist memory initialization bugs.
- Cleaned up the MIB file. Replaced contact information and
checked description fields.
- Removed LRU reference_age hard-coded upper limit.
- Fixed async I/O FD leak.
- Made getMyHostname() more robust.
- Fixed domain list matching bug. "" wasn't properly
compared to "" and confused splay tree ordering.
- Added a check for whitespace in hostnames and optionally
strip whitespace if 'uri_whitespace' setting allows.
- Added status code and checking to ASN/whois queries.
Changes to Squid-2.3.STABLE2 (Mar 2, 2000):
- Changed Copyright text.
- Changed configure so that some IRIX-6.4 hacks apply to
all IRIX-6.* versions.
- Cleaned up HTML bugs in error pages.
- Told configure to check for netinet/if_ether.h, which
is used in ARP ACL code, but might not be required.
- Added "Cookie" to known HTTP headers so it can be
used in anonymizer configuration.
- Added optional TCP_REDIRECT log code for logging
of 301/302 responses returned by Squid.
- Added a check for a currently running Squid process.
If the pid file exists, and the pid is running,
Squid complains and refuses to start another instance.
- Changed async I/O scope to PTHREAD_SCOPE_PROCESS for
- Fixed a bug with the PURGE method. The purge enable
flag was not getting cleared during reconfigure.
Also required PURGE method to be used in http_access
list before enabling.
- Fixed async I/O assertions for file open errors.
- Fixed internal DNS assertion when unpacking truncated
- Fixed anonymize_headers bug that caused all headers
to be allowed after a reconfigure.
- Fixed an access denied bug for accelerator-only installations.
- Fixed internal DNS initialization so that it uses
'dns_nameservers' settings in squid.conf if set.
- Fixed 'maxconn' ACL bug that caused it to work backwards
(Pedro Ribeiro).
- Fixed syslog bug for daemon mode on Linux.
- Fixed 'http_port' parsing bugs.
- Fixed internal DNS byte ordering bugs for PTR queries.
- Fixed internal DNS queue getting stuck during periods
of low activity (Henrik).
- Fixed byte ordering bugs for parsing EPLF FTP listings
on 64-bit systems.
- Fixed 'request_body_max_size' bug that caused all
POST, PUT requests to be denied if max size is set
to zero.
- Fixed 'redirector_access' bug when using 'myport' ACLs.
- Fixed CARP neighbor selection bugs for down peers.
- Added 'client_persistent_connections' and
'server_persistent_connections' flags to disable persistent
connections for clients and servers.
- Fixed access logging bug that caused many requests to be
logged as TCP_MISS.
- Added some bounds checking to delay pools code.
Changes to Squid-2.3.STABLE1 (Jan 9, 2000):
- Updated PAM authentication module from Henrik Nordstrom.
- Updated Bulgarian error messages from Svetlin Simeonov.
- Changed ACL routines so that User-Agent (browser) string
is always taken from compiled HTTP request headers
instead of passed as an argument to aclCreateChecklist.
- Added a 'strip' option to the 'uri_whitesace' configuration
directive and made it the default behavior. Whitespace
found in URI's is now stripped out by default.
- Added chroot feature. The 'chroot_dir' config option enables
it and specifies the directory.
- Changed clientBuildReplyHeader so that the Age header is
added only for cache hits, and only when we can calculate
a valid, positive age value.
- Changed clientWriteComplete and clientGotNotEnough so
that they keep persistent connections open for more types
of replies that don't have bodies.
- Changed filemap.c routines to dynamically grow filemap
space as needed.
- Added a hack to ftp.c to deal with, which
sometimes doesn't acknowledge PASV commands.
- Fixed FTP bug with ftpScheduleReadControlReply; there
was not always a timeout handler on the control socket
after the transfer completed.
- Fixed FTP filedescriptor leak from invalid PASV replies.
- Changed httpBuildRequestHeader so that it doesn't
copy the Host header from the client request. Instead
we should generate our own Host header which is known
to be correct.
- Changed storeTimestampsSet to adjust entry->timestamp
if the response includes an Age header.
- Removed size limit from storeKeyHashBuckets.
- Changed fwdConnectStart from a "heavy" to a "light" event.
- Fixed an 'anonymize_headers' bug that affects unknown
HTTP headers. With the bug, if you list a header that
Squid doesn't know about (such as "Charset"), it would
add HDR_OTHER to the allow/deny mask. This caused all
unknown headers to be allowed or denied (depending on
the scheme you use). Now, with the bug fixed, an unknown
header in the 'anonymize_headers' list is simply ignored.
Changes to Squid-2.3.DEVEL3 ():
- Added MSNT auth module from Antonino Iannella.
- Added --enable-underscores configure option. This allows
Squid to accept hostnames with underscores in them. Your
DNS resolver may still complain about them, however.
- Added --heap-replacement configure option. This enables
the alternative cache replacement policies, such as
- WCCP establishes and registers with the router faster.
- Added 'maxconn' acl type to limit the number of established
connections from a single client IP address. Submitted
by Vadim Kolontsov.
- Close FTP data socket as soon as transfer completes
(Alexander V. Lukyanov).
- Fixed ftpReadPass() to not clobber ctrl.message when
the PASS command fails.
- Added a redirect.c patch so squidGuard is able to do
per-user access control (Antony T Curtis).
- discard the pumpMethod() function, and instead use the
fact that the request has a request entity (content-length
present) (Henrik).
- Reload the MIME icons at reconfigure time (Radu Greab).
- Updated Richard Huveneers' SMB authentication module to
his version 0.05 package.
- Fixed lib/heap.c::heap_delete() bug when deleting the
last node.
- Fixed an integer conversion bug in
- Fixed lib/rfc1738 routines to encode reserved characters,
in addition to encoding the unsafe characters (Henrik).
- Changed the interface for splay compare and "walk"
functions to take a void pointer, instead of a splayNode
pointer (Henrik).
- Changed numerous HTTP parsing routines to use ssize_t
instead of size_t. This was done because size_t may be
signed or unsigned. When it is unsigned, gcc emits
numerous "comparison is always true" warnings. At least
we know ssize_t is always signed.
- Fixed src/HttpHeaderTools::httpHeaderHasConnDir() and
friends so that it properly handles multi-value lists.
- Added an "end" (ssize_t) parameter to
src/HttpReply::httpReplyParse() so that we know exactly
where to terminate the header buffer.
- Changed src/access_log.c::log_quote() so that it only
encodes whitespace characters, and not all URL-special
characters (Henrik).
- Added local port ACL type ("myport") (Henrik).
- Added maximum number of connections per client ("maxconn")
as an ACL type.
- Fixed proxy authentication username/password parsing to
be more robust (Henrik).
- Fixed ACL domain/host and domain/domain comparison
functions yet again. Eliminated duplicate code so that
only src/url.c::matchDomainName() contains this mysterious
- Changed the 'http_port' option to accept an IP address
or hostname as well (Henrik).
- Removed 'tcp_incoming_addr' option.
- Added an access control list for the redirector
('redirector_access'). Requests which match are sent to
the redirector. All requests. are redirected by default.
- Added the 'authenticate_ip_ttl' option. It specifies
how long a valid proxy authentication credential is
bound to a specific address.
- Added 280, 488, 591, and 777 to "Safe_ports" ACL.
- Removed the unused and highly questionable 'forward_snmpd_port'
- Added an option to accept DNS messages from unknown nameservers.
This may be necessary if replies come from a different address
than queries are sent to.
- Added #includes for IP Filter files in netinet directory.
- Fixed a bug with retrying forwarded IMS requests (Henrik).
- Fixed a bug in src/client_side.c::clientInterpretRequestHeaders()
where we were checking a cache-control bit before getting the
mask from the HTTP headers (
- Fixed a bug with "no_cache" access list. If not defined,
everything was uncachable by default.
- Fixed a bug with timed-out client-side HTTP connections.
We didn't cancel the read handler, which could lead to
"rwstate != NULL" warnings.
- Changed comm_open() to only call fdAdjustReserved() for
specific errors (ENFILE, EMFILE);
- Fixed NULL pointer bug in idnsParseResolvConf().
- Added DELETE request method.
- Added RFC 2518 HTTP status codes.
- Fixed handling of URL passwords when we need to rewrite a
- Fixed a bug with FTP requests where a request gets aborted,
but we try to complete it anyway. It would result in a
"store_status != STORE_PENDING" assertion. The solution
is to check for ENTRY_ABORTED before reading from
the control channel too.
- Changed FTP to retry a request if Squid fails to establish
a PASV data connection (Henrik).
- Fixed numerous HTCP memory leaks and an uninitialized memory
- Changed httpMaybeRemovePublic() with RFC 2518 and 2616 in
mind (Henrik).
- Minor fixes for Rhapsody systems.
- Define _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED in squid.h so that AIX systems
don't include varargs.h.
- Changed src/store_client.c::storeClientType() so that
an entry can have more than one STORE_MEM_CLIENT.
- Changed src/store_client.c::storeClientReadHeader()
to check swapfile metadata (Henrik).
- Changed src/url.c::urlCheckRequest() to return FALSE for
any "https://" URL. These should always be CONNECT
instead. If Squid gets an "https://" URL, it is a browser
- Added numerous squid.conf options for controlling cache
digests. Previously these were hard-coded in
src/store_digest.c. (Martin Hamilton)
- Added 'cache_peer' option called 'digest-url' that
lets you specify the URL for a peer's digest.
(Martin Hamilton)
- Added DELAY_POOLS hacks to scan "slow" connections in
a random order (David Luyer).
- ARP_ACL fixes from Damien Miller. Linux 2.2.x uses a
per-interface arp/neighbour cache, whereas 2.0.x uses a
unified cache. Under 2.2.x you are required to specify
a interface name when looking up ARP table entries with
- If the process umask is not set (i.e. 0), then Squid
changes it to 007.
Changes to Squid-2.3.DEVEL2 ():
- Added --enable-truncate configure option.
- Updated Czech error messages ()
- Updated French error messages ()
- Updated Spanish error messages ()
- Added xrename() function for better debugging.
- Disallow empty ("") password in aclDecodeProxyAuth()
(BoB Miorelli).
- Fixed ACL SPLAY subdomain detection (again).
- Increased default 'request_body_max_size' from 100KB
to 1MB in
- Added 'content_length' member to request_t structure
so we don't have to use httpHdrGetInt() so often.
- Fixed repeatedly calling memDataInit() for every reconfigure.
- Cleaned up the case when fwdDispatch() cannot forward a
request. Error messages used to report "[no URL]".
- Added a check to return specific error messages for a
"store_digest" request when the digest entry doesn't exist
and we reach internalStart().
- Changed the interface of storeSwapInStart() to avoid a bug
where we closed "sc->swapin_sio" but couldn't set the
pointer to NULL.
- Changed storeDirClean() so that the rate it gets called
depends on the number of objects deleted.
- Some WCCP fixes.
- Added 'hostname_aliases' option to detect internal requests
(cache digests) when a cache has more than one hostname
in use.
- Async I/O NUMTHREADS now configurable with --enable-async-io=N
(Henrik Nordstrom).
- Added queue length to async I/O cachemgr stats (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Added OPTIONS request method.
Changes to Squid-2.3.DEVEL1 ():
- Added WCCP support. This adds the 'wccp_router' squid.conf
- Added internal DNS queries; Most installations can run
without the external dnsserver processes.
- Rewrote much of the code that stores cache objects on
disk. Developed a programming interface that should
allow new storage systems to be added easily. This still
is pretty ugly and needs a lot of work, however.
- Replaced async_io.c "tags" with callback data locks.
This probably breaks async IO in a bad way.
- Tried to write an Async IO disk storage module.
- Added code to replace the StoreEntry linked list with a
heap structure. This allows for different replacement
algorithms, instead of being stuck with LRU. This adds
the 'replacement_policy' squid.conf option. (John Dilley
et al).
- Fixed HTCP queries by actually checking for freshness
based on the HTCP header fields.
- Fixed passing of redirector command line arguments.
- Added 'request_header_max_size' squid.conf option.
- Added 'request_body_max_size' squid.conf option.
- Added 'reply_body_max_size' squid.conf option.
- Added 'peer_connect_timeout' squid.conf option.
- Added 'redirector_bypass' squid.conf option.
- Added RFC 2518 (WEBDAV) request methods.
Changes to Squid-2.2 (April 19, 1999):
- Removed all SNMP specific ACL code
SNMP now uses generic squid ACL's
- Removed view-based access crontrol
- Cleaned up and simplified SNMP section of squid.conf
- Changed the SNMP code to use a tree stucture.
- Added objects to MIB:
Request Hit Ratio's
Byte Hit Ratio's
Number of Clients
- Changed SNMP Agent to return object instances correctly.
- Added our own assert() macro so we can use debug() instead of
printing to stderr.
- Added eventFreeMemory().
- Fixed ipcCreate() bug when debug_log has FD <= 2.
- Changed watchChild() and related code in main.c so that
Squid can behave more like a proper daemon process.
- Added 'prefer_direct' option (enabled by default) so that
people can give parents higher preference than direct.
- Fixed ipc.c close() bug for async IO. On FreeBSD,
comm_close() doesn't work for child processes when async IO is
- Fixed setting the public key for large ``icons'' (Henrik
- Rewrote peer digest module to fix memory leaks on reconfigure
and clean the code. Increased "current" digest version to 5
("required" version is still 3). Revised "Peer Select" cache
manager stats.
- Added "-k parse" command line option: parses the config file
but does not send a signal unlike other -k options.
- Revamped storeAbort() calling. Only store_client.c has all
the right information to determine if the request should
be aborted. Now client and server modules just storeUnregister
without ever needing to call storeAbort.
- Small change of Squid output for FTP (Andrew Filonov,
Henrik Nordstrom).
- clientGetsOldEntry() sends old entry if new request status
is in the 500-range (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Changed configure so it works with IRIX6.4 C compiler (broken?)
option -OPT:fast_io=ON.
- Fixed comm_connect_addr() non-blocking connections for
- Changed "#ifdef __STDC__" to "#if STDC_HEADERS" as recommended
by autoconf documentation.
- Fixed client-side cache-control max-age (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Added a new error page: ERR_SHUTTING_DOWN. fwdStart() returns
this error if it is called while squid is in the process of
shutting down.
- Added support for linuxthreads package under FreeBSD (Tony Finch).
- Fixed HP-UX StatHist.c assertions by making the "hbase_f"
functions non-static (Michael Pelletier).
- Fixed logging of authenticated usernames even if the
authorization is not cached (Dancer).
- Fixed pconnPush() bug that prevented holding on to
persistent connections (Manfred Bathelt).
- Pid file now rewritten on SIGHUP.
- Numerous Ident changes:
- Ident lookups will now be done on demand if you use the
'ident' ACL type.
- The 'ident_lookup on|off' option has been replaced with
an access list, so you can do lookups only for some
client addresses.
- Added an 'ident_timeout' option to specifiy the amount
of time to wait for an ident lookup.
- Added a (local) hit rate to mempool metering.
- FTP Restarts (REST command) is now supported.
- Check for libintl.a on SCO3.2.
- Disable poll() on SCO3.2.
- Numerous Async IO enhancements from Henrik.
- Removed cache_mem_low and cache_mem_high options (Henrik
- Replaced 'persistent_client_posts' with 'broken_posts' access
- Rewrote the anonymizer.
- Removed the http_anonymizer option.
- Added the anonymize_headers option to allow individual
referencing of headers for addition or removal. See
'anonymize_headers' in squid.conf for additional
- Fixed config file parser's handing of optional directives.
Some people might get new warnings about unknown config
- Added 'myip' ACL type. This is the local IP address for
connected sockets (Luyer).
- Fixed parsing of FTP DOS directory listings with spaces
- Numerous DELAY_POOL changes/fixes from David Luyer:
- Makes no-delay neighbors for DELAY_POOLS work by
using a fd_set with the connections to no-delay
peers marked in it.
- Makes IP addresses ending in 0 and 255, and
network number 255, work with individual and
network delay pools (they were previously not
permitted, and documented as such).
- Massive overhaul of delay pools code - dynamically
allocated delay pools, as many as required.
- delayPoolsUpdate stops running if DELAY_POOLS is
configured but no delay pools are configured.
- Initial delay pool levels are now configurable
as a percentage of the maximum for the pool in
question (used to be all set to 1 second worth
of traffic). Pools are restored to this level
on reconfiguratoin.
- Changed storeClientCopy to give a swap-in failure if
the number of open disk FD's is above the 'max_open_disk_fds'
limit. Otherwise, a very loaded cache will end up with
all disk files open for reading, and none for writing.
- Added lib/inet_ntoa.c from BSD Unix for systems that have
broken inet_ntoa(). (Erik Hofman).
- Added more specific FTP error messages for "permission
denied, "file not found," and "service unavailable."
(Tony Finch)
- Added xisspace(), xisdigit(), etc, macros to cast function
args and eliminate compiler warnings.
- Fixed case-sensitive comparisons of domain names (Henrik
- Added proxy-authentication to cachemgr.cgi's requests
(Henrik Nordstrom).
- Changed Squid to *truncate* rather than *unlink* purged
swap files. Can be reversed by undefining
USE_TRUNCATE_NOT_UNLINK in src/defines.h.
- Changed internal icon headers to use Cache-control
Max-age instead of Expires.
- Changed storeMaintainSwapSpace behavior to be adjusted
smoothly, instead of discretely, between store_swap_low
and store_swap_high. This includes the number of
objects to scan, number to remove, and time until the
next storeMaintainSwapSpace event.
- Fixed a quick_abort bug that incorrectly calculated
content lengths.
- Added getpwnam() auth module from Erik Hofman.
- Added 'coredump_dir' option.
- Fixed a peerDestroy() assertion that required peer->digest
to be NULL at the end of peerDestroy().
- configure script now automatically enables dlmalloc for
- configure enables poll() on linux 2.2 and later (Henrik).
- Icon files are now distributed in binary format, install
will not need to run 'sh' and 'uudecode'.
- Fixed some bugs with large responses (>READ_AHEAD_GAP) and
re-forwarding requests and ENTRY_FWD_HDR_WAIT.
fwdCheckDeferRead() will NOT defer reading if the
ENTRY_FWD_HDR_WAIT bit is set.
- Fixed a "F->" assertion for aborted FTP PUT's.
- Fixed a (double) cast problem that caused statAvgTick()
events to be added as fast as possible.
- Changed httpPacked304Reply() to not include the Content-Length
header for 304 replies that Squid generates. We used to
include the length of the cached object, and this broke
persistent connections.
- Fixed configure bug for statvfs() checks. Configure reports
"test: =: unary operator expected" or similar because an
unquoted variable is not defined.
- Fixed aclDestroyAcls() assertion because some ACL types
are not listed in the switch statement. Occurs for
srcdom_regex and dstdom_regex ACL types during reconfigure.
- Typo "applicatoin" in src/mime.conf
- The unlinkd daemon never saw the USE_TRUNCATE_NOT_UNLINK
#define because it didn't include squid.h.
- Fixed commRetryFD() when bind() fails. commRetryFD was
closing the filedescriptor, but it is the upper layer's
job to close it.
- Changed configure's "maximum number of filedescriptors"
detection to only use getrlimit() for Linux. On AIX,
getrlimit returns RLIM_INFINITY.
- Fixed snmpInit() nesting bug.
- Fixed a bug with peerGetSomeParent(). It was adding
a parent to the FwdServers list, regardless of the
ps->direct value. This could cause every request to
go to a parent even when always_direct is used.
- Changed fwdServerClosed() to rotate the "forward servers"
list when a connection establishment fails. Otherwise
it always kept trying to connect to the first server
int the list.
- Fixed preprocessor problems for HP-UX in lib/safe_inet_addr.c.
- Avoid coredump in aclMatchAcl() if someone tries to use
proxy authentication with a non-HTTP request (e.g. icp_access).
- Moved 'ident_lookup_access' in squid.conf so it appears
after the ACL section.
- Fixed typo in squid.conf on "Config.Addrs.snmp_outgoing"
- Fixed a case in clientCacheHit() where we thought it
was a hit, but the reply status was not 200, so we
had to perform a cache miss. We forgot to change the
log_type and these were being recorded as TCP_HIT's.
- Fixed a void pointer subtraction bug in delayIdPtrHashCmp().
- Fixed delay_pools coredump and memory leak bugs from
NULL delay_id values.
- Fixed a SEGV bug with delay_pools when requesting
'objects' or 'vm_objects' from the cachemgr.
- Added a workaround for buggy FTP servers that return
a size of zero for non-zero-sized objects.
- Removed umask(0) call from main().
- Fixed a peer selection bug that caused us to never select
a neighbor based on ICP replies if the ICP timeout occurs.
In conjunction with this, removed the PING_TIMEOUT state.
- Fixed a store_rebuild bug that caused us to get stuck trying
if a cache_dir subdirectory didn't exist.
- Fixed a buffer overrun bug in gb_to_str().
- Fixed a dread_ctrl leak caused in store_client.c
- Fixed a memory leak in eventRun().
- Fixed a memory leak of ErrorState structures due to
a bug in forward.c.
- Fixed detection of subdomain collisions for SPLAY trees.
- Fixed logging of hierarchy codes for SSL requests (Henrik
- Added some descriptions to mib.txt.
- Fixed a bug with non-hierarchical requests (e.g. POST)
and cache digests. We used to look up non-hierarchical
requests in peer digests. A false hit may cause Squid
to forward a request to a sibling. In combination with
'Cache-control: only-if-cached, this generates 504 Gateway
Timeout responses and the request may not be re-forwardable.
- Fixed a filedescriptor leak for some aborted requests.
Changes to Squid-2.1 (November 16, 1998):
- Changed delayPoolsUpdate() to be called as an event.
- Replaced comm_select FD scanning loops with global fd_set
structures. Inspired by Jeff Mogul's patch for squid 1.1.
- Moved functions common to dns.c, redirect.c, authenticate.c,
ipcache.c, and fqdncache.c into helper.c.
- Changed storeClientCopy2() so that it keeps sending the remainder
of a STORE_ABORTED request, instead of cutting off the client as
soon as the object becomes aborted.
- Fixed combined ipf-transparent proxy and a local http-accelerator
operation (Quinton Dolan).
- Rewrote base64_decode.c because of potential buffer overrun
- Configurable handling of whitespace in request URI's.
See 'uri_whitespace' in squid.conf.
- Added ability to generate HTTP redirect messages from
the redirector output by prepending "301:" or "302:" to the
new url. See FAQ 4.16 for more details.
- Eliminated refreshWhen() which was out-of-sync with refreshCheck()
potentially causing under-utilized cache digests
- Maintain refreshCheck statistics on per-protocol basis so we
can tell why ICP or Digests return too many misses, etc.
- Fixed delay_pools.c class2/class3 typo (Simon Woods).
- Changed squid.conf's default access controls to deny all
HTTP requests. Admins must write ACL rules to specifically
allow their local clients.
- Patched French error messages (Mathias HERBERTS).
- NextStep porting fixes by Mike Laster:
- use xstrdup() in cf_gen.c
- check for putenv() in configure
- #define S_ISDIR macro
- Added --disable-poll configure option (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Fixed internal URL hostname case bugs (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Patched ftp.c so we never cache autenticated FTP requests
(Henrik Nordstrom).
- Fixed FTP authentication. We tried to unescape authentication
given by basic authentication which is not URL escaped
(Henrik Nordstrom).
- Fixed HTTP version for common logfile format (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Added 'redirect_rewrites_host_header' option to disable rewriting
of Host header for redirector responses (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Allow semi-customized error message signatures (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Fixed bug with errors for unsupported requests (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Fixed handling of blank lines in ACL input files (Henrik
- Changed proxy_auth ACL type to consist of a list of valid
users. REQUIRED == any (same as ident ACL). ACL type user
changed to ident since this is what it really is.
(Henrik Nordstrom).
- Fixed long URL bugs; make sure 'log_uri' never exceeds
MAX_URL bytes.
- Allow comments in external ACL files (Gerhard Wiesinger).
- Added 'range_offset_limit' configuration option. Requests
with ranges that start after this value will be passed
on unmodified, and Squid will not cache the response
(Henrik Nordstrom).
- Added Client HTTP Hit byte counters to 'counters' output
(Douglas Swarin).
- Got Squid to compile with --enable-async-io on FreeBSD.
- Fixed infinite loop bug for cachemgr 'config' option.
- Fixed cachability bugs for replies with Pragma: no-cache.
- Made content-type multipart/x-mixed-replace uncachable.
- Y2K fix for parsing dates in "Wed Jun 9 01:29:59 1993 GMT"
format (Richard Kettlewell).
- Fixed passing -s option to dnsserver processes (Alvaro Jose
Fernandez Lago).
- Changed proxy_auth to work on internal objects and when in
accelerator mode. (Henrik Nordstrom)
- Added login=user:password option to cache_peer directive to
be used from a dial-up cache where the parent requires proxy
authentication. (Henrik Nordstrom)
- If you want to "auto-login", then use a URL on the form
http://username:password@server/.... Squid now picks this up
when going direct, and turns it into basic WWW
authentication. It is also possible to do automatic login to
certain servers by using a redirector to add the needed
authentication information. (Henrik Nordstrom)
- Changed refreshCheck() so that objects with negative age
are always stale.
- Fixed "plain" FTP listings (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Fixed showing banner/logon message for top-level FTP
directories (Henrik Nordstrom).
* Changes below have been made to SQUID_2_1_PATCH1
- Fixed pinger packet size assertion.
- Fixed WAIS forwarding.
- Fixed dnsserver coredump bug caused by using both -D and
-s options.
* Changes below have been made to SQUID_2_1_PATCH2
- Fixed EBIT macro bugs when the bitmask is a 64-bit long.
- Fixed proxy auth NULL password bug.
- Fixed queueing of multiple peerRefreshDNS events.
- Added a stack of StoreEntry objects to be released after
store rebuild completes.
- Fixed NULL pointer bugs with too-large requests (found by
Martin Lathoud).
- Fixed reading replies from buggy ident servers. Replies
might not have terminating CR or LF (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Changed internal StoreEntry key so that the request method
is encoded as a single octet. Encoding an enumerated type
has size and byte-order incompatibilities, especially for
cache digests.
- Fixed storeEntryLocked so that SPECIAL, but PRIVATE entries
are not always locked. This fixes having multiple
store_digest's stuck in memory.
- Fixed clientProcessOnlyIfCachedMiss so it unlocks and
unregisters from "cache hit" entries.
* Changes below have been made to SQUID_2_1_PATCH3
- Fixed memory leak in clientHandleIMSReply for
storeClientCopy failures.
Changes to Squid-2.0 (October 2, 1998):
- Added NAT/Transparent hijacking code from Quinton Dolan.
- Added actual filesystem usage to cachemgr 'storedir' page.
Only works for operating systems which support statvfs().
- Fixed HTCP compile-time bugs.
- Fixed quick_abort bugs. Configured values are stored as
Kbytes, not bytes.
- Removed fwdAbortFetch(). It breaks quick_abort and seems
mostly useless.
- Changed storeDirSelectSwapDir() to skip swap directories
when their utilization is over the high water mark ratio.
- Fixed off-by-one bug for dead neighbor detection (Joe Ramey).
- fixed bugs in Content-Range header generation
- changed the way Range requests are handled:
- do not "advertise" our ability to process ranges at
- on hits, handle simple ranges and forward complex
- on misses, fetch the whole document for simple ranges
and forward range request for complex ranges
The change is supposed to decrease the number of cases when
clients such as Adobe acrobat reader get confused when we
send a "200" response instead of "206" (because we cannot
handle complex ranges, even for hits) Note: Support for
complex ranges requires storage of partial objects.
- Removed SNMP mib-2.system group from squid.
- Removed SNMP ability to iterate through ipcache and friends.
- Added SNMP ipcache/fqdncache basic statistics.
- Converted SQUID-MIB to SMIv2 (RFC 1902).
- Moved SQUID-MIB to enterprises section of the tree in preparation
of the split into PROXY-MIB & SQUID-MIB.
- Corrected minor errors in SQUID-MIB.
- Moved uptime into cacheSystem from cacheConfig.
- Corrected a number of get-next-request bugs, snmpwalk should now
return all objects and not skip some.
- Fixed netdbClosestParent() so it won't return sibling
- Fixed a bug with secondary clients on entries with
ENTRY_BAD_LENGTH set. We should release the
bad entry to prevent secondary clients jumping on.
- Changed MIB to prevent parse warnings at startup.
* Changes below have been made to SQUID_2_0_PATCH1
- Fixed a forwarding loop bug. Even though we were detecting
a loop, it was not being broken.
- Try to prevent sibling forwarding loops by NOT forwarding a
request to a sibling if we have a stale copy of the object.
Validation requests should only be sent to parents (or
- Fixed ncsa_auth hash bugs when re-reading password file.
- Changed clientHierarchical() so that by default SSL/CONNECT
requests do NOT go to neighbor caches.
- Changed clientHandleIMSReply() to not call storeAbort()
because there can be more than one client hanging on the
StoreEntry. This hopefully fixes "store_status !=
STORE_ABORTED" assertions.
- Added temporary fix to httpMakePublic() to prevent assertions
(!EBIT_TEST(e->flags, RELEASE_REQUEST)) in storeSetPublicKey().
* Changes below have been made to SQUID_2_0_PATCH2
- PATCH1 introduced a seriously stupid bug which prevented ICP
queries for all requests. Fixed by checking
request->hierarchical in peerSelectFoo().
Changes to squid-1.2.beta25 (September 21, 1998):
- Fixed async IO bugs from adding filedescriptor arg to AIOCB
callbacks (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Fixed store_swapout.c assertion. We were freeing object data
past the swapout_done offset. This probably happens (only?)
when an object changes from cachable to uncachable while
it is being swapped out.
- Added MEM_CLIENT_SOCK_BUF type so we can change the size
of the buffers used for writing data to the client sockets.
- Added configure check for libbind.a. If found, it will be
used instead of libresolv.a.
- Changed fwdStart() to always allow internally generated
requests, such as for peer digests. These requests are
known to fwdStart() because the address arg is set to
- Completed initial HTCP implementation. It works, but is not
tested much.
- Added counters for I/O syscalls.
- Fixed httpMaybeRemovePublic. With broken ICP neighbors
(netapp) Squid doesn't use private keys. This caused us
to remove almost every object from the cache.
- Added 'asndb' cachemgr stats to show AS Number tree.
- Fixed AS Number byte-order bug for netmasks.
- Fixed comm_incoming calling rate for high loads (Stewart
- Give always_direct higher precedence than never_direct
(Henrik Nordstrom).
- Changed PORT ACL type to accept ranges. Now you can easily
deny, for example, all priveleged ports except 80, 70, 21,
- ARP ACL fixes for Linux (David Luyer).
- Replaced various "EBIT" flags bitfileds with structures of
"int:1" members.
- Changed storeKeyPrivate and storeKeyPublic to be a bit more
efficient by removing snprintf(). This causes an
incompatibility with old cache keys, however. To transition,
we will look up both the new and old style keys for about the
next 30 days. After that, if you haven't run this (or a
future) version, your cache contents will be lost.
- Made the client-side write buffer size configurable with
a #define in defines.h. By default it is still 4096 bytes.
- Removed redirectUnregister(). It should be unnecessary
because of cbdata locks.
- Fixed multiple HEAD request brokennesses (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Changed non-blocking connect(2) code to call getsockopt()
instead of connect() again. This is the approach recommended
by Stevens, and fixes bugs on BSD-ish systems when subsequent
connect() calls loop with EAGAIN status.
- Added MD5 cache keys to memory pool accounting.
- Added code to track number of open DISK descriptors and stop
swapping out objects if the number of disk descriptors becomes
too large. For now the limit must be manually configured with
the 'max_open_disk_fds'. By default, there is no limit.
- Stopped encoding a request method in the high byte of the ICP
reqnum field. Instead queried cache keys are copied to a
static array, indexed by the reqnum, modulo the array size.
Now we just use the request number to lookup a cache key,
instead of rebuilding it from the ICP reply URL and method,
unless we have netapp neighbors--they don't do reqnum
- Fixed reconfigure memory access bugs in redirect.c.
- Ignore unreasonably large ICP RTT values which cause overflow
bugs in calculating the average RTT (thanks Niall!)
Changes to squid-1.2.beta24 (August 21, 1998):
- Added Bulgarian error pages by Evgeny Gechev.
- Changed StoreEntry->lock_count to a u_short.
- Replaced urlcmp with strcmp
- Fixed pragma no-cache ejecting ENTRY_SPECIAL objects
(Henrik Nordstrom).
- Eliminated unneeded BASE HREF on "root" directories (Henrik
- Fixed peerDigestFetchFinish() assertion caused by forwarding
failures (e.g. miss_access rules).
- Changed signal handlers with ASYNC_IO and Linux so that
-k command line options work (Miquel van Smoorenburg).
- Rewrote shutdown code to use events instead of setting
FD timeouts.
- Fixed cachemgr 'objects' (statObjects()) by adding a check
for READ_AHEAD_GAP, and calling storeCheckSwapout() in
storeBufferFlush(). Otherwise, the read-past pages would
never be freed.
- Fixed DNSSERVER shutdown bugs. The re-opened dnsserver processes
were being closed by the dnsServerShutdown event.
- Modified storeHashInsert() to insert PRIVATE objects at
the tail of the LRU list, and PUBLIC objects at the head.
Thus, PRIVATE objects get kicked out quicker.
- Added David Luyer's DELAY_POOLS code.
- Fixed a bug due to HEAD replies which lack the end-of-headers
- Made proxy-auth realm string configurable (Bob Franklin)
- Changed default mime time to a viewable one (Henrik Nordstrom).
- configure fixes for Sony's NEWS-OS 6.x (Makoto MATSUSHITA).
- Fixed 'you are running out of filedescriptors' bug which
could cause the HTTP incoming connection handler to not
be reset.
- Changed syslog logging. Now squid debug levels 0 and 1 go
to syslog. Level 0 gets LOG_WARNING and level 1 gets LOG_NOTICE
(this needs more work!)
- Fixed memory access errors in statAvgTick().
- Fixed duplicate requestUnlink() bug in forward.c
- Fixed possible memory access bugs from not setting e->mem_obj
= NULL in destroy_MemObject().
- Deleted TCP_IMS_MISS tag. Always use TCP_IMS_HIT instead.
- Modified headersEnd and httpMsgIsolateHeaders to account
for funky line terminations such as CRCRNL.
(``but Netscape and IE _tolerate_ this'')
- Fixed carp functions (Eric Stern).
- Replaced internal proxy_auth code with extern authentication
module (Arjan de Vet).
- moved hash.c to libmiscutil.a.
- Fixed handling of ICP queries with whitespace in URLs.
Now we return ICP error and escape the URL before logging.
- Added configure check for socklen_t (David Luyer).
- Removed USE_SPLAY #defines; it is now standard.
- Added FD arg to async IO callbacks (AIOCB) so we can eliminate
temporary disk_ctrl_t structures.
- Changed ENOSPC disk write errors to reduce specific cache_dir
sizes, and not just the size of the cache as a whole.
- Added httpMaybeRemovePublic() to purge public objects for
certain responses even though they are uncachable. This is
needed, for example, when an initially cachable object
later becomes uncachable.
- Added refresh_pattern options to ignore client reloads
(Henrik Nordstrom)
- Relocated disk.c code which combines blocks for writing
(Stewart Forster).
Changes to squid-1.2.beta23 (June 22, 1998):
- Added Turkish error pages by Tural KAPTAN.
- Added basic support for Range requests. For most cachable
requests, Squid replies with an "Accept-Ranges" header. Upon
receiving a potentially cachable Range request for a not
cached object, Squid requests the whole object from origin
server and then replies with specified range(s) to the
client. Multi-range requests are supported. Adjacent
overlapping ranges are merged. If-Range requests are
supported. Limitations: Multi-range requests with out of
order ranges are not supported.
- Made md5.c use standard memcpy and memset if they are
- Memory pools will now shrink if Squid is run-time
reconfigured with smaller value of memory_pools_limit tag.
- Added counter for number of clients (Tomi Hakala).
- Changed neighbor UP/DOWN algorithm to require 10 failed TCP
connections for UP->DOWN transition.
- Added 'unique_hostname' configuration option when its
necessary to have multiple machines with the same visible
- Fixed pumpReadFromClient() to not read too many bytes on
persistent connections.
- We can now cache HTTP replies with Set-Cookie. These evil
headers are now filtered out for cache hits on the client
- Fixed SNMP bugs caused by using snmpwalk.
- Fixed snmp system Group; all objects are now returned.
- Fixed snmp system Group sysDescr and sysContact.
- Fixed snmp system Group sysObjectID it now returns a OBJECT
- Allocate FwdState from mem pools.
- Minor HTCP progress.
- Moved 'miss_access' ACL check from client_side.c to forward.c
- Fixed logging of usernames for requests which require
- Fixed HTTP request parser to accept lowercase HTTP identifier
(Oskar Pearson).
- Fixed FTP listings to always include links to the parent
directory (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Fixed FTP to show an "empty" listing instead of showing
a "document contains no data" error (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Fixed refreshCheck() bug. Often it was checking the
refresh patterns against the string "[null_mem_obj]"
because we moved URLs to MemObject.
- Added CARP support by Eric Stern.
- Fixed select-spin bug when an ICP reply actually gets queued
and we failed to execute the write callback.
- Fixed a storeCheckSwapOut bug. We were freeing up to
the queued offset instead of the done offset. This
resulted in a small chunk of object data not being in
memory and not yet written to disk. A client could
recieve a partial object because file_read() unexpectedly
returns EOF.
- Fixed proxy-authentication hangs (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Fixed request_t->flags bug causing authenticated, proxied
responses to be cached (Arjan de Vet).
- Fixed MIME types for .tgz extension (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Added view and download options to FTP listings (Henrik
- Modified configure to allow using pre-installed libdlmalloc.a
(Masashi Fujita).
- Fixed cachemgr 'objects' implementation.
- Changed refreshCheck() algorithm. For cached objects, we
now check, in the following order:
* request max-age
* response Expires (if present)
* refresh_pattern max-age
* response Last-Modified compared to refresh_pattern
LM-factor (only if Last-Modified is present)
* refresh_pattern min-age
- Changed Copyrights.
Changes to squid-1.2.beta22 (June 1, 1998):
- do not cut off "; parameter" from "digitized" Content-Type
http fields
- Added X-Request-URI for persistent connection debugging
(Henrik Nordstrom)
- Added Polish error pages from Maciej Kozinski.
- Fixed hash_first/hash_next bugs with **Current pointer.
Replaced with *next pointer.
- Fixed PUT/POST bugs in client (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Deny forwarding loops in httpd accel mode (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Fixed eventRun "spin" bug when event delta time == 0.
- Fixed setting Last Modified time on cached entries when
receiving a 304 reply.
- Added while loop in httpAccept().
- Added while loop in icpHandleUdp().
- Fixed some small memory leaks.
- Fixed single-bit-int flag checks (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Replaced "complex" (offset accounting) calls to snprintf with MemBuf
- Do not send only-if-cached cc directive with requests
for peer's digests.
- Added "automatic tuning" for incoming request rate, i.e.
how often to check HTTP and ICP sockets. See comm.c
comments for details.
Changes to squid-1.2.beta21 (May 22, 1998):
- Added Italian error pages by Alessio Bragadini.
- Added Estonian error pages by Toomas Soome.
- Added Russian (koi-r) error pages by Andrew L. Davydov.
- Added Czech error pages by Jakub Nantl.
- Fixed asnAclInitialize calling to prevent coredump.
- Fixed FTP directory parsing again.
- Made FTP directory listing "Generated" tagline like
the one for error pages.
- Fixed an assertion coredump in statHistCopy from
reconfiguring with different #peers in squid.conf
- Ignore leading whitespace on requests (and replies). RFC
2068 section 4.1, robustness (Henrik Nordstrom)
- Fixed keep_alive bug. We did not always honour reply
headers, but rather assumed connections could be persistent.
- Fixed reading whois output for AS numbers, especially when
they are longer than 4 KB.
- Removed 'cache_stoplist_pattern' configuration option. This
feature is now handled by 'no_cache'.
- If a URN resolves to only one URL, just return it immediately
instead of giving the user a "choice" (Andy Powell).
- Fixed year-2000 bug in lib/iso3307.c (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Changed squid-internal object names.
- Added netdb exchange protocol.
- Fixed wordlistDestroy() uninitialized pointer bug in
- Fixed redirector subprocess to show real program name.
- Changed URN menu output to be sorted.
- Added fast select(2) timeouts when using ASYNC_IO.
- Added ARP ACL support for Linux (David Luyer).
- Added binary http headers to requests
- request_t objects are now created and destroyed in a consistent way
- Fixed cache control printf bug
- Added a lot of new http header ids
- Improved Connection: header handling; now both Connection and
Proxy-Connection headers are checked for connection directives
- Connection request header is now handled correctly regardless
of its position and the number of entries
- Only replies with valid Content-Length can be sent with keep-alive
connection directive (Henrik Nordstrom)
- Better handling of persistent connection "clues" in HTTP headers;
the decision now depends on HTTP version (and User-Agent exceptions)
- Removed handling of "length=" directive in IMS headers;
the directive is not in the HTTP/1.1 standard;
standing by for objections
- allowed/denied headers are now checked using bit masks instead of
strcmp loops
- removed Uri: from allowed headers; Uri is deprecated in RFC 2068
- removed processing of Request-Range header (not in specs?)
- Fixed byte-order bugs in cacheDigestHashKey.
- Changed hash_remove_link() to return void.
- Changed ipcache_gethostbyname() to return NULL if
i->addrs.count == 0.
- Added millisecond-timing to select/poll loops and event
- Changed 'peerPingTimeout' value to be twice the average
of all the peer ICP RTT's.
- Added 'half_closed_clients' option to force closing of
client connections which might only be half-closed.
- Fixed matchDomainName coredump bug.
- Don't cache HTTP replies with Vary: headers until we
get content negotiation working.
- Fixed SSL proxying to forward full HTTP request headers.
- Changed storeGetMemSpace(). Only purge down to the HIGH
water mark; move locked entries to the head of the inmem
- Changed clientReadRequest() to locally handle any
"squid-internal-static" URL for any host.
- Disable persistent connections for client connections
from broken Netscape User-Agent, version 3.* (Stewart Forster)
Changes to squid-1.2.beta20 (April 24, 1998):
- Improved support for only-if-cached cache control directive.
- Enabled 304 replies for ENTRY_SPECIAL objects (e.g., icons).
- Fixed 'quick_abort' percent calculation bug.
- Fixed quick_abort FPE bug.
- Changed more errno-checking functions to use ignoreErrno().
- Added ERESTART to ignoreErrno() because of report from
a Solaris system.
- Fixed '#elsif' typo.
- Fixed MemPool assertion by moving memInit() to before
configuration parsing functions.
- Fixed default 'announce_period' value (was 1 day, should
be 0) (Joe Ramey).
- Added configure warning for low filedescriptors and pointer
to FAQ.
- Fixed httpBodySet() bug causing URN related coredumps.
- Changed ipcacheCycleAddr() to always cycle through all all
available addresses, and not just advance when one of
them goes BAD.
- Fixed squid-internal bug for mixed-case hostnames (Henrik
- Fixed ICP counting probelm. icpUdpSend() arg should be
- Added some additional fault toleranse on FTP data channels
(Henrik Nordstrom).
- Corrected error reporting on FTP "hacks" (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Added lock/unlock for StoreEntry during storeAbort().
- Added filemap bit usage stats to cachemgr 'storedir' and
- Replaced 'cache_stoplist' with 'no_cache' Access list.
- Fixed (hopefully) remaining swapfile-open-at-exit bugs.
- Fixed default hierarchy_stoplist to be ``default if none.''
- Fixed 'fake a recent reply' hack for detecting DEAD
and ALIVE neighbors (Joe Ramey).
- Fixed FTP directory parsing bugs (Joe Ramey).
- Fixed ftpTraverseDirectory coredump for NULL ftpState->filepath
(Joe Ramey).
- Fixed daylight savings time bug (again).
- A lot of Cache Digests additions, fixes, and tuning.
Cache Digests are still "very experimental".
- Fixed snprintf() bug. When len == 1, snprintf() would treat
the buffer as unknown size, emulating sprintf() behaviour.
- Made Error page language configurable with configure script
(Henrik Nordstrom).
- Fixed squid-internal URLs when http_port == 80.
- Remember the client address on redirected requests (Henrik
- Don't rebuild the request if the redirector returned the same
URL (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Rewrite Host: header on redirected requests (Henrik
- Include port (if non-standard) in generated Host: headers
(Henrik Nordstrom).
- Fixed rfc1123 timezone hacks for Windows NT
(Henrik Nordstrom).
- Added Russian Error pages by Ilia Zadorozhko.
- Added totals for ICP and HTTP hits to cachemgr client_list
- Changed error message to 'Generated TIME by HOST (SQUID/VER)'
because any string with an '@' must be an email address.
- Fixed POST for content-length == 0.
- Fixed "huge 304 reply" loop bug.
- Fixed --enable-splaytree compile bugs.
- Removed ASN lookup code in peer_select.c.
- Added warnings if ACL code detects subdomains in SPLAY
- Rewrote some bits of httpRequestFree() to eliminate
possible bugs that could cause an "e->lock_count" asseertion.
- Added value/bounds checking to _db_init() when setting
the debugLevels[] array.
Changes to squid-1.2.beta19 (Apr 8, 1998):
- Squid-1.2.beta19 compiles and runs on Windows/NT with
Cygnus Gnu-WIN32 b19 (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Added French Error pages by Frank DENIS.
- Added Dutch Error pages by Mark Visser
- Added German Error pages by Bernd P. Ziller, Jens Frank,
and Anke S.
- Added support for only-if-cached cache-control directive.
- Added RELAXED_HTTP_PARSER #define to allow requests which are
missing the HTTP identifier on the request line (e.g. buggy
SpyGame queries). RELAXED_HTTP_PARSER is undefined by default.
- Fixed disk.c FD leak for delayed closes in
- Fixed cache announcement feature.
- Fixed httpReadReply() to retry failed HTTP requests on
persistent connections when read() returns -1, not only
when it returns 0.
- Fixed cbdata memory counting leak. cbdataUnlock() always
called free(), never memFree().
- Fixed storeDirWriteCleanLogs() malloc bug on Alphas.
- Fixed `++loopdetect < 10' assertion due to
clientHandleIMSReply bug for invalid/partial HTTP
- Added preliminary code for HTCP.
- Renamed 'aux' dir to 'cfgaux' for legacy DOS machines.
- Added "snmp_community" as an ACL type.
- Cleaned up proxy-auth acl implementation and removed
memory leaks.
- Added generic 'hashFreeItems()' function for efficiently
freeing hash table pointers.
- Added whoisTimeout() for ASN code.
- Removed BINARY TREE code.
- Fixed forgetting to reset Config.Swap.maxSize in
- Fixed httpReplyUpdateOnNotModified() arguments-in-wrong-order
bug which caused not modified replies to not get updated.
- Fixed client_side.c bugs which could cause data to be written
to the client in the wrong order for persistent connections.
clientPurgeRequest() and clientHandleIMSComplete() must not
call comm_write(). Instead they must create and write to
- Fixed ICP query service time counting bug(s).
- replaced 'char *mime_headers_end()' with 'size_t headersEnd()'
to fix buffer overruns. This also requires adding 'buf_sz'
args to some functions like clientBuildReplyHeader().
But we can eliminate the need to NULL-terminate the
buffer beforehand.
- Changed commConnectCallback() to reset the FD timeout to
zero before notifying about the connection. This requires
commSetTimeout() calls in numerous places to reinstall
- Changed comm_poll_incoming() to be called less frequently
(every 15 I/O's instead of every 7 FD's) (Michael O'Reilly).
- Removed HAVE_SYSLOG case for debug() macro. Almost all
systems do have syslog(), but more importatnly the
_db_level value is needed for debugging to stderr.
- Rewrote squid/dnsserver interface to use smaller, single-line
- Rewrote 'dns' cachemgr output to use a table format.
- Rewrote a lot of dnsserver.c.
- Added eventAddIsh() for semi-random event scheduling.
- Fixed an ftpTimeout bug for sessions which use PORT
- Fixed ftp.c to recognized invalid PASV replies (e.g.
port == 0).
- Removed hash_insert(). All hasing uses hash_join() now.
- Renamed hash_unlink() to hash_remove_link().
- Added hashPrime() to find closes prime hash table size
to a given value.
- Fixed Keep-Alive ratio counting bug which prevented
persistent connections from being used between cache
- Changed icmp.c to NOT queue messages sent from squid to
the pinger program.
- Changed icp_v2.c to NOT queue ICP messages by default.
But they will be queued and resent once if the first
send fails. Counters.icp.queued_replies counts the
number of messaages queued.
- Cleaned up ICP logging.
- Added identTimeout().
- Fixed ipcache reply counting bug. Overcounted dnsserver
replies for partial replies.
- Added urlInternal() for building internal Squid URLs.
- Changed peerAllowedToUse() to check both 'cache_peer_domain'
AND 'cache_peer_acl' configurations. This should be changed
in the fugure to use ONLY cache_peer_acl.
- Changed DEAD/REVIVED neighbor detection to avoid reporting
so many false deaths. (Joe Ramey).
- Added some preliminary code to support "cache digests."
- Fixed pumpClose() coredumps (?).
- Updated cachemgr 'info' output to show median service
times for various categories.
- Fixed ABW bug in storeDirWriteCleanLogs(). sizeof(off_t)
!= sizeof(int) for Alphas.
- Fixed potential alignment problem in storeDirWriteCleanLogs().
- Fixed store_rebuild.c to NOT replace current, but
not-swapped-out StoreEntry's with on-disk entries.
- Changed storeCleanup() to call storeRelease on invalid
entries which don't have a swapfile (i.e. no unlink()
- Fixed storeSwapInStart() to fail for unvalidated
- SNMP changes:
. renovated mib and added descriptions and comments
. added hit and byte counters to client_db , for
. cacheClientTable, netdbTable, cachePeerTable,
cacheConnTable now indexed by ip address. hash_lookup was
enhanced to allow for subsequent hash_next's similar to
hash_first, to speed up getnext's in tables which refer to
hash-table structures.
. added generic (well, sorf of) table indexing functionality
. added makefile dependencies for snmplib and cache_snmp.h
. WaisHost, WaisPort, Timeouts removed
. FdTable split into FdTable and ConnTable. FdTable simplified
. PeerTable and PeerStat merged and put into new cacheMesh
. cacheClientTable added for client statistics and accounting
(cacheMesh 2)
. cacheSec and cacheAccounting groups removed
. fixed acl bug when communities not defined
. snmp_acl now survives bad configuration
Changes to squid-1.2.beta18 (Mar 23, 1998):
- Added v1.1 'test_reachability' option.
- Fixed hash4() len == 0 bug.
- Fixed Config.Swap.maxSize reconfigure bug.
- Fixed ICP query bug determining request method.
- Moved ICP's storeGet() cache lookup into neighborsUdpAck()
so that we know neighbors are alive even when they send
us replies for unknown entries.
- Changed configure script to add '-std1' for Digital Unix cc.
- Fixed SNMP sizeof(int) / sizeof(long) bugs for 64-bit
- Added support for 'Cache-Control: Only-If-Cached' request header.
- Fixed CheckQuickAbort() bugs for multiple clients on one
StoreEntry. Also changed storePendingNClients() to return
mem->nclients instead of counting the number of store_client
entries with pending callback functions.
Changes to squid-1.2.beta17 (Mar 17, 1998):
- SNMP MIB version check changed to non-rcs.
- Added memory pools for variable size objects (strings).
There are three pools; for small, medium, and large objects.
- Extended String object to use memory pools. Most fixed size char
array fields will be replaced using string pools. Same for most
malloc()-ed buffers.
- Changed icon handling to use the hostname and port of the squid
server, instead of the special hostname "internal.squid"
(Henrik Nordstrom).
- All icons are now configured in mime.conf. No hardcoded icons,
including gohper icons (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Fixed ICP bug when we send queries, but expect zero
- Fixed alignment/casting bugs for ICP messages.
- A generic client-to-server "pump" was added to handle HTTP
PUT as well as POST methods on the client-cache side. Based on
"pump" PUT requests can be made to either HTTP or FTP url's.
Code is still beta and interoperability with browsers etc has
not been tested.
- Put #ifdefs around 'source_ping' code.
- Added missing typedef for _arp_ip_data (Wesha).
- Added regular-expression-based ACLs for client and server
domain names (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Fixed ident-related coredumps from incorrect callback data.
- Fixed parse_rfc1123() "space" bug.
- Fixed xrealloc() XMALLOC_DEBUG bug (not calling check_free())..
- Fixed some src/asn.c end-of-reply bugs and memory leaks.
- Fixed some peer->options flag-setting bugs.
- Fixed single-parent feature to work again
- Removed 'single_parent_bypass' configuration option; instead
just use 'no-query'.
- Surrounded 'source_ping' code with #ifdefs.
- Changed 'deny_info URL' to use a custom Error page.
- Modified src/client.c for testing POST requests.
- Fixed hash4() for SCO (Vlado Potisk).
Changes to squid-1.2.beta16 (Mar 4, 1998):
- Added Spanish error messages from Javier Puche.
- Added Portuguese error messages from Pedro Lineu Orso
- Added a simple but very effective hack to cachemgr.cgi that tries to
interpret lines with '\t' as table records and formats them
accordingly. With a few exceptions (see source code), first line
becomes a table heading ("<th>" html tag) and the rest is formated
with "<td>" tags.
- Added "mem_pools_limit" configuration option. Semantics of
"mem_pools" option has also changed a bit to reflect new memory
management policy.
- Reorganized memory pools. Squid now supports a global pool
limit instead of individual pool limits. Per-pool limits can be
implemented on top of the current scheme if needed, but it is
probably hard to guess their values. Squid distributes pool
memory among "frequently allocated" objects. There is a
configurable limit on the total amount of "idle" memory to be
kept in reserve. All requests that exceed that amount are
satisfied using malloc library. Support for variable size
objects (mostly strings) will be enabled soon.
- memAllocate() has now only one parameter. Objects are always
reset with 0s. (We actually never used that parameter before;
it was always set to "clear").
- Added Squid "signature" to all ERR_ pages. The signature is
hardcoded and is added on-the-fly. The signature may use
%-escapes. Added interface to add more hard-coded responses if
needed (see errorpage.c::error_hard_text).
- Both default and configured directories are searched for ERR_
pages now. Configured directory is, of course, searched first.
This allows you to customize a subset of ERR_ pages (in a
separate directory) without danger of getting other copies out
of sync.
- Security controls for the SNMP agent added. Besides
communities (like password) and views (part of tree
accessible), the snmp_acl config option can be used to do acl
based access checks per community.
- SNMP agent was heavily re-written, based on cmu-snmpV1.8. You
can now walk through the whole mib tree. Several new variables
added under cacheProtoAggregateStats
- Added rudimental statistics for HTTP headers.
- Adjusted StatLogHist to a more generic/flexible StatHist.
Moved StatHist implementation into a separate file.
- Added FTP support for PORT if PASV fails, also try the
default FTP data port (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Fixed NULL pointer bug in clientGetHeadersForIMS when a
request is cancelled for fails on the client side.
- Filled in some squid.conf comments (never_direct,
- Added RES_DNSRCH to dnsserver's _res.options when the
-D command line option is given.
- Fixed repeated Detected DEAD/REVIVED Sibling messages when
peer->tcp_up == 0 (Michael O'Reilly).
- Fixed storeGetNextFile's incorrect "directory does not exist"
errors (Michael O'Reilly).
- Fixed aiops.c race condition (Michael O'Reilly, Stewart
- Added 'dns_nameservers' config option to specify non-default
DNS nameserver addresses (Maxim Krasnyansky).
- Added lib/util.c code to show memory map as a tree
(Henrik Nordstrom).
- Added HTTP and ICP median service times to Counters and
cachemgr average stats.
- Changed "-d" command line option to take debugging level
as argument. Debugging equal-to or less-than the argument
will be written to stderr.
- Removed unused urlClean() function from url.c.
- Fixed a bug that allowed '?' parts of urls to be recorded in
store.log. Logged urls are now "clean".
- Cache Manager got new Web interface (cachemgr.cgi). New .cgi
script forwards basic authentication from browser to squid.
Authentication info is encoded within all dynamically generated
pages so you do not have to type your password often.
Authentication records expire after 3 hours (default) since
last use. Cachemgr.cgi now recognizes "action protection" types
described below.
- Added better recognition of available protection for actions
in Cache Manager. Actions are classified as "public" (no
password needed), "protected" (must specify a valid password),
"disabled" (those with a "disable" password in squid.conf), and
"hidden" (actions that require a password, but do not have
corresponding cachemgr_passwd entry). If you manage to request
a hidden, disabled, or unknown action, squid replies with
"Invalid URL" message. If a password is needed, and you failed
to provide one, squid replies with "Access Denied" message and
asks you to authenticate yourself.
- Added "basic" authentication scheme for the Cache Manager.
When a password protected function is accessed, Squid sends an
HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED reply allowing the client to authorize itself
by specifying "name" and "password" for the specified action.
The user name is currently used for logging purposes only. The
password must be an appropriate "cachemgr_passwd" entry from
squid.conf. The old interface (appending @password to the url)
is still supported but discouraged. Note: it is not possible
to pass authentication information between squid and browser
*via a web server*. The server will strip all authentication
headers coming from the browser. A similar problem exists for
Proxy-Authentication scheme.
- Added ERR_CACHE_MGR_ACCESS_DENIED page to notify of
authentication failures when accessing Cache Manager.
- Added "-v" (Verbose) and "-H" (extra Headers) options to client.c.
- Added simple context-based debugging to debug.c. Currently,
the context is defined as a constant string. Context reporting
is triggered by debug() calls. Context debugging routines
print minimal amount of information sufficient to describe
current context. The interface will be enhanced in the future.
- Replaced _http_reply with HttpReply. HttpReply is a
stand-alone object that is responsible for parsing, swapping,
and comm_writing of HTTP replies. Moved these functions from
various modules into HttpReply module.
- Added HttpStatusLine, HttpHeader, HttpBody.
- All HTTP headers are now parsed and stored in a "compiled"
form in the HttpHeader object. This allows for a great
flexibility in header processing and builds basis for support
of yet unsupported HTTP headers.
- Added Packer, a memory/store redirector with a printf
interface. Packer allows to comm_write() or swap() an object
using a single routine.
- Added MemBuf, a auto-growing memory buffer with printf
capabilities. MemBuf replaces most of old local buffers for
compiling text messages.
- Added MemPool that maintains a pre-allocated pool of opaque
objects. Used to eliminate memory thrashing when allocating
small objects (e.g. field-names and field-value in http
Changes to squid-1.2.beta15 (Feb 13, 1998):
NOTE: This version has changes which may cause all or part
of your cache to be lost. However, you can problably
save most of it by doing a slow restart. Specifically:
1. Kill the running squid-1.2.beta14 process; wait for it to
fully exit.
2. Remove all 'swap.state*' files, either in each cache_dir, or
as defined in your squid.conf
3. Start squid-1.2.beta15. The store will be rebuilt from the
existing swap files, reading the directories and opening
the files.
- Fixed some problems related to disk (and pipe) write error
handling. file_close() doesn't always close the file
immediately; i.e. when there are pending buffers to write.
StoreEntry->lock_count could become zero while a write is
pending, then bad things happen during the callback.
- The file_write() callback data must now be in the callback
database (cbdata). We now use the swapout_ctrl_t structure
for the callback data; it stays around for as long as we are
swapping out.
- Changed the way write errors are handled by diskHandleWrite.
If there is no callback function, now we exit with a fatal
message under the assumption that the file in question is a
log file or IPC pipe. Otherwise, we flush all the pending
write buffers (so we don't see multiple repeated write errors
from the same descriptor) and let the upper layer decide how
to handle the failure.
- Fixed storeDirWriteCleanLogs. A write failure was leaving
some empty swap.state files, even though it tells us that its
"not replacing the file." Don't flush/rename logs which we
have prematurely closed due to write failures, indiciated by
fd[dirn] == -1. Close these files LAST, not before
- Fixed storeDirClean to clean directories in a more sensible
order, instead of the new "MONOTONIC" order for swap files.
- Merged fdstat.c functions into fd.c.
- Cleaned up some debugging sections. Some unrelated source
files were using the same section.
- Removed curly brackets from all cachemgr output.
- Removed unused filemap->last_file_number_allocated member.
- Removed unused fde->lifetime_data member.
- Fixed incorrectly applying htonl() on icp_common_t->shostid.
- Call setsid() before exec() in ipc.c so that child processes
don't receive SIGINT (etc) when running squid on a tty.
- Changed StoreEntry->object_len to ->swap_file_sz so we
can verify the disk file size at restart. Moved object_len
to MemObject->object_sz. Note object_sz is initialized
to -1. If object_sz < 0, then we need to open the swap
file and read the swap metadata.
- Changed store_client->mem to ->entry because we need
e->swap_file_sz to set mem->object_sz at swapin.
- Renamed storeSwapData structure to storeSwapLogData.
- Fixed storeGetNextFile to not increment d->dirn. Added
check for opendir() failure.
- Fixed storeRebuildStart to properly link the directory
list for storeRebuildfromDirectory mode.
- Added -S command line option to double-check store
consistency with disk files in storeCleanup().
- Fixed a problem with transactional logging. In many
cases we were adding the public cache key and then
logging a delete for the private key. This is worthless
because during rebuild we could not locate the previous
public-keyed entry. Now we assert that only public-keyed
entries can be logged to swap.state. storeSetPublicKey()
and storeSetPrivateKey() have been modified to log an
ADD or DEL when the key changes.
- Fixed storeDirClean bug. Needed to call
storeDirProperFileno() so the "dirn bits" get set.
- Fixed a storeRebuildFromDirectory bug. fullpath[] and
fullfilename[] were static to that function and did
not change when the "rebuild_dir" arg did. Moved these
buffers to the rebuild_dir structure.
- In storeRebuildFromSwapLog, we were calling storeRelease()
for cache key collisions. This only set the RELEASE_REQUEST
bit and did not clear the swap_file_number in the filemap or
in the StoreEntry, so the swap file could get unlinked later
when it was really released.
- Fixed FTP so that ';type=X' specifically sets the HTTP reply
content-type and content-encoding (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Removed 'icon_content_type' configuration option. Content
types now taken from mime.conf (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Added additional memory malloc tracing and memory leak
detection. Use --enable-xmalloc-debug-trace configure
option and -m command line option (Henrik Nordstrom).
Changes to squid-1.2.beta14 (Feb 6, 1998):
- Replaced snmplib free() calls with xfree().
- Changed the 'net_db_name' hash table structure to
make it easier to move names from one network to another
(copied from 1.1 code).
- Filled in some of the config dump routines (dump_acl,
- Full memory debugging option (--enable-xmalloc-debug-trace)
(Henrik Nordstrom).
- Filled-in and clarified many squid.conf comments (Oskar
- Fixed up handling of SWAP_LOG_DEL swap.state entries.
Changes to squid-1.2.beta13 (Feb 4, 1998):
- NOTE: With this version the "swap.state" file format has
changed. Running this version for the first time will
cause your current cache contents to be lost!
- NOTE: this version still has the bug where we don't rewind
a swapout file and rewrite the swap meta data. Objects
larger than 8KB will be lost when rebuilding from the swap
- Combined various interprocess communication setup functions
into ipcCreate().
- Removed some leftover ICP_HIT_OBJ things.
- Removed cacheinfo and proto_count() and friends; these are to
be replaced in functionality by StatCounters and 5/60 minute
average views via cachemgr.
- Fixed --enable-acltree configure message (Masashi Fujita).
- Fixed no reference to @LIB_MALLOC@ in src/
(Masashi Fujita).
- Fixed building outside of source tree (Masashi Fujita).
- FTP: Format NLST listings, and inform the user that the NLST
(plain) format is available when we find a LIST listing that we
don't understand (Henrik Nordstrom)
- FTP: Use SIZE on Binary transfers, and not ASCII. The
condition was inversed, making squid use SIZE on ASCII
transfers (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Enable virtual and Host: based acceleration in order to be
able to use Squid as a transparent proxy without breaking
either virtual servers or clients not sending Host: header
the order of the virtual and Host: based acceleration needs
to be swapped, giving Host: a higher precendence than virtual
host (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Use memmove/bcopy as detected by configure Some systems does
not have memmove, but have the older bcopy implementation
(Henrik Nordstrom).
- Completely rewritten aiops.c that creates and manages a pool
of threads so thread creation overhead is eliminated (SLF).
- Lots of mods to store.c to detect and cancel outstanding
ASYNC ops. Code is not proven exhaustive and there are
definately still cases to be found where outstanding disk ops
aren't cancelled properly (SLF).
- Changes to call interface to a few routines to support disk
op `tagging', so operations can be cleanly cancelled on
store_abort()s (SLF).
- Implementation of swap.state files as transaction logs.
Removed objects are now noted with a negative object size.
This allows reliatively clean rebuilds from non-clean
shutdowns (SLF).
- Now that the swap.state files are transaction logs, there's
now no need to validate by stat()ing. All the validation
procedure does is now just set the valid bit AFTER all the
swap.state files have been read, because by that time, only
valid objects can be left. Object still need to be marked
invalid when reading the swap.state file because there's no
guarantee the file has been retaken or deleted (SLF).
- An fstat() call is now added after every
storeSwapInFileOpened() so object sizes can be checked. Added
code to storeRelease() the object if the sizes don't match (SLF).
- #defining USE_ASYNC_IO now uses the async unlink() rather than
unlinkd() (SLF).
- #defining MONOTONIC_STORE will support the creation of disk
objects clustered into directories. This GREATLY improves disk
performance (factor of 3) over old `write-over-old-object'
method. If using the MONOTONIC_STORE, the
{get/put}_unusedFileno stack stuff is disabled. This is
actually a good thing and greatly reduces the risk of serving
up bad objects (SLF).
- Fixed unlink() in storeWriteCleanLogs to be real unlink()
rather than ASYNC/unlinkd unlinks. files were
being removed just after they were created due to delayed
unlinks (SLF).
- Disabled various assertions and made these into debug warning
messages to make the code more stable until the bugs can be
tracked down (SLF).
- Added most of Michael O'Reilly's patches which included many
bug fixes. Ask him for full details (SLF).
- Moved aio_check_callbacks in comm_{poll|select}(). It was
called after the fdset had been built which was wrong because
the callbacks were changing the state of the read/write
handlers prior to the poll/select() calls (SLF).
- Fixed ARP ACL memory leaks (Dale).
- Eliminated URL and SHA cache keys. Cache keys will always
be MD5's now.
- Fixed up store swap meta data.
- Changed swap.state logs to a binary format.
- The swap.state logs are written transaction-style.
Changes to squid-1.2.beta12 (Jan 30, 1998):
- Added metadata headers to cache swap files. This is an
incompatible change with previous versions. Running this
version for the first time will cause your current cache
contents to be lost.
- -D_REENTRANT when linking with -lpthreads (Henrik Nordstrom)
- Show symlink destinations as a hyperlink in FTP listings
(Henrik Nordstrom)
- Fixed not allocating enough space for rewriting URLs with
the Host: header (Eric Stern).
- Year-2000 fixes (Arjan de Vet).
- Fixed looping for cache hits on HEAD requests.
- Fixed parseHttpRequest() coredump for
"GET http://foo HTTP/1.0\r\n\r\n\r\n"
Changes to squid-1.2.beta11 (Jan 6, 1998):
- Fixed fake 'struct rusage' definition which prevented compling
on Solaris 2.4.
- Fixed copy-by-ref bug for request->headers in
clientRedirectDone() (Michael O'Reilly).
- Workaround for Solaris pthreads closing FD 0 upon fork()
(Michael O'Reilly).
- Fixed shutdown bug with outgoing UDP sockets; we need to
disable their read handlers.
- For comm_poll(), use the fast 50 msec timeout only when
USE_ASYNC_IO is defined.
- Fixed pointer bug when freeing AS# ACL entries.
- Fixed forgetting to reset Config.npeers to zero in free_peer().
- Fixed ICP bug causing excessive TIMEOUTs with sibling
neighbors. We must call the ICP reply callback even for
sibling misses.
- Fixed some dnsserver-related reconfigure bugs. Need to
use cbdataLock, etc in fqdncache.c. Also don't want to
use ipcacheQueueDrain() and fqdncacheQueueDrain().
- Fixed persistent connection bug. We were incorrectly
deciding that non-200 replies without content-length
would not have a reply body.
- Fixed intAverage() precedence bug.
- Fixed memmove() 'len' arg bug.
- Changed algorithm for determining alive/dead state of peers.
Instead of using a fixed number of unacknowledged ICP
replies, it is now based on timeouts. If there are no ICP
replies received from a peer within 'dead_peer_timeout'
seconds, then we call it dead.
- Added calls to getCurrentTime() in
comm_{select,poll}_incoming() when ALARM_UPDATES_TIME is not
being used.
- Fixed shutdown bug when the incoming and outgoing ICP socket
is the same file descriptor.
- Added buffered writes for storeWriteCleanLogs() (Stewart
- Patches for Qnx4 (Jean-Claude MICHOT).
- Fixed returning void functions which seems to be a GCC-ism.
- New configure script options (Henrik Nordstrom):
--enable-new-storekey=[sha|md5(|url)] (was --enable-hashkey)
--enable-kill-parent (this should be named -hack)
--enable-cachemgr-hostname[=hostname] (new)
--enable-arp-acl (new)
- Added Doug Lea malloc-2.6.4 to the distribution, so that
people easily can try a decent malloc package if they syspect
their malloc is broken. --enable-dlmalloc (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Made XMALLOC_DEBUG_COUNT working again. Requires a small stub
function (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Removed top-level Makefile. People must now run 'configure'
before 'make'.
- Fixed checkFailureRatio() implementation.
- Made 'squid -z' behave like the 1.1 version.
Changes to squid-1.2.beta10 (Jan 1, 1998):
- Fixed content-length bugs for 204 replies, 304 replies,
and HEAD requests (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Fixed errorAppendEntry() bug in gopherReadReply().
- Basic support for FTP URL typecodes (;type=X).
- Support for access controls based on ethernet MAC addresses
- Initial URN support; see
- Fixed client-side persistent connections for objects with
bad content lengths (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Fixed bad call to storeDirUpdateSwapSize() for objects which
never reach SWAPOUT_DONE state.
- Fixed up poll() #defines in squid.h (Stewart Forster).
- Changed poll() timeout from 1000 msec to 50 msec for
better performance under low load (Stewart Forster).
- Changed storeWriteCleanLogs() to write objects in the LRU
list order instead of the random hash table order.
- Fixed FTP bug when data socket connections fail or timeout.
- Reuse FTP data connection when possible (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Added configure options (Henrik Nordstrom)
- Fixed confusing with the use/meaning of ERR_CANNOT_FORWARD
by creating ERR_FORWARDING_DENIED and changing the
content of the ERR_CANNOT_FORWARD text.
- Fixed pipeline request bug from using strdup() (Henrik
- Call clientReadRequest() directly instead of commSetSelect()
for pipelined requests (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Fixed 4k page leak in icpHandleIMSReply();
- Renamed 'icp*' functions to 'client*' names in client_side.c.
Changes to squid-1.2.beta8 (Dec 2, 1997):
- Fixed accessLogLog() to log ident from Proxy-Authorization
request header (BoB Miorelli).
- Fixed #includes, prototypes, etc. in SNMP source files.
- Moved 'POLLRDNORM' and 'POLLWRNORM' macro checks from
include/ to src/squid.h
- Moved 'num32' typedefs from src/typedefs.h to
- Moved snmplib/md5.c to lib/md5.c.
- Added MD5 cache key support.
- Removed xmalloc() return check in uudeocde.c
- Added 'ifdef' support to cf_gen.c for optional code (e.g. SNMP)
- Changed 'client' program to provide easier cache manager access,
e.g.: 'client mgr:info'
- Fixed 'client' to send 'Connection' instead of 'Proxy-Connection'
for simulated keep-alive requests.
- Removed 'fd' arg from clientProcess* functions.
- Fixed bugs from using errorSend() on persistent/pipelined
client connections. A latter request should not be allowed to
write to the client fd until the current request completes.
Now use errorAppendEntry() for such situations.
- Fixed content-length bugs. We were using content-length == 0
to also indicate a lack of content-length reply header. But
'content-length: 0' might appear in a reply, so now use -1 to
indicate that no content length given.
- Split up clientProcessRequest() into smaller chunks so it
might be easier to follow.
- renamed various client_side.c functions to start with 'client'
instead of 'icp'.
- Fixed a 'cbdata leak' from the comm.c close handlers.
- Fixed a 'cbdata leak' from the comm.c connect routines.
- Fixed comm_select() and comm_poll() to stop looping on the
incoming HTTP/ICP sockets. If there are fewer than 7 FD's
ready for I/O, the incoming sockets might not get service, so
comm_select() would be called for up to 7 times until the
'incoming_counter' was incremented enough to trigger a call
to comm_select_incoming(). Now we make sure
comm_select_incoming() gets called if select returns less
than 7 ready FD's.
- Added errorpage '%B' token to generate FTP URLs with a '%2f'
inserted at the start of the url-path. calls ftpUrlWith2f().
(Henrik Nordstrom).
- Changed fqdncache.c to use LRU double-linked list instead of qsort()
for replacement and cachemgr output.
- Changed ipcache.c to use LRU double-linked list instead of qsort()
- Changed hash_insert() and hash_join() to return void.
for replacement and cachemgr output.
- Moved StoreEntry->method member to MemObject->method.
- Made StoreEntry->flags 16 bits.
- Made StoreEntry->refcount 16 bits.
- Changed URL-based public cache key to always include the request
Changes to squid-1.2.beta7 (Nov 24, 1997):
- Fixed poll() for Linux (David Luyer).
- SHA optimizations (David Luyer).
- Fixed errno clashes with macro on Linux (David Luyer).
- Fixed storeDirCloseSwapLogs(); logs might not be open.
- Fixed storeClientCopy2() bug. Detect when there is
no more data to send for objects in STORE_OK state.
- Fixed FTP truncation bug when ftpState->size == 0, e.g.
especially directory listings.
- Mega FTP fix from Henrik Nordstrom. A better job of
implementing the '%2f' hack.
- Fixed some pipelined request bugs. storeClientCopy() was
being given the wrong StoreEntry, and we had a race condition
which is now handled by storeClientCopyPending().
- Added initial SNMP support.
Changes to squid-1.2.beta6 (Nov 13, 1997):
- Fixed Authorized responses getting swapped out when they
don't have Proxy-Revalidate reply header.
- Fixed Proxy Authentication support. We never sent back
a 407 reply, and were incorrectly incrementing the passwd
before comparing it.
- Fixed stat()ing pathnames for default values before parsing
config file (Ron Gomes).
- Fixed logging request and response headers on separate lines
(Ron Gomes).
- Fixed FTP Authentication message (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Changed Proxy Authentication to trigger a reread of the passwd
file if a password check fails (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Changed FTP to retry the first CWD with a leading slash if it
fails without one.
Changes to squid-1.2.beta5 (Nov 6, 1997):
- Track the 'keep-alive ratio' for a peer as the ratio of
the number of replies including 'Proxy-Connection: Keep-Alive'
compared to the number of requests sent. If the peer does
not support Persistent connections then this ratio will tend
toward zero. If the ratio is less than 50% after 10 requests
then we'll stop sending Keep-Alive.
- Proper support for %nn escapes in FTP, and numerous
other fixes (Henrik Nordstrom).
- Support for Secure Hash Algorithm and framework for other
hash functions as cache keys.
- Fixed SSL snprintf() bug which broke SSL proxying.
- Fixed store_dir swap log bug from reconfigure (SIGHUP).
- Fixed LRU Reference Age bug. The arg to pow() must be
minutes, not seconds.
Changes to squid-1.2.beta4 (Oct 30, 1997):
- Fixed DST bug in rfc1123.c
- Changed default http_accel_port to 80.
- added errorCon() as a ErrorState constructor function
(Max Okumoto).
- Added ERR_FTP_FAILURE message for ftpFail().
- For FTP, the timeout callback must be moved to the 'data'
descriptor when data transfer begins. Otherwise we are
likely to get a timeout on the control descriptor.
- Fixed double-free bug in httpRequestFree().
- Fixed store_swap_size counting bug in storeSwapOutHandle().
Changes to squid-1.2.beta3 (Oct 29, 1997):
- Initialize _res.options to RES_DEFAULT in dnsserver.c.
- Fix assertions which assumed 4-byte pointers.
- Fix missing % in fqdncache.c snprintf().
Changes to squid-1.2.beta2 (Oct 28, 1997):
- Fixed aiops.c and async_io.c so that they actually compile
with USE_ASYNC_IO (Arjan de Vet).
- Fixed errState->errno causing problems with some macros
(Michael O'Reilly).
- Fixed memory leaks in pconn.c (Max Okumoto).
- Enhanced 'client' program with 'ping' behaviour (Ron Gomes).
- Fixed InvokeHandlers() from calling memCopy() for ALL
store_client's with callbacks. A store_client might be reading
from disk.
- Rewrote storeMaintainSwapSpace(). No longer will we scan one
bucket at a time. Instead we'll maintain a single LRU
list. When an object is 'touched' we move it to the
top of this list. When we need disk space, we delete
from the bottom.
- Removed storeGetSwapSpace().
Changes to squid-1.2.beta1 ():
- Reworked storage manager to not keep objects in memory during
transit. In other words, no separate NOVM distribution.
- Lots of cleanup and debugging for beta release.
- Use snprintf() everywhere instead of sprintf().
- The 'in_memory' hash table has been replaced with a
doubly-linked list. New objects are added to the head of
the list. When memory space is needed, old objects are
purged from the tail of the list.
Changes to squid-1.2.alpha7 ():
- fixes fixes fixes.
- Made Arjan's PROXY_AUTH ACL patch standard.
Changes to squid-1.2.alpha6 ():
- Simpler cacheobj implementation.
- persistent connection histogram
- Added pconn.c
- Addec Cofig.Timeout.pconn; default 120 seconds
- Added httpState->flags
- Added flags arg to httpBuildRequestHeader()
- Added 'Connection' to allowed HTTP headers (http-anon.c)
- Added 'Proxy-Connection' to allowed HTTP headers
- Merged proxyhttpStart() with httpStart() and created
new httpBuildState().
- New httpPconnTransferDone() detects end-of-data on
persistent connections.
Changes to squid-1.2.alpha5 ():
- New configuration system. Everything is generated from
'', including the main parser, setting defaults,
outputting current values, and freeing memory.
This also involved moving some of the local data structures
(e.g. struct _acl *AclList in acl.c) to the Config
structure. (Max Okumoto)
- No more '/i' for regular expressions. Now insert a '-i'
to switch to case-insensitive. Use '+i' for case-sensitive.
- When you have a variable named the same as its type, sizeof()
gets the wrong one (fde).
- Need to flush unbuffered logs before fork().
- Added two fields swap log: refcount and e->flag.
- Removed all the .h files for each .c file. Now #include stuff
is in either: defines.h, enums.h, typedefs.h, structs.h,
or protos.h, globals.h. This greatly reduces dependencies
between the various source files.
- globals.c is generated from globals.h by a Perl script.
- Started customizable error texts.
Changes to squid-1.2.alpha4 ():
- New MIME configuration, regular expression based
- Added request_timeout config option
- Multiple HTTP sockets (Lincoln Dale).
- Moved 'fds_are_n_free' check to httpAccept().
- s/USE_POLL/HAVE_POLL/; make poll() default if available.
- Changed storeRegister to use offsets and make immediate
callbacks if appropriate.
- Removed icpDetectClientClose(). Some of that functionality
goes into clientReadRequest() and the rest into
- Moved IP lookups to commConnect stuff.
- Added support for retrying connect().
- New inline debug() macro (David Luyer).
- Replace frequent gettimeofday() calls with alarm(3) based
clock. Need to add more gettimeofday() calls to get back
high-resolution timestamp logging (Andres Kroonmaa).
- Added support for Cache-control: proxy-revalidate;
based on squid-1.1 patch from Mike Mitchell.
Changes to squid-1.2.alpha3 ():
- Implemented persistent connections between clients and squid.
- Moved various FD tables (comm.c, fdstat.c, disk.c) to a single
table in fd.c.
- Removed use of FD as an identifier in certain callback
operations (ipcache, fqdncache).
- General code cleanup.
- Fixed typedefs for callback functions.
- Removed FD lifetime/timeout dichotomy. Now we only have
timeouts, however the lifetime concept/keyword may still
linger in certain places.
- Change Makefile 'realclean' target to 'distclean'
- Changed config file parsing of time specifications to use
- Removed storetoString.c
Changes to squid-1.2.alpha2 ():
- Merged squid-1.1.9, squid-1.1.10 changes
Changes to squid-1.2.alpha1 ():
- Unified peer selection algorithm.
- aiops.c and aiops.h are a threaded implementation of
asynchronous file operations (Stewart Forster).
- async_io.c and async_io.h are complete rewrites of the old
versions (Stewart Forster).
- Rewrote all disk file operations of squid to support
the idea of callbacks except where not required (Stewart
- Background validation of 'tainted' swap log entries (Stewart
- Modified storeWriteCleanLog to create the log file using the
open/write rather than fopen/printf (Stewart Forster).
- Added the EINTR error response to handle badly interrupted
system calls (Stewart Forster).
- UDP_HIT_OBJ not supported, removed.
- Different sized 'cache_dirs' supported.